Attn: Americans - Global Realignment Underway

October 21, 2016

Attn: Americans - Global Realignment Underway

Join us tonight at 8 pm eastern for our weekly Friday webcast. While Americans are being subjected to the psychological trauma of the presidential election process the world is realigning towards China's win-win paradigm of growth and development. The Philippines, for example, is no longer going to be a U.S. geopolitical pawn, with Philippine President Duterte announcing, "I've realigned myself in [China's] ideological flow and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world — China, Philippines and Russia." To get the United States on-board with this new paradigm LaRouchePAC is asking you to join our campaign for LaRouche's four laws Hamiltonian program.


MATTHEW OGDEN:  Good evening, it's October 21, 2016.  My name is Matthew Ogden and you're joining us for our weekly broadcast here on on Friday evening for our weekly webcast.  I'm joined in the studio by Benjamin Deniston — my colleague from the LaRouche PAC Science Team; and via video by two members of the Policy Committee: Bill Roberts from Detroit, Michigan; and Diane Sare from New York City.  We're going to begin with a brief overview of the world situation; but we also have a special treat for you tonight, which is to give you the tools to become the activist that you need to be to join us in our urgent mobilization around LaRouche's Four Laws.

But just to begin, I think we can situate ourselves as follows:  Despite the election madness which is really dominating the psyche of the average American right now, and I think causing quite a bit of psychological trauma, the real story is the global re-alignment that is now in progress.  We are looking at something which is unprecedented in recent historic memory.  This global re-alignment of historic proportions is obvious for anyone to see.  It really is right along the lines of what Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche have been campaigning for, for decades, around a new economic and strategic paradigm for the planet.  This was seen in very stark terms and which certainly caught a lot of people in the Obama administration by surprise, with the recent trip by Philippine President Duterte to China; where he announced in very clear terms that he is re-aligning himself and re-aligning the Philippines with what he called the "ideological flow of China" and of Russia, too.  I think this is just the latest in a pattern of countries which were once considered to be solid and unquestioning US allies, re-aligning themselves with the BRICS, the New Paradigm, the New Silk Road perspective.  It has to be said that this is not a question of who is going to be President in three weeks or three months; but this is really a question of who has been President for the last seven and a half years.

This, despite everything that Obama is trying to claim in terms of his great economic successes and so forth, this is really Obama's true legacy on the world stage.  The point is that these nations, seeing the disintegration that's now happening in Europe and the trans-Atlantic system and the spread of chaos and perpetual war and terrorism and so forth, have seen that there is an alternative out there that's now on the table; and it's a viable alternative that's emerged, both economically and strategically.  They are deciding to jump on board and abandon this dead and dying system; and rather, join a New Paradigm which is clearly demonstrating itself to be the wave of the future. This should be emphasized that this is in no way an exclusive geopolitical block, or some sort of old, cynical Cold War-style geopolitics.  As Xi Jinping has repeatedly said, this is an entirely new paradigm of international relations, and it's a "win-win" paradigm; it's something which everybody can join, including the United States.  Which Xi Jinping explicitly extended the invitation for, at a joint press conference with Obama almost two years ago.  Obama rejected it; but that does not mean that the United States cannot join this New Paradigm.

That's our responsibility, and it's our job to generate precisely that dramatic change in US policy.  That brings us to this crucial campaign around the mobilization that we are now engaged in to institute Lyndon LaRouche's Four Economic Laws, and to return to the principles of Alexander Hamilton, as was elaborated in his four watershed economic reports to Congress. We will be revisiting those in their substance; and we will also be presenting you with a new campaign page on our action center, which is designed to give you the tools to join that mobilization and to obtain the kind of substantive background that you need to activate yourself around that.

But before we get to that, there's a couple of very crucial developments that have occurred just in the last few hours — 24 hours and less — around the activities of the LaRouche Movement both here in the United States and internationally.  First of all, we are just now receiving the first reports of an event which is still ongoing in Germany; a Schiller Institute seminar which is occurring right now in Essen.  An eighty-person seminar; people who are participating in this with a keynote speech by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, where she emphasized this dramatic re-alignment and the necessity of Europe to join the New Silk Road.  There were very high-level representatives participating in this event.  The names that we have so far, are: an official from the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, Germany; an official from a leading Chinese think tank, the Chinese Institute on International Studies; a representative from Ethiopia; also some experts in terms of the technology sector — an expert in maglev technology, an expert in laser physics, and several other people of that caliber.  We will be receiving more reports on that, and the audio of that event will be made available, hopefully by the end of the day today, for you to listen to.

