Krafft Ehricke's Approaching Anniversary

March 17, 2017
German-American space pioneer Krafft Ehricke (left) discusses a satellite model for human habitation, July 22, 1958, prior to the first human flight into space.

Next Friday, March 24, we will celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of the great German-American scientist-visionary Krafft Ehricke. If only he were still alive today, at this unique but transitory moment in history, when finally, after wasted decades, his plans for the ennoblement of mankind can at last be carried forward. Now that he is gone, it is up to us who remain, to study and assimilate his thought to the point that he becomes a part of us, so that he lives through us, to win the victories which he foresaw so clearly.

Although the world space program owes everything to Krafft, he was much more than a space scientist. Like every great scientist, like Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche with whom he worked very closely, Krafft opened a new window into the reality of the human spirit. He understood and explained how it is the fundamental, unique essence of man, which moves him to conquer every frontier of nature--now bringing him out to explore the solar system, and subsequently even beyond it. In his "Three Fundamental Laws of Astronautics," he wrote that this is man's "destiny as an element of life, endowed with the power of reason and the wisdom of the moral law within himself." And so it is. But in other writings, Krafft went even further, to say in his own way, that mankind's unique gift of creative reason, uniquely expresses the very inmost nature of the universe itself. From such an insight came Kepler's great breakthrough. He and Krafft grasped along with Dante, "the love which moves the sun and the other stars."

The elaboration of this insight is Lyndon LaRouche's Fourth Law, which in a sense encapsulates the other three of his "Four New Laws" of June, 2014.

After Obama's disgrace and downfall, doomed like Macbeth by the enormity of his crimes, the British Empire has lost their enforcer, at least for now--just as Lyndon LaRouche had forecast. After the overthrow of the bloody tyrant, the new President is well-intentioned. But nothing can replace the intellectual leadership of Lyndon LaRouche; this is just as true today as it has been since the 1970s.

Only open your eyes: now victory is within reach. The Four Laws can be enacted. The United States can join the New Silk Road. It can join with China, Russia, India and other nations in the conquest of space, from whence Krafft Ehricke will be smiling down at all of us.