Victory For the Universe

November 11, 2016

On November 9, 2016, a dialogue was held with Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche on the resounding implications of the presidential election outcome.

What’s your first impression?

LYNDON LAROUCHE: I watched this thing play out, and this thing was such that it was absolutely international. It was not national, it was international in its entire character. What we're dealing with exists on a global basis. Its area is nothing less than global.

You'll find out when you do the development process, of the world as a whole, you'll find out it works out just exactly that way.

What about Hillary?

LAROUCHE: She was dumped. She wasn't in the picture. Germany, Putin, Russia, Asia—all of these elements and more, are in the package. You cannot divide this thing away from that wholeness.

Obama was thrown out. How was he thrown out? Well, it was started by Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton set the first motion which destroyed the whole business up there. Bill Clinton was the one who sent his wife into the garbage pail, which is exactly where she belonged.

Germany moved in in a big way, immediately. You had leading figures in Germany, who were laying down the law on this effect. Some of them were not responding but most of them were.

Putin is a key figure. The entire space of Asia is something that is acting together, not as a collection, not as group by group, and not as state by state, but together.

And the Situation in Europe?

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE: It was very interesting, given the fact that the European media in the recent period pushed Hillary's victory, and they had portrayed Trump as this horrible monster.

So this morning, it was quite interesting that in Germany, for example, all the Atlanticists were caught on the wrong foot. For example, Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said she was shocked. But then you had more thoughtful people like Foreign Minister Steinmeier, who very reflectively said: “Look, it's important that the United States becomes a great nation again. That means they have to have an industrial reconstruction program, it means many jobs have to be created.”

Naturally everybody has in their mind that first you had the Brexit in June, the exit of Great Britain from the EU; and then you have the Trump victory in November, both reflecting, equally, the complete rejection of the policies of the establishment by the population.

I think we have a very short period where you have a complete opportunity to bring the world back on track. This was a vote against the war danger. Very clearly, people who voted were reacting to the issues which Trump had defined in the last speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, that Hillary would mean World War III, and that you need to put the system back together with Glass-Steagall.

So we are at a very fascinating moment. Most international heads of state expressed a hope that now relations can be put back on track, and most importantly Putin, who said he hoped that now the U.S.-Russian relationship could be restored.

How did this shift happen?

LAROUCHE: We've been living on illusions, on assumptions which are actually illusions. We're going to have to learn something, which lies underneath our noses, so to speak. And we are going to have to take into account factors which you should have been able to recognize but did not. For example, what's the connection among nations in general? In general, we make too much of divisions and therefore lose the idea of the whole. And this also affects nations, because nations begin to get these kind of snotty little self-conscious divisions.

What we are suddenly confronted with, as of now, is that we are responsible for humanity, not merely on Earth, but beyond Earth. The assumptions we have made about nations were wrong—they were wrong, because they didn't understand humanity.

And now we've got to change it. We've got change in Germany, very good change. Putin is very good on this; he's already on the case. And in different parts of Asia, things are working, implicitly, in this direction.

What happens is, you get people who become smug and think that they have some special control over the identity of other people. The important thing is, yes, there are what we call apparent differences. But when it comes to understanding what a human being is, that's where people make dirty mistakes. You have to take mankind as a whole, mankind in the immediate universe is a whole.

We must get unity among human beings, as human beings, not by labels on them, but all human beings, and that's the objective we have to shoot for.

What about the war danger?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: There's also now the perspective that the U.S.-Russian cooperation could work together to resolve the horrible situation in Syria and in Ukraine; so there is a real perspective that we can get away from this absolute abyss of potential destruction of civilization.

LAROUCHE: What's going to happen is, with this Nazi operation in Ukraine—they're Nazis! The dominant figures are Nazis. Now, we're going to have to eliminate that fact.

What we're looking at is mankind. We're looking at mankind in a universal way, not a particular way, but a universal way. And we're going to learn how to apply our minds, because most people who are practical people do not understand their own minds. And you have to see yourself in a larger picture, and see the meaning of your existence in a larger way than most people have ever done.

This is what happened on this election day. That is the lesson primarily to be learned. Don't try to break it down. Learn to eat it up.

Where do we go from here?

LAROUCHE: The ultimate thing is, you're going to look into space, you're going to see what was discovered by the greatest intellects. And that's what we're heading for: A new view of mankind, not of varieties, but a new view of mankind as a whole.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: I thought when Trump was talking in his acceptance speech about rebuilding the infrastructure of the United States; the bridges, the roads and ports. It really sounded like the United States wants to join China’s New Silk Road development program! I thought this was a very surprising element. I thought it was very hopeful.

LAROUCHE: The problem in general is, there's too much emphasis on distinction on type, on different types of people, essentially. That's a mistake, because it does not get to the truth of the matter. What it does, it selects a target and says, "Oh, I like this one. Oh, I like this one; oh, I like this one, also," all at the same time. They don't see the wisdom in the mind of a child; even a simple child. They don't see it; they see what their prejudice is as they've chosen it.