Also, we had a very exciting event that happened just last night in New York City; where Jason Ross, a member of the LaRouche PAC Science Team, was invited to present a very in-depth overview of this New Paradigm, the New Silk Road, the BRICS perspective, and all of the great infrastructure projects that are coming out of that program, to a meeting of the New York division of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Jason Ross was the featured speaker at this event, with a pre-dinner presentation in detail on the Suez Canal developments in Egypt, and also an after-dinner more in-depth overview of the entire New Silk Road perspective and what this implies in terms of a potential future with the World Land-Bridge.  This was a very active forum, with some very highly qualified engineers engaging in a very excited and active dialogue.  So hopefully, the video of that will also be available at a certain point; and we will have a report on that.

But I think that just gives you a flavor of exactly the kind of activities that we need to keep engaged in; and keep our eyes on the prize around this Hamiltonian-LaRouche Four Laws economic program.  Because we are in the midst of an historic re-alignment of global proportions, which will define the future of humanity to come.

So, I think we can have a little bit of a discussion on that, and then we will also present this new campaign page which I mentioned, at a certain point during this broadcast.

DIANE SARE:  Good.  Well, I'll just add that what's come out in the last days is the question of the Obama administration's obsession with Lyndon LaRouche, through various of the Hillary Clinton emails that have recently been released.  One, LaRouche is mentioned over 40 times in these emails; in particular around the question of Obamacare, which is just in its complete meltdown phase.  I think they're trying to cover over the meltdown by having doctors do 20 times more paperwork than they've already been saddled with for their Medicare patients.  The whole thing is insane; and what LaRouche had identified was that this was a program like Adolf Hitler's T4 program to target these so-called "useless eaters".  Ezekiel Emmanuel, Rahm Emmanuel's brother, who was key in drafting the bill, in some of his writings made it very clear that in his mind it was a real question; if a person could not become a fully participating member of society, if they were suffering dementia or other terminal illnesses, whether it really was worth trying to save them at all financially, from a dollar standpoint.  What happened — I'll just say to the credit of the American people — is that in 2009, people may remember, everybody came out with their pitchforks to skewer their Congressmen; you had all of these completely raucous town hall meetings in which the Congressmen were calling the police to escort them home, because they were so afraid.  You had a quality of fight.

We also saw again a certain quality of fight around the question of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act [jasta], where the American people, led particularly by the LaRouche Movement and the 9/11 Families, made it very clear that there just are certain things that we are not willing to tolerate; namely, the cover-up of who was responsible for murdering Americans on that date, and the death toll in the aftermath.  But I bring that up, because as Matt referenced early on, there is enormous frustration, fear, and anxiety about the fact that we have arguably the two worst candidates that we have ever had in the history of this country; and we've had some pretty bad ones.  People are thinking, "Well, how is this going to work?  This is a disaster."

I think people should also look at themselves, because: 1) Had Bush been impeached when that was being discussed and was put on the floor by Kucinich, and Nancy Pelosi took it off the table. Had Cheney and Bush been impeached for all of their crimes — the illegal wars, torturing people, and so on — you never would have had an Obama administration.  The fact that Obama has not yet been thrown out of office, when every single Tuesday he is still holding meetings to decide who he is going to assassinate with drones; and somehow this is not considered grounds to throw him out and frankly put him in prison or put him in the criminal wing of a mental institution or something.  In other words, that's the cause of this crisis, not the so-called people who are before us now in the elections.

What we've seen in Manhattan is a shift; I think it's dawning on people that perhaps if they want to change things, they should start by changing themselves and changing the level of their understanding and their thinking about what it means to be a citizen in the United States.  We've started reading Alexander Hamilton's original papers, which are posted now on the website: "Report on Public Credit"; "Report on a National Bank"; "On the Constitutionality of a National Bank"; and "Report on the Subject of Manufactures".  [We're doing this] as a way of qualifying ourselves to shape the policy of the nation.  This is very important, because the United States in this way is relatively unique; that is, the citizens of the United States do have an enormous amount of power, which is not the same as what you have in parliamentary systems.  The citizens are able, if they are informed, to cause policy to be changed.

