2016 Election Special Live Webcast

November 8, 2016

2016 Election Special Live Webcast

Hear Mr. LaRouche's assessment of the 2016 election results, and our marching orders for the upcoming week. Tune into our special live broadcast Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 pm EST where members of the LaRouchePAC Science Team and Policy Committee present Mr. LaRouche's up-to-the-minute assessment of the results, what they mean for the U.S., and the world.

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Matthew OGDEN: Good afternoon. It's Nov. 9th, 2016. My name is Matthew Ogden and you're joining us for a live, post-election broadcast, here at larouchepac.com. I'm joined by my colleague Jason Ross here in the studio.

We just had a discussion with Lyndon and Helga LaRouche less than an hour ago, and we're here to bring you some direct clips in their own voice of their analysis of what occurred last night with the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States. This is clearly an unprecedented event in the history of this country, and it's a complete and total repudiation of not only the Obama/Clinton Democratic Party, but also the Bush/Cheney Republican Party -- very similar to Brexit, as obviously people have now been comparing it, where all of the polls, all of the pundits, all of the analysis was wrong.

And the question is: "Why was everybody so wrong?" And why did this event take everybody by such surprised?

That is the subject of the first clip that we have from Mr. LaRouche. Mr. LaRouche's comments were, "this cannot be understood as a process internal to the United States, but in fact a global process is under way." So I would like to play that clip for you now:

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Yes, well, the fact is that you cannot use the United States as a limited area, in order to understand what happened in this period. What's happened is that it's a lot of the world has gotten into this act, whereas some people who are naïve may say it's local, and it's only in the United States or parts of the United States. But that's not true.

The point is that this thing went out. I watched this thing going out, and this thing was such that it was absolutely international. It was not national, it was international in its entire character. And that's because Germany was big in this thing. Germany was a big factor in this thing. Putin was a big factor in this situation.

So that's the pattern. It's not the pattern of local groups in the United States, though they have significance. But they are not something you can parcel out under categories. You have to see the larger total value. And that'll become evident, once we start to treat the economy seriously. In other words, instead of trying to figure out how to get this particular product out in a certain way and so forth, the point is, you're going to start on a global basis. What we're dealing with is a global basis.

Now, this has been the actual condition for some time. But it has not been evident because the people and so have not categorized these things in the proper way. What they've done is they've accurately looked for things that they think are important, and they are important; but the issue here that governs, is international, global. And nothing less than global is the area.

What you're looking at is a breakdown of the entire previously existing area of life in the world. And when you see that, then you get the whole picture. I mean, the important thing on Germany, —Germany was a big thing. Bill Clinton by himself was a crucial figure in this whole process. He set it up, in part.

And so, you've got to look at this thing from the standpoint, not of what guy that is important in this area or not, you've got to look at the overall picture, otherwise, you don't get the right answer.

I mean, what the facts are given, when you're given fact, fact, fact on what is indicated, it seems to be right. And what you stated is something that seems to be right. It does have a certain peculiar value. But the crucial thing is, the overall picture, and the overall picture is global. A new kind of thing, not a society based on various kinds of areas: This is a global factor, all the way. And it can only be understood that way.

You'll find out when you do the development process, of the world as a whole, you'll find out it works out just exactly that way. [end clip]

OGDEN: A cogent and concise clip from Helga LaRouche with her initial analysis. The view from abroad:

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Maybe I can tell you my observations because, it was very interesting, given the fact that the European media in the last period all had absolutely pushed Hillary's victory, that this would be almost certain, and they had portrayed Trump as this horrible monster and so forth.

So this morning, it was quite interesting that in Germany, for example, all the Atlanticists were really caught on a left foot, on the wrong foot. For example, Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said she was "shocked," and many other people like that were saying. But then you had more thoughtful people like Foreign Minister Steinmeier, who very reflectively said: Look, it's important that the United States becomes a great nation again. That means they have to have an industrial reconstruction program, it means many jobs have to be created.

So, I think that that was a more reasonable reaction. And naturally everybody has in their mind that first you had the Brexit in June, the exit of Great Britain from the EU; and then you have the Trump victory in November, both reflecting, equally, the complete rejection of the policies of the establishment by the population. Because obviously, the policies of the neo-liberal establishment had gotten completely out of tune with the population which increasingly, at least those who have become poorer, and that's a lot of people, who basically think that they have no future under the present policies, and you have therefore, a real revolt.

And I think we have a very short period where you have a complete opportunity to bring the world back on track. This was a vote against the war danger. Very clearly, people who voted were reacting to the issues which Trump had defined in the last speech in Charlotte, that Hillary would mean World War III, and that you need to put the system back together with Glass-Steagall.

