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March 7, 2017
Citizens gathered across the nation in support of President Trump against the British-Obama operations to overthrow the government. Pictured here a rally outside Trump Tower, March 4, 2017. (photo: LaRouchePAC)

While the "color revolution" hysteria targeting President Donald Trump continues across Europe and the United States, the truth behind this "New McCarthyism" is also coming out, as President Trump counterpunches against the constant Russophobia attempting to undermine his administration.

Calls for Trump's assassination, as well as graphic images, have appeared throughout European press coverage and across the internet. Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who refused to jail any bankers for their crimes of drug money laundering and for fraud against the U.S. economy, has now publicly called for violent demonstrations, noting that in the past, people "bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again."

Comparing the Obama/Soros-led coup attempt against the government of the United States to the Civil Rights movement is both a lie and an abomination. The only legitimate comparison is to the violent, neo-nazi led coup in Ukraine in 2014, which EIR has documented was run by the exact same operatives (see "Obama and Soros -- Nazis in Ukraine 2014; U.S. in 2017?"

It is the desperate British Empire and its assets in the United States which are attempting this blatant coup, terrified that their bankrupt western financial system—which is maintained only through the false division between east and west, and thus the threat of major, and even nuclear war—is now being threatened by Trump's efforts to bring the U.S. into cooperation with Russia and China.

Such cooperation, uniting the world through a new paradigm based on peace and development, will have no place for the speculative financial institutions which thrive on gambling, drug money, and wars.

In this light, Trump is preparing to meet with both Putin and Xi Jinping in the coming months. Cooperation on the fight against terrorism, as well as bringing the U.S. into the New Silk Road process would mean the end of Empire—perhaps for good.

To fulfill this potential, President Trump must end the financial racket that lies at the heart of the fascist coup which has been run against the United States since 9-11, and which continues now against his own Presidency.

Trump must fulfill his campaign promise to restore Glass-Steagall, and end the tyranny of the Wall Street "too big to fail" banks which have sucked out the credit of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system, merely to feed their worthless derivatives bubble. That bubble is now bigger, by half, than the one which blew out in 2008, following the insane securitization of subprime mortgages and other worthless speculative assets.

If the President is to succeed in rebuilding the U.S. economy, and ending the worst drug crisis in the nation's history, he must also immediately restore the Hamiltonian financial principles which have driven every era of American progress.

FDR's Glass-Steagall crack down on Wall Street is the model—and the only model—which can prevent the far worse financial blow-out now threatening the European and American banking system. Only with that initial step can the restoration of sound banking principles, i.e. directing national credit into industry, agriculture, infrastructure and the restoration of scientific progress, enable us to truly make America great again.

This is the nature of LaRouche's Four Laws.

The potential for such a revolutionary transformation of the nation and the world has never been as great as it is today.

The campaign to bring down the Trump presidency has failed to convince the American public.

After Trump accused Obama, and Obama "left overs" in the intelligence community, of running the campaign of lies accusing him of illegal ties to Russia, the New York Times was forced to admit exactly that.

In a March 2nd article, the failing Times detailed the Obama administration's placing of unvetted (and false) secret reports into official documents, lowering their classification level in order to maximize their circulation, and preparing for criminal investigations based on those lies.

Now, Trump has accused Obama of tapping his Trump Tower offices during the campaign, adding that "This is Nixon/Watergate," and "This is McCarthyism." He has demanded a full investigation by the Congress as part of the ongoing investigations.

Obama's head of National Intelligence James Clapper—best known for his lie to the Congress in 2013, denying that the Intelligence Community was monitoring millions of Americans (which was then exposed as false by the Snowden revelations), for which he then only apologized—went on NBC's “Meet the Press” today to deny that any such wiretapping of Trump Tower took place (although he was a bit more careful this time, saying "to the best of my knowledge").

We shall see.

Regardless, LaRouchePAC continues its role as the intellectual leadership for a New American Renaissance.

On Saturday, LaRouchePAC teams attended the pro-Trump rallies around the country, finding both high recognition of LaRouche's years of exposure of Obama's crimes, as well as openness to get both Democrats and Republicans to call on Trump to proceed with his Glass-Steagall pledge.

It was also noted by the organizers that the population, like the Congress, remains obsessed with the media-inspired partisan attacks, with little concern for the real issues. This requires increasing our focus on crucial policy issues, and on the big and bold ideas President Trump called for in his first speech to Congress.

In this context, the LaRouche Four Laws intervention—which entails a revolution in energy via commercial fusion development, as well as fusion-propelled deep space exploration, and, the refutation of the mathematical notions of space and of time—has never been more urgent.