That's why Obama's and Hillary's advisors were so freaked out about Lyndon LaRouche.  Because LaRouche has demonstrated a capacity through what he termed "the power of reason" to move the American people.  We saw that with the concerts on September 11th in memory of the 9/11 attacks; and we're seeing that now.  So, I think this is a very important factor not to be left out of the equation in terms of the shift which is occurring globally in the direction of the BRICS.  Probably Bill or someone will something [to say] about the situation in the Philippines, which I think is remarkable in that regard, but we are absolutely I think in a pre-revolutionary situation in the United States; and it's up to us to put it in the proper domain.

BEN DENISTON:  Because it's coming up now, I think it's really worth just emphasizing for our viewers, for our associates, for our activists that this issue around Mr. LaRouche's role in the Obama campaign is just typical of what makes Mr. LaRouche and our movement so unique.  Mr. LaRouche acted in the future; he didn't respond, he didn't wait for the kill lists to come out.  He didn't wait for Obamacare to be fully demonstrated as it's being demonstrated now with people's rates going up; the care people are getting is collapsing.  Even Bill Clinton, who's been completely shackled under the Hillary/Obama policy, came out saying this thing is insane and then backed down from that when he was asked about it; but it's on video, you can see it.  [larouche] didn't wait for that; he came out right way and didn't just say it was going to be bad.  He said, "This is a Hitler policy."  He forced the issue before it came up.  And the reason why we put the Obama administration on its heels from Day One, is because Mr. LaRouche took the lead; and didn't say, "Oh, well this is the first black President, so we have to be polite.  He's a Democrat, so we have to be polite."  He said, "No, we can see now, this guy's going to implement a killer policy, so we're going to call him out on the principle, on the hardest level of the reality of what he's doing. This is a Hitler healthcare policy. We're going to force the issue, and take the fight to him right up front." That's what makes our Movement effective. We act in the future, we don't wait for events to come, and respond to them. We act on what the future is going to be and what it needs to be.

I think that's a really important precedent for what we're facing right now, again, in this insanity around the "election process," this Jerry Springer Show repeat of these "debates." We're not responding to that. We're responding to the future, to reality, what we're talking about with the world shifting, completely towards China's leadership on this New Paradigm, on the absolute necessity for LaRouche's Four Laws for this Hamiltonian program to save the United States.

Those are the issues that are going to shape the future, not responding to how ridiculous these debates are, who's saying what. [with] the level of insanity going on in the United States right now, it's worth instilling in people a sense of how you actually fight to change history. It's this kind of process. It's taking the lead, based on where history is moving, where society is moving, what are the actual underlying principles driving the process forward? — and acting on those, acting on the future, not responding.

Mr. LaRouche is mentioned in the Hillary Clinton emails. That's no surprise. He came out, right out front, and forced the issue, and drew the line, and that's been a critical factor in ensuring the Obama administration didn't go full-scale Hitler policy, even though they've gone that [way] to a very large scale across many domains — healthcare, foreign policy, etc. But that's leadership! That's what we're doing. That's why people need to drop everything and work with our Movement more closely and really get involved in our campaign, especially on this Hamiltonian program. Because that's what's going to matter. Not who has the best commentary on what's happening today, or yesterday, or last week, but who's got an idea for where we need to go and how to make that happen.

OGDEN: The other thing that you can measure, in terms of what the Obama Presidency has been, is how much closer to World War III are we right now, than we were when Obama entered office. If you look at the progression of history since the overthrow and killing of [Libya's Muammar] Qaddafi, and the spread of that policy throughout North Africa and the Middle East, and the attempt to do the same thing in Syria and elsewhere, how much closer we actually are, right now, to an eruption of what would become, in a very short period of time, thermonuclear war. And this is being acknowledged by everybody, I mean [former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail] Gorbachov, Kissinger, people who you would not necessarily expect. It's a very dangerous prospect.