You have to see mankind as in the universe; and you have to think of mankind living in the universe of mankind. Einstein's image in his furthest development was close to that. And that's the kind of thing we have to shoot for, for all mankind; because we're not going to just be on planet Earth. Mankind is going to develop in nearby space and beyond; and that's a solution to what we have to do. And you see even on some of the reports coming over the past day or two now, that's exactly what we're shooting for. [China, Russia, and many other other nations have recently announced commitments towards in-depth collaboration on space exploration and scientific research.-ed.]

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: We used to call this "the common aims of mankind"; and President Xi Jinping always talks about the unity of destiny, or a community of a common future of mankind. So, I think this idea that we are really at the beginning of an epoch, where we must absolutely overcome the division into small unities, or even nations; nations will have their importance in terms of culture, language, traditions. But I think there can never be from now on, a national or a regional interest which is against the interests of the human species as a whole. I think that is the crucial difference which we have to get across to people. I was actually positively surprised when I heard Trump saying that he wants to be the President of the whole country; all races, all sexes, all religions; which clearly refutes the divisiveness in the earlier phase of his campaign. So I think there is an obligation now to really move in this direction.

What image of nations and people must be our guide?

LAROUCHE: I would say that the Einstein position, as Einstein defined himself in the last period of his life, that's the closest thing you get to what we want to get to. Because you want to get into the universe; and mankind living in the universe, developing the universe, and seeing beyond what we call presently the universe. Because that is what actually defines fully the meaning of human life. The usual ones, "I like this, I like that," so forth and so on—that's all nonsense. What's important is—and as Einstein did this very well and came to an approximation of what I would think would be as the ultimate proposition—mankind is living in the universe. Mankind acts upon the universe within the universe. Therefore, mankind avoids secularism; avoids it, because you've got to have your mind developed in full. And it has to be fully developed as such. You've got to think about the universe; you've got to think "universe." You've got to think of a human life living at a great distance from space in some location; that's what you're looking for. You want to see what the role is of mankind in the universe, as Einstein did in his own way.

For many people, the soul means something at the bottom of a shoe. And that's the point. Can mankind, with its own limited development, reach out into space to see mankind in a broader light? The way Einstein did in some of his work: That's it. You're going to develop and extend the power of mankind in the universe, and for the universe. The time has come to get human beings to think in those terms now; because if you don't do that, you will fail. So therefore, you have to have this sense that you are a universal personality reaching into space, reaching into areas of development of mankind beyond what mankind had ever done before. That's the point. What's your purpose in life? Your purpose in life is to reach beyond what mankind has reached before.

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REJOICE! Obama Has Been Defeated

by Kesha Rogers and David Christie

Donald Trump’s victory was an outright repudiation of Obama and Hillary—and it was not the result of a national phenomenon, but a global rejection of those imperial policies that have sought to keep nations backward and impoverished for centuries.

To put it simply, the American people have demanded the truth. They have voted for a better standard of living for themselves and their posterity. They voted to end Wall Street corruption and speculation, and to reenact Glass-Steagall. They have voted to end the endless drive for war, and to have the true criminals (like Obama and Bush) to be put behind bars.

Yet it has been the unwavering leadership of leaders like Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, to stand down the increasing threats by Obama—threats which mounted to nuclear genocide if enacted—and to offer a new leaf of cooperation for mankind’s total development, which made the difference in this election. The courage to stand against the threats of Obama and his British sponsors, and to fight for the prosperous existence of mankind, this is what the American people voted for on Tuesday, November 8th. Now we must join hands towards even greater challenges.

The initiation of cooperation among the BRICS nations around the New Development Bank in 2014 began a new era of development, followed by the development of China’s New Silk Road and the AIIB (Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank). China is now leading the way through the offer of “win-win” cooperation for the advancement of all nations through the building of the New Silk Road and international cooperation in the development of space. The national space agencies of the BRICS countries just concluded their first annual summit, and committed to many joint space initiatives for peaceful purposes, including a shared satellite system for Earth remote sensing (ERS) and communication.

Russia and China just made major commitments to jointly develop Russia’s far east and the northern part of China, with Japan expressing its intention for collaboration and investment in Russia’s Pacific region. The Philippines, as well as most of southeast Asia, is now onboard China’s Maritime Silk Road, ending the threat of war in the South China Sea. Even Ukraine, one of the key British flashpoints for world war in Europe, is discussing the New Silk Road to get their abundant agricultural products to Asian markets. And with Putin’s help in Syria, the war against Obama’s British-Saudi funded mercenaries may be over by the end of the year. In other words, the British flashpoints for war could be neutralized by the time Donald Trump is sworn in.

This means mankind must change its view of mankind, and that the New Silk Road and space exploration must unite all nations on the planet in common destiny. This is global in scope: the nations involved in the New Silk Road have a combined population of 4.4 billion people.

This election was never about Democrats versus Republicans or blacks versus whites, or one nation against another. It was, and continues to be about the issue of mankind’s unique access to that truly universal human identity that seeks to develop the creative potential in every person, and to develop the universe itself. This is the commitment to mankind which now dominates the plant, and for which we must never stop fighting.