With the trans-Atlantic banking system ready to burst, and with the frantic efforts by Obama and Soros (on behalf of the British Queen) to provoke a civil war and coup in the United States, there is no time for a lack of clarity.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche told her associates today: "This is the battle of our lives. People should not be stupid.”



LaRouche's Four Laws: America's Future on the New Silk Road

An introduction to the upcoming LaRouchePAC pamphlet on LaRouche’s Four Laws Initiative.

In November 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping officially invited the United States to leave confrontational geopolitics aside and join the largest infrastructure and economic development initiative in human history, centering around the New Silk Road program. This 'win-win' collaboration, together with LaRouche's Four Laws, will be the fastest way for America to rebuild its decaying infrastructure, create productive employment, and secure a prosperous future. Then-president rejected this offer, will President Donald Trump now accept it?

The year 2017 begins a new era of mankind. It marks a shift away from the sixteen years of the misguided and destructive leadership of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the old order which has driven the trans-Atlantic nations into economic ruin and a process of perpetual warfare under the old British Imperial mentality of “regime change.” This archaic system of zero-sum geopolitics brought us precariously close to war with Russia and China, propelling the world to the brink of armageddon.

But this old order is dying. At the core of the dying system is the remnants of the British Empire’s “too big to fail” banks in the City of London and on Wall Street, bloated with worthless gambling debts, while the physical economies of the trans-Atlantic nations have been drained of productive credit, their populations driven into idle joblessness, alcohol and drug addiction, violence and despair. The illegal wars of the past sixteen years have expended hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, driven a refugee crisis in Southwest Asia and Europe, and depressed and demoralized the populations of the Western nations.

A revolt against this insanity is now fully engaged. The British people voted for Brexit, breaking the chains of the supra-national EU dictatorship; the Italian people voted against a referendum aimed at further tightening those same EU chains; and the American people voted against the warmongering puppet of Wall Street, Barack Obama, and his clone Hillary Clinton. What direction Donald Trump will take is far from certain, but he was elected on a promise to rebuild the decayed infrastructure and industrial capacity of the nation, and to establish cooperation with Russia in fighting terrorism, while ending the “regime change” imperial policies.

Whether the Trump Administration will carry out those promises, or not, depends on you, the American people, and on people around the world who wish to join together to create a new paradigm, based on the common aims of mankind—mutual economic development, joint scientific progress, and a Renaissance bringing together all the great classical cultures of the world.

The beginning of that new paradigm is already in existence. In September 2013, the newly elected Chinese President Xi Jinping announced during a speech at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan that he was launching the development of the “New Silk Road Economic Belt,” intended to bring China’s breathtaking and unprecedented development process of the recent decades to the rest of the world. China has lifted over 700 million of its people out of poverty in a mere 30 years, while transforming the nation into the second-largest economy on Earth, and taking a leading position in scientific research and space exploration.

China, with its Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, together called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), along with an array of new international financing mechanisms such as the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), has, in a few short years, brought huge infrastructure development projects to the nations of Eurasia, Africa, and Ibero-America, giving new vitality and hope to the world’s former European colonies which had been left poor and nearly hopeless by the austerity, debt-slavery, and denial of credit for development, conditions which had been imposed on them by their former colonial masters under the reigning IMF/World Bank regime. In the spirit of the declaration by the Non-Aligned Movement nations in 1976, China’s commitment to the New Silk Road program for global development has finally set into motion the creation of a “new international economic order.”

Give Us Our Future Back!

The scope and depth of this initiative is truly unprecedented. Encompassing over 60 nations directly and featuring nearly 70 major infrastructure projects outside of China (with countless additional supplementary projects), the New Silk Road touches four and a half billion people, and is already larger than 12 Marshall Plans (the massive program to rebuild Western Europe after WWII). Will the United States finally accept China's offer to join.

While a vast percentage of the world’s population is already experiencing the optimism and beneficial effects of this new development paradigm radiating across Eurasia, Africa, and parts of South America, the United States continues to languish under a failed system of monetarism. Despite the fake news stories about Obama’s great economic recovery, the period 2008–2016 saw a dramatic acceleration in the ongoing, longer-term breakdown crisis of the U.S. economy. The American people are suffering, and the reality of this suffering contributed in large part to the seismic political upheavals of the 2016 election season within the ranks of both political parties.