Americans should resent the fact that they're really being set up by this election campaign, where there is a new McCarthyism almost which is being instituted against the American people, where if you question the no-fly zone [proposal for Syria] or this Russia bashing propaganda or any of these policies, then you are automatically classified as "Oh well, you must be a Trump supporter," which is a ridiculous. Americans should resent that kind of situation, and should say, "No! Absolutely not. Not in our name. We do not accept being used and manipulated into this kind of new Cold War, but really World War III kind of program." It must be said that over the last 7-1/2 years, we have gotten perilously close to that threat. Again, Mr. LaRouche was quite outspoken and quite explicit on that from the very beginning. As soon as the Libya invasion happened, and as soon as the death of Qaddafi occurred, Mr. LaRouche was on record saying this is taking us down the slippery slope towards World War III.

BILL ROBERTS: I would also emphasize that there have been important Presidential elections. There have been Presidential figures who were effective such as Franklin Roosevelt, largely because their Presidential campaigns were actually used to create a current of real leadership in the population to be ennobled and encouraged to fight. We haven't had an election like that for years. There hasn't been a figure like that running for President. Mr. LaRouche ran, literally, all of his [presidential] campaigns in this way, to educate and build up a constituency for policies.

Obviously [the current] election process is the complete opposite. It's a psychological warfare operation on the population. But we have an opportunity to create and educate the kind of current of citizenry that can actually win the policy fight, despite how insane this election is. This should be one of the lessons of what Putin has effectively done, what Xi Jinping [has done], this entire BRICS process. We have to actually build up a capacity within the population to respond, now, on the basis of knowing exactly what to do, to implement an economic solution.

That's the Fourth Branch of government. That is the sense in which Mr. LaRouche actually has been the Presidential figure during this period. These emails, the process that's been unleashed in the BRICS, has largely come out of Mr. LaRouche's and Helga's life's work to educate the world on the principles of economics, real economic development. Americans just have to be encouraged to locate their responsibility and their duty in something which is much, much higher that just voting in an election. That doesn't require any courage at all. The fight for ideas does require a little bit of courage, because we have to challenge people to face their fears and confront the crisis that requires specific qualities of ideas.

OGDEN: Along the lines of exactly that "quality of ideas," our last two webcasts, here, the previous two Fridays, have been focused around Mr. LaRouche's Four Economic Laws, and Alexander Hamilton's four economic reports. We've really encouraged you, as Diane said I think very correctly, "to qualify yourself as a leading citizen in this campaign." And the way that you can "qualify yourself" is to use that material to educate yourself and to also engage in a mass-education process of the rest of the American people.

The average American citizen of that time, who Benjamin Franklin proudly referred to as the "Latin farmer," was a very literate, classically educated individual, who understood the essential questions of the revolution, and prided themselves in that. Hamilton educated those Americans about his ideas. He used The Federalist letters. He used the media of his day — the print media and otherwise.

We're using the media of our day to do exactly the same thing. That's what the LaRouche PAC website has been. It's been a hub for that kind of self-education, and mass-education. The community coming together around that kind of process, nationally, is carried in the LaRouche PAC Action Center. On the Action Center, we are proud to announce the launch, today, of a new tool for you to use in that regard, and we're going to have a little bit of a guided tour led by Ben Deniston, of this new campaign page on our Action Center. This is on the LaRouche-Hamilton Four Laws. We're going to walk you through that here, but we also encourage you to immediately, on your own, get onto this website, to sign up, and to be an active participant in this new educational hub.

DENISTON: We should be able to pull up the webpage for people directly, so they can see it. What you'll see, if you're newly visiting to the site, is right at the very top we have a banner, advertising this new campaign page Action Center. This could be, as Matt said, the hub, the mobilization center, to get this policy through. If you don't see this banner, we will have it featured in many other ways, including LaRouche's 4 Laws under Our Policies. You can see this takes you immediately to a new page, which is the landing page for this new campaign. Right away, we're encouraging people — yourself, if you haven't done so already, but if you have, encourage your friends, your colleagues, your neighbors to do so — to sign up, to join the mobilization. If you know LaRouche PAC, we're not just a news service to throw things out to you; we're not just a commentary service; we're a political action committee. We're putting the emphasis on action in political action committee, and we're asking you to make sure you get involved.