So I think we are at a very fascinating moment, where -- I mean, not that all problems are solved; but if you look at the international reaction, most international heads of state expressed a hope that now relations can be put back on track, most importantly, naturally, Putin, who said he hoped that now the U.S.-Russian relationship could be restored. [end clip]

OGDEN: Now, very particularly Russian President Vladimir Putin, as is now being reported, sent a congratulatory telegraph to President-elect Trump. And in a speech that he delivered just hours after the polls closed, President Putin said the following:

"Ladies and gentlemen, a few hours ago, the Presidential election ended in the United States of America. We followed this election closely. I want to congratulate the American people on the end of this election cycle, and congratulate Mr. Donald Trump on his victory in the election.

"We heard the statements he made as candidate for president expressing a desire to restore relations between our countries. We realize and understand that this will not be an easy road given the level to which our relations have degraded today, regrettably. But, as I have said before, it is not Russia's fault that our relations with the United States have reached this point.

"Russia is ready to, and seeks a return to, full-format relations with the United States. Let me say again, we know that this will not be easy, but are ready to take this road, take steps on our side and do all we can to set Russian-U.S. relations back on a stable development track.

"This would benefit both the Russian and American peoples and would have a positive impact on the general climate in international affairs, given the particular responsibility that Russia and the U.S. share for maintaining global stability and security."

OGDEN: And later in our discussion Helga LaRouche pointed out that this poses an opportunity to resolve the crises in both Syria and in Ukraine.

Now, next we had Kesha Rogers who was a former candidate for House of Representatives and also candidate for United States Senate, in Texas, a member of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee. A lot of the response to Kesha Rogers' campaign, obviously, should have sent warning bells to the establishment that this was actually the sentiment of the American people. Kesha Rogers had some comments during the discussion with Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, and we're going to play those comments, followed by what Mr. LaRouche's response was to that:

KESHA ROGERS: I found it quite interesting that the first message that came out from Trump on the Twitter was, "Such a beautiful and important evening. The forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. We will all come together as never before."

And I think that really puts right up front the responsibility of the FDR tradition is only going to be restored through our leadership and what we have laid on the table as the crucial solution. Yes, Trump has put Glass-Steagall on the table, and we made this an important and essential issue for the saving of the nation. And so my point is, I think right now, that this question of the "forgotten men and women" really not being forgotten, is going to come about by what you've laid out, Lyn, in terms of now we have to run the Presidency, more than ever. We have to get the Hamiltonian Four Laws solution through.

So I wanted to see what more you have on that. Because Trump doesn't have a New Deal, but we definitely do, and we have to implement that in the Trump Presidency.

LAROUCHE: Well, the difference now is that we've been living on illusions, on the assumptions which are actually illusions. And we now have pushing into the planet as a whole, and you're going to find that developing the universe is going to be a process, it will be at least the Earth part of the universe. And that is going to become very apparent, as being a leading factor which defines the way, that all kinds of things, of social relationship have to be seen together.

ROGERS: I like that: A New Deal for the Universe.

LAROUCHE: What else? What else is it? We've got some people who work in here, and they can voice themselves and say that they know that you have to go into the universe. What do they do in China? What's the China policy? What are the policies of Asia? What are the interactions of Asia? Divided into different sectors. What you thought was separate, is not. Only the dirty people are separate, all the good people are human, and proud of it. [end clip]

JASON ROSS: On this theme of the potential to unify people around something that we hold in common, which is a key aspect of understanding economic and of the proposals made by the LaRouche PAC, we've got another short clip here of Mr. LaRouche discussing the unification of people around a mission:

DAVE CHRISTIE: ...Given that this was such a stunning rebuke of Obama, and ... your warnings of 2009 in terms of his Nero characteristic, I wonder if you have any thoughts, given he still is in power till January; if you have any thoughts on Obama's reaction, or sense of how to approach that...

LAROUCHE: Yeah, what we're going to have to do, we're going to have to learn something, which lies underneath our noses, so to speak. And we are going to take into account factors which you should have been able to recognize but did not. For example, what's the connection among nations in general? We make too much division and therefore lose the idea of the whole. And this also affects nations, because nations begin to get these kind of snotty little self-conscious divisions. ... And we have similar kinds of differentiations, which have to be cleaned out.

The point is, what we're looking at is mankind. We're looking at mankind in a universal way, not a particular way, but a universal way. And we're going to learn how to apply our minds, because most people who are practical people do not understand their own minds. And you have to say, see yourself in a larger picture, and see the meaning of your existence in a larger way than most people have ever done.

