The Week of Truth Continues: Just Say No to Color Revolutions

February 24, 2017

LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast - February 24, 2017

Today's broadcast features on-the-ground footage of #DayOfTruth rallies in New York, Houston, Detroit, Berlin, and Dresden (read the dossier:, as well as a live report from Diane Sare who led the rally at the United Nations, where she was interviewed by numerous international media organizations. She emphasizes that the only way to understand the reason behind the color revolution run in Ukraine is to recognize that a dramatic in global politics began in 2013, with the consolidation of the BRICS and the launching of the New Silk Road initiative, and any government realigning towards this new strategic and economic paradigm was targeted for overthrow and destabilization. The strong possibility that President Trump could initiate just such a realignment of the United States towards the this new international dynamic has made him a target for exactly the same color revolution by the same George Soros networks resposible for the events in Ukraine. This attempt at destablizing the elected government of the United States must be resisted and prevented. The imperative remains for the United States join this new dynamic, abandon geopolitics, and enter into win-win collaboration with China, Russia, and other great powers. The first step remains the immediate restoration of Glass-Steagall—sign the petition now:



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