We're doing stuff all around the country. Manhattan is a major center of activity. We're leading the fight. But we also have activity from around the nation, getting congressmen, labor unions, state legislators, whatever groups, farm groups, all kinds of organizations, on board in support of LaRouche's economic reform program. We're asking you to get involved in that process. Help make it happen, take action yourself. And its starts here — on this page.

If you return to the page, we can see that, right away, there are three main sub-pages to this main landing page. On the far left we see What You Can Do. If you simply click on that, again, we're encouraging people to sign up, because the most effective action activity is going to be in coordination with us, nationally and, really, internationally. Again, we're running a top-down coordinated campaign on this.

But there's a series of measures that are being taken around the country, and we're asking you to take also. There's a major push to get elected officials on board with this, obviously. There are bills to reinstate Glass-Steagall in both the House and the Senate. That is a very straight-forward and easy task that you can get your congressman to do — sign on to those bills, and then push them to go farther, to understand the whole Hamiltonian campaign. We'll get into that in a second. Intervene into local meetings. Write a "Letter to the Editor." Under Print and Distribute, we're going to feature, here, some leading material which you can print out and take to these meetings and organize with. So, these are some of the many things you can do.

If you return back to the landing page, on the right side, we're encouraging people to engage in a real social dialogue around your activities. So, Report Back. We're going to be having some breaking reports coming in, in just the coming days and week. We've got some of the activity that Jason Ross was involved in, which will be featured here, as was reported earlier. There's other activity from Kansas, on major support from the Kansas State Cattlemen's Association, in support of Glass-Steagall, and LaRouche's program. Which is just a good illustration. If you go out and organize these groups, people recognize that we need this kind of reform, and we can bring these kinds of organizations on board in support of this. So here is going to be our location to report back, to comment on reports, to engage in discussion about the campaign and the activity you are doing.

Essential to this whole thing is the relevant background and material you need to understand this campaign and to organize around it. So, as you'll see, linked all over this page and the sub-pages, including right here on the main landing page, the key document is Mr. LaRouche's Four Laws paper. If you haven't read this yet, this is a priority to read. You can access it directly from here. It is a relatively short, very dense, very well-composed presentation of the necessary program, in its entirety. And it's the source of these Four Laws, four components, but as Mr. LaRouche presents it.  If you understand the necessity of this program, it's not four separate elements; it's one policy, rooted in one scientific understanding of economics.  Something rooted in Hamilton's work and developed further by Mr. LaRouche in his work.  This is obviously the central document to this entire campaign; and you can find it linked all over the page.

If you want more background, we have plenty of resources on "Know the Full Story".  Some background on the crisis; again, Mr. LaRouche's Four Laws paper linked multiple times.  And then relative background on each of the Four Laws.  So, some of the background needed for Glass-Steagall, for example; information about the bills that currently exist in the House and the Senate. Other resolutions and support for Glass-Steagall from all over the country and internationally; if you haven't seen that, it's quite impressive — the whole level of support already.  And other relevant background, including some of the Obama campaign's lies about Glass-Steagall; their Wall Street lies that it has no relevance to the crash.  Something you've properly heard spread throughout the media.  We debunk these kinds of things.  The fraud of the Dodd-Frank issue, etc.  So again, relevant material for people who are really organizing around this.

Regarding the second policy point of Mr. LaRouche's Four Laws — a Hamiltonian national banking system, again, we have relevant background information for you here.  Mr. LaRouche's own writings on the subject of national banking and credit, here and featured in other locations, we have Alexander Hamilton's own four reports to Congress; which as was mentioned by Diane and Matthew, are a major focus of educating the American people on the needed program today.  So again, we encourage to go directly and actually read these reports; study them.  If you have questions, or you want to get more information, engage with us. The point is, we need people to understand the real roots of American economics as Hamilton developed it and presented it; as it was the founding core of our nation; and as Mr. LaRouche has developed it to further degrees in the present period.  This is what's needed in its entirety today.  Additional background on how this Hamiltonian program has been brought to bear at multiple points in the history of the United States: under John Quincy Adams; under Abraham Lincoln; in certain degrees, under Franklin Roosevelt operating under the constraints he could work in at the time.  It's no secret to people who really know American history, that this policy has returned repeatedly in any period of economic recovery or upsurge.  That's what's needed today.