We see this breakdown in the collapse of meaningful, full-time employment—most dramatically for the younger generation. In the 1980s and 1990s, 60% to 75% of young adults were entering the labor force as they became eligible; under the G. W. Bush-era that collapsed to only 30%, and under Obama it fell further, to 25%. Today, one-third of the “millennial” generation (age 18 to 35) live with their parents, unable to support themselves. For the broader population, despite fake news claims of low unemployment, 2016 data from the Saint Louis Federal Reserve shows that 23% of prime working age adults (25 to 54) are either unemployed or classified as “inactive,” i.e., no longer seeking work and therefore dropped from the official labor force rolls. Poverty rates among this unemployed/inactive segment are 24%, double the national average. And among those who are nominally employed, what percentage of those are freelance contract workers piecing together a livelihood in the informal “gig” economy, or unskilled and underpaid part-time service sector employees, engaged in only marginally useful make-work as opposed to vitally important manufacturing or other productive employment? A research paper published in December 2016 by Princeton University titled found that 94% of all net job growth in the past decade was in the “alternative work” category.

We see this breakdown in the explosion of heroin and opioid usage, addiction, overdose, and death, an epidemic indiscriminate of geography, social status, income bracket, or race. Between 2000 and 2015, the Bush–Obama years, drug-poisoning deaths involving heroin quadrupled—a 5% average year-on-year increase. During the two terms of Obama alone, from 2008 to 2015, deaths from opioids and opiates combined tripled—a 17% average increase. And during the Obama administration’s closing years, from 2014 to 2015, deaths from opioids skyrocketed by 72%, year to year.

We see this breakdown in the general increase in death rates and fall in total life expectancy, unprecedented in US history. In late 2015, a study from Princeton University showed that, from 1999 to 2015, death rates among white Americans ages 35 to 55 rose an astounding 20% to 30%, leading the authors of the study to conclude, “half a million [americans] are dead who should not be dead,” and that this generation is “the first to find, in mid-life, that they will not be better off than were their parents.” The New York Times followed with a study showing that this trend extended across the entire working age white population, ages 25 to 64. The causes are overwhelmingly diseases of despair: effects of drug and alcohol use, and suicide. And for the entire population, a June 2016 report by the Centers for Disease Control showed an increase in population-wide death rates in 2015, and both male and female life expectancy have declined from 2014 to 2015, according to the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

We see this breakdown crisis everywhere. It touches every family and every citizen. The despair and demoralization echo the depths of the Great Depression, and the only solution lies in embracing China's New Silk Road offer, and joining this new paradigm of large-scale economic development now sweeping the globe. The American people must be given their future back.

America Must Join The Silk Road

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have been at the forefront of a global campaign for this new international economic order since their proposal for an International Development Bank (IDB) in the 1970s, and more recently the vision of a New Silk Road beginning in the 1990s. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the LaRouche movement proposed a New Silk Road development corridor, to unite the industrial heartland of Europe to the rapidly developing nations of Asia, bringing Russia and Central Asia into mutual cooperation and development, and thereby creating the conditions to end the threat of global war once and for all.

This “peace through development” concept was rejected by the U.S. and its NATO allies, who chose instead to continue treating Russia as an enemy power, moving NATO military forces up to its borders. Russia was looted throughout the 1990s by rapacious western financial interests and by a new Russian oligarchy trained in so-called “free market” ideology by western think tanks and universities.

But China gladly embraced the Silk Road concept. A conference in Beijing in 1996, sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and titled “International Symposium on Economic Development of the New Euro-Asia Continental Bridge,” featured Mrs. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, together with leading officials and intellectuals from China and Russia. Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche delivered a speech called “Building the Silk Road Land-Bridge: The Basis for the Mutual Security Interests of Asia and Europe.” Reflecting an understanding of her historical role in building this initiative, Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche is still known today as the “Silk Road Lady” in China. The process of building this new Eurasian Land-Bridge was slow, in part due to the Asian economic crisis of the late 1990s, but also because China had not yet developed the economic power and financial resources to move rapidly ahead.

That had changed by the time Xi Jinping became President in 2013, and he quickly launched the BRI. Lyndon LaRouche’s intelligence service, Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), immediately endorsed and supported the BRI, and began work on a 370-page Special Report titled The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, extending the Silk Road concept to the entire world, including Europe and the U.S., which is suffering a massive infrastructure deficit.

This Special Report was followed up by a pamphlet produced by the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) in December 2015, titled The United States Joins the New Silk Road: A Hamiltonian Vision for an Economic Renaissance. It presented the huge potential for development in the United States: high speed rail (currently non-existent in the U.S.); massive water projects to meet the drought crisis across the Southwest; Hamiltonian credit mechanisms based on FDR’s Glass-Steagall legislation to replace the bankrupt monetarist system; a restoration of the space program which Obama had destroyed; crash development of fusion power; and classical education and classical culture for our citizens. Approximately 20,000 copies of the 32-page pamphlet have circulated in the United States over the past year.