But this is essential. And what happened on this election day, this election period right now, that is the lesson primarily to be learned. Don't try to break it down. Learn to eat it up. [end clip]

ROSS: There's one thing that certainly occurred in this election process which is that we saw a real breakdown of the concept of the parties, something that Mr. LaRouche had discussed as the main theme of a speech he gave at his 90th birthday party. So here we present a clip of Mr. LaRouche discussing this change in the party structure of the United States:

MICHAEL STEGER: The Trump campaign destroyed the Republican Party; he has now destroyed the Democratic Party. Those categories don't exist. You said it four years ago at your 90th birthday; the party system is dead; it's gone. Those categories don't even exist any longer. I think that this universal sense of man, it really can dominate at this point. I think we just have a lot of work to do; there are a lot of openings. I know there are people in California pushing the NAWAPA project very aggressively; so they see that as a potential right now. I think there's a ton of things that have just opened up that we have to put our work and imagination towards. But this universal conception of the space program really indicate it. That's my response. I think the whole thing has just changed drastically.

LAROUCHE: Well, for many people, the soul means something at the bottom of a shoe. [laughter] And that's the point. Can mankind, with its own limited development reach out into space to see mankind in a broader light? The way Einstein did in some of his work. That's it. You're going to develop and extend the power of mankind in the universe, and for the universe. The time has come to get human beings to think in those terms now; because if you don't do that, you will fail. So therefore, you have to have this sense that you are a universal personality reaching into space, reaching into areas of development of mankind beyond what mankind had ever done before. That's the point. What's your purpose in life? Your purpose in life is to reach beyond what mankind has reached before.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: We used to call this "the common aims of mankind"; and President Xi Jinping always talks about the unity of destiny, or a community of a common future of mankind. So, I think this idea that we are really at the beginning of an epoch, where we must absolutely overcome the division into small unities, or even nations; nations will have their importance in terms of culture, language, traditions. But I think there can never be from now on, a national or a regional interest which is against the interests of the human species as a whole. I think that is the crucial difference which we have to get across to people. I was actually positively surprised when I heard Trump saying that he wants to be the President of the whole country; all races, all sexes, all religions; which clearly refutes the divisiveness which in the earlier phase characterized his campaign. [end clip]

ROSS: That requires ongoing action. Obviously the Trump campaign itself doesn't include all of the solutions necessary for the country by any means. What's required is our using the opportunity of the repudiation of what we have had so far, as an opportunity to bring in the policies that we've promoting.

So let's hear our final clip that we're going to use from this discussion earlier today:

LAROUCHE: ... Can mankind, with its own limited development reach out into space to see mankind in a broader light? The way Einstein did in some of his work. That's it. You're going to develop and extend the power of mankind in the universe, and for the universe. The time has come to get human beings to think in those terms now; because if you don't do that, you will fail. So therefore, you have to have this sense that you are a universal personality reaching into space, reaching into areas of development of mankind beyond what mankind had ever done before. That's the point. What's your purpose in life? Your purpose in life is to reach beyond what mankind has reached before. ...

Krafft Ehricke actually is a very useful memory for us to see exactly what universality means. And if you think about it, and think about what he had said privately to his friends, to Helga and others, when you understand that, you understand what mankind is; and you operate on the basis of responding to the requirements of fulfilling what that purpose means. And the time has come to do just that; at least to begin to do just that. [end clip]

ROSS: So in terms of making this happen, iThe Handbook on Alexander Hamilton's Vision, including Hamilton's four great economic writings and the Four Laws of Lyndon LaRouche, this is now being produced, and copied will be available through our offices immediately and it should be up on Amazon within a couple of days. So this is the real handbook on what the policies are and what the Four Laws are, on what we to make the policy of this nation.

OGDEN: And we continue to have a hub for activism on the LaRouche PAC website at http://action.larouchepac.com/fourlaws. This is where you have all the background on the Hamiltonian program. These writings are available there by Alexander Hamilton and Mr. LaRouche's original memo on these four new economic laws are also available there.

And I should reiterate: Number one, the urgent first step is to restore Glass-Steagall. And Congress will be back in session in the next few days. And everything obviously has now changed: Number-one on the agenda should be to put both of the Glass-Steagall laws, the Glass-Steagall Act bills that are now in the House and the Senate on the floor for debate and vote and to immediately restore Glass-Steagall before the Presidential transition even takes place.

Also the offer by Russian President Putin to return to "full-format relations," should be taken very seriously as a way to resolve the looming and developing crises in Syria and in in other places in the world, including Ukraine and elsewhere.

And we should reach out to China and reciprocate China's offer to join the New Silk Road development policy.

All three of those actions can be taken as soon as Congress returns to session, with Glass-Steagall being number one.

So we want to thank you very much for joining us here today in this Election Day special broadcast from larouchepac.com. Please join our daily email list: we will have daily emails going out to you on a regular basis. Please subscribe to the Larouchepac Live and Larouchepac Videos YouTube Channel, and please sign up on the LaRouche PAC website, to become part of our national organization.

Thank you very much, and we will talk to you soon. Stay tuned.



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