Regarding the role of credit as Mr. LaRouche defined it, specifically for the increases in the productive powers of labor and the increases of energy flux density, we have some relevant background material to understanding Mr. LaRouche's science of physical economics and the role of credit in increasing these critical metrics of real human economic progress.  So, understanding Mr. LaRouche's concept of energy flux density, understanding Mr. LaRouche's concept of the productive powers of labor, this information is all available here for you to study; some in video format, some in written form.  I would even highlight Mr. LaRouche's own 1984 economics textbook, So, You Wish To Learn All About Economics?; which is an excellent source to understand the real science of economics as it is needed to be understood today.

And the fourth point, Mr. LaRouche highlights a science driver program for fusion power and space exploration.  Again, some background work from Mr. LaRouche directly on these subjects; relevant material on fusion power; the role of a fusion driver program for the economy — why this is critical.  And similarly with space; why the space program is a critical component to driving the economy forward.

So, I would just restate that while we break down here relevant background material for each of these four laws, these four components, it is one program as Mr. LaRouche presented it. What we're doing here is presenting you with secondary, tertiary background material to understand all the elements.  But the challenge we have before us is this Hamiltonian conception; we have to educate the American people on this Hamiltonian-LaRouche conception of real economics.  Most people probably know — especially viewers of our channel, our website — there is major support for Glass-Steagall out there; it's massive.  It's moving forward; it's been moving forward, and that's critical.  But that along is not enough.  Just Glass-Steagall alone is an absolutely indispensable step, but it's only a step; it's a component of the whole program.  We need to cut off Wall Street; we need to separate speculation from the financial system; we need a stable, regulated commercial bank system.  But, we need to actually utilize that with a Hamiltonian program, with a National Bank, with public credit to actually drive increases in the economy. If we don't do that, we're not going to make it as a nation. Glass-Steagall alone will not do that; it requires the understanding that Hamilton understood.  We need to increase the productivity of the labor force; we need to increase the energy flux density of the economy as a whole; and people need to know the science underlying these policies.

I think we have a multi-faceted, but unified campaign here; leading with Glass-Steagall as the first step, but then building support among these people who support these reforms around a real science of what it's going to require to grow again.  We need real growth; we need real leaps in the productivity, the value created by the US economy, by the US labor force.  We have a wide-open opportunity to join with China, Russia, other nations, in collaborating around those kinds of programs; but it's going to require that shift in the United States to recognize that's where we need to go.

So, we have this new campaign page; it's an Action Center location, it's a place for you, the activist, the members of the LaRouche PAC to get involved in making this full Hamiltonian program known to the American people.  Make it so you understand all the elements integrated in their totality yourself, and you can organize other leaders in your community — from regular citizens all the way up to Federal elected officials around this program.

Just to reference back to some of the discussion, we're acting in the future; this is what needs to happen in the future. This is what you need to take action on now to shape where this country goes; not responding to the insanity that's currently called the news cycle, but getting active in shaping the future of the country.  That's what makes this movement unique; that's what gives us the chance to save this country at this late hour. We would encourage you to get on these pages, to share these pages; to get intimately connected to them and understand them. And to get more involved in this campaign.

OGDEN:  To accomplish this, we need to create the qualified leadership.  This is not something where you can depend on somebody else to do this; you can't depend on the "political class" — so-called — to accomplish this.  We are going to need to create a citizens' intelligentsia; and there is work that needs to be done.  As Ben just went through, all the tools are available to you.  You can attend these Congressional town hall meetings; you can set up with your Congressional offices in the districts and in Washington.  You can write letters to the editor; this is a very important institution in the United States.  Share your ideas with a mass-based readership of your local newspaper, or national newspapers; and communicate the substance of these principles — the Four Laws and the Hamiltonian economic reports.  You can set up house meetings to read Hamilton's papers in their entirety.  We've already begun that process in Manhattan; there are weekly meetings now, every Saturday, where some of the leading activists and leading citizens in Manhattan come together and read these Hamilton reports and discuss them, and discuss their implications for today.  What's wonderful is that these are largely the same activists who were involved in the presentation of the Mozart Requiem on the anniversary of 9/11.  We are witnessing the creation of this citizens' intelligentsia — a qualified leadership for this country who are going to take the intellectual responsibility to develop the knowledge they need to exert the kind of leadership that's necessary.