But now we are in a new era. This pamphlet is more than an updating of that earlier pamphlet, both because the demands of the moment are so vast, but also because the potential for an historic victory is so much greater. The precise steps that must be taken for the United States to return to future-oriented growth and join with China and other nations in win-win global development are presented in Lyndon LaRouche’s policy document “The Four New Laws to Save The United States Now.” Following LaRouche's document, each of these principles are elaborated to provide an in-depth basis according which these actions must be taken.

This program will ensure a great and prosperous future for America: productive and meaningful employment for everyone who wants a job, cheap and abundant electricity for all residential and industrial needs with fission and fusion power, the elimination of all droughts and water crises, high speed rail and magnetic levitation transportation between every major city, new world-class cities, a robust interplanetary manned spaces program, and a new classical cultural renaissance. This isn't asking too much to ask for, this isn't "pie-in-the-sky." This is what is possible, now, if you follow the guidelines of this report, and make it happen.

Obama’s Color Revolutions Are Acts of War

The fomenting of “color revolutions” to bring down governments or nations is an act of war. The strategy was developed, and is being actively promoted out of institutions centered in the neo-British Empire, particularly at Oxford, home of the Civil Resistance and Power Politics project, and in associated networks based in the United States, such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The money flows come from direct government sources—e.g., NED is funded by Congress, as well as by private agencies and donors, such as billionaire George Soros.

In its latest application, a color revolution operation is currently being conducted as an attempted coup against the government of the United States, manifest in the various forms of mob-think, and mob-defiance against the President, to prevent the United States from breaking into a new system of foreign relations for peace and economic development—and in particular to cooperate with Russia and China on defeating terrorism and joint infrastructure development as part of the New Silk Road.

A major funder of these coup operations is Wall Street mega-speculator George Soros, who has openly stated his desire to see President Trump out of office.

The color revolution method is simple, and ancient: instigate and manipulate a frenzied mob around simplistic demands to accomplish whatever geopolitical goals are intended—ousting of a president, overthrow of governments, creation of chaos, provocations to war. The term “color” refers to how a single color, symbol, slogan, or demand is promoted and repeated, to inflame passion and retard reason.

The map of successful examples includes the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia (2003), the Orange Revolution in Ukraine (2004), and the like, going back to such earlier examples as the 1986 overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines, whose banner was “yellow.” These and other cases reveal the activities—open and covert—by think-tanks and irregular warfare operatives, to accomplish their objectives.

Look more closely at the British nexus. In 2006, two Oxford professors, Sir Adam Roberts and Timothy Garton Ash, created a project called Civil Resistance and Power Politics: Domestic and International Dimensions (CRPP). They churn out books, conferences, and trainees in the methods of government subversion, done under various names, such as “democracy promotion,” or furthering the “liberal international order.” The predecessors of these modern Oxford operations go back to British Empire colonial times, when not only direct military subjugation was used, but also indirect rule by manipulating the public outlook.

In the United States, the National Endowment for Democracy, founded in 1983, is in the lead of operations to sponsor “civil society” groups in dozens of countries, for purposes—hiding behind the name of promoting democracy—of furthering whatever kind of “people power” subversion they choose. Nations which are subservient to the British imperial order, such as Saudi Arabia, are not touched regardless of their disdain for “democracy.”

The NED today boasts of making more than 1,200 grants yearly, to support “the projects of non-governmental groups abroad who are working for ‘democratic’ goals in more than 90 countries.” The NED and other agencies function under the “Project Democracy” banner, which was formally initiated in 1983 by the U.S. Information Agency, to give fellowships and conduct activities abroad.

Among the interconnections between the Oxford crowd and U.S. operations, are many personnel. For example, Nadia Diuk, NED Vice President for Programs for Africa, Europe, and Eurasia, whose biography boasts of how she has specialized in “strategies for the underground democratic movements before 1989” in Yugoslavia, and beyond. Diuk studied at Oxford with the “democratizers,” and mixed it up in London with the U.S. and British-backed Ukrainian fascist networks. Her role is typical of British-associated functionaries in U.S. institutions.

Victoria Nuland at the State Department was point person for the U.S. support of the Ukrainian Maidan operation. On Dec. 13, 2014, in the midst of the violent anti-government confrontation in Kiev, Nuland spoke in Washington, DC, saying: “Since Ukraine's independence in 1991, the United States has supported Ukrainians as they build democratic skills and institutions, as they promote civic participation and good governance, all of which are preconditions for Ukraine to achieve its European aspirations. We have invested over $5 billion to assist Ukraine in these and other goals…”

Your Enemy, George Soros

The biggest private financier of “democracy” movement subversion, is the London-Wall Street billionaire George Soros. His overall agency is the Open Society Foundations, based in New York City, which has pumped hundreds of millions into target locations, such as eastern Europe, for purposes seen in the 2014 overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine.

Soros has openly declared Russian President Vladimir Putin to be more dangerous than ISIS, and is the primary funder of the mass, mindless demonstrations in the United States today, working with Obama, aimed at bringing down the Trump government and returning to “regime change wars” and nuclear confrontation with Russia. (See Soros’s article, “Putin Is a Bigger Threat to Europe Than Isis,” in {The Guardian}, Feb. 11.)

Soros’s own connection with European Nazi networks is personal, going back to his youth in Hungary, when he and his father chose to hide their Jewish heritage and work with the Nazi occupation to confiscate the property of fellow Jews who had been sent to the concentration camps—an experience he has described as a useful life experience. Another long-standing focus of his Open Society interventions is the promotion of the legalization of psychotropic drugs.

In the United States, the longtime guru for “people power” and government overthrow is Gene Sharp, based in Boston. In 1968, he completed his Oxford doctoral dissertation, {From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation.} Then in 1973, he produced a three-volume color-revolution playbook, titled {The Politics of Non-Violent Action}. His writings, translated into more than 40 languages, provide a boiled-down list of 198 items, which he calls “PD”—political defiance—tactics.

The Sharp tactics range from boycotts to symbolism, including: “Display of symbolic Colors,” “Protest disrobings,” “Symbolic lights,” “Paint as protest,” “Rude gestures,” and so forth.

These color revolution tactics are now in full play in the United States, in the anti-Trump “resistance” movement. Instead of bringing forward policies and furthering debate, agitation networks are pushing street actions, slogans (“Stand Up,” “Not My President,” “Shame”), and violence. On Jan. 30, the recently announced group “Indivisible” released a 25-page “Practical Guide” on how to conduct mass protest, i.e., applied political defiance. While the Indivisibles deny receiving Soros money directly, some of its founders have been directly on the Soros payroll. For example, top leader Angel Padilla, an analyst with the National Immigration Law Center, is financed by the Open Society Foundations. Indivisible has links with the Soros-funded and the Working Families Party, all three of which held their first nationwide conference call for activists on Jan. 22. The theme is to “resist,” not to have a policy mission.

Obama himself, incredibly, is bombarding Americans with robocalls attacking President Trump, and encouraging protests and demonstrations against the President; Obama’s “Organizing for Action” national network is organizing those demonstrations and disruptions of Congressional town hall meetings. This is Obama’s personal support and funds network, working to bring down the President of the United States, to return to Obama’s perpetual war policy and military confrontation with Russia.

Who benefits? Those who are desperate to prevent the United States from linking up with the drive for world development underway in the global “New Silk Road” led by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and to end the military confrontation with Russia in favor of cooperation in development and in defeating terrorism. President Trump has shown inclinations to link up, which is anathema to the dying British system of monetarism and geopolitics. So the full color revolution apparatus is now deployed against the United States, from within.

It is time to understand the truth of the color revolution warfare deployed against Ukraine, and Russia, three years ago, and how the same networks are now committing warfare against Americans at home. We can stop this, and make way for a future for all nations.

PETITION: U.S. Needs Win-Win Development, Implement LaRouche's Four Laws and Join China's New Silk Road

We, the undersigned, recognize that the transatlantic financial system is on the verge of a new blowout, worse than that of 2007-2008. The conditions of life for the vast majority of Americans have been steadily collapsing over the past two decades. U.S. economic policy has focused on protecting Wall Street’s speculative bubble, instead of protecting the general welfare and future posterity of the American people. We recognize that emergency action is now needed to preempt a new financial crisis, and to put Americans back to work rebuilding our nation and our future.

To accomplish this, we ask President Donald Trump and the 115th Congress to pass and implement LaRouche’s Four Laws program for economic recovery on an emergency basis, and to join China’s New Silk Road program for global cooperation in large-scale infrastructure projects and economic development.

The Four Laws define a coherent economic recovery program, rooted in the American System of economics: 1. Reinstate Franklin Roosevelt’s original Glass-Steagall law, separating commercial lending activities from Wall Street speculation; 2. Return to a Hamiltonian system of national banking; 3. Direct federal credit to projects and initiatives which create rising levels of productivity and incomes; 4. Launch a crash program for the development of fusion power and the rapid expansion of our space program.

The American economic recovery will be greatly accelerated if the United States joins the global infrastructure and economic development renaissance flowing from China’s New Silk Road program.

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