I might invite Diane to just say a little bit more about this process of these weekly readings in Manhattan, as a model for what can happen elsewhere in the country.

SARE:  I know some people have discussed organizing such readings; and I think that would be absolutely appropriate, because that is in a sense, how the American Revolution was organized.  In small circles of people discussing ideas; and it is how Alexander Hamilton organized the republic with his Federalist Papers with his collaborators John Jay and others. I also just want to say, because part of the attempt to intimidate and demoralize the American people is this big promotion of this nonsense about Obama's great popularity and his brilliant legacy of — as he himself puts it — "the greatest economic recovery ever to happen in memorable recorded history of mankind and civilization in general".  Which no one is experiencing whatsoever.  And as far as his great surge in popularity, the override of his JASTA veto in the Senate was 97 - 1; I would not say that 1 out of 100 constitutes a great spike in popularity.

I do think this case of the Philippines, I want to bring it up because it's significant.  The Philippines, as people may know, is not a particularly large or powerful nation. It's had a special relationship with the United States, which had been better when Douglas MacArthur was living.  The President has just said to the US, "No, I am shifting our relationship to China. We're not going to have a special relationship with the US anymore; it's going to be with China, and with Russia."  What can the United States do about this?  Absolutely nothing; we have nothing to offer.  All we have is a lunatic who is having his Vice President on his behalf and on behalf of the dying British Empire, make threats about covert cyber-war attacks on Russia. Of course, Ed Snowden asked the relevant question — maybe someone should explain what "covert" means to these idiots.  I think Americans should really take heart.  There is no reason for you to be suffering, except a decision to go along with this crap.  As we inform and educate ourselves as to what the Founding Fathers actually intended with our republic, which is that knowledge which is the bedrock of Lyndon LaRouche's life's work; which he has taken to even higher levels in the realm of physical science and physical economy.  That's our power; that's our strength.

And in these last two weeks before this dreaded election, when it's clear to everybody that we are the best hope of the United States, we should just be organizing.  I think that webpage looks fantastic; that is a great resource.  So, we should make use of it; everyone watching should forward it to all your friends and neighbors.  Take this material and get on the warpath a little bit.  There's no need to sit back and take this.  And by all means, you certainly don't have to vote for either one of these idiots.  So, I think it's a great moment of opportunity; and the shift is being led right now by Putin and Xi Jinping and Lyndon LaRouche.  We are the leaders of that in the United States; and that's really your role and our role right now.

OGDEN:  Wonderful!  So, I think that's sufficient for today. Again, please become an active member of this new community that we've set up with its hub on the LaRouche PAC Action Center. There will be a free flow of ideas; report back, there's a field there where you can type in your reports.  We want to share these with as many people as we can to just sort of inspire people as to what are the kinds of things that can be done.  There's probably new ideas out there that haven't even been thought of yet, but there's a lot that can be done right now.  All of the material is available; this is something that you can use to pull your friends into this orbit and lift people up out of the swamp of this psychological trauma of this election period.  You can inspire people and say, "No.  Don't become cynical; don't become demoralized."  We have a lot that we can do.  This is an historic and potentially wonderful time in human history; it is a pre-revolutionary kind of situation on a world scale.  This is your tool in order to become an active part of that.

So again, it's on the LaRouche PAC Action Center, there's a big banner right on the top of the website right now.  You can access it right there.  Please, sign up.  You will receive updates and become part of the network; you can join the Thursday Fireside Chat activists' calls; share your ideas, ask questions to leading members of the LaRouche Political Action Committee.  You can receive daily emails; you can receive the weekly updates from LaRouche PAC in your email inbox.  You can subscribe to both the LaRouche PAC Live and the LaRouche PAC videos YouTube channel.  Just get everything that you can, and become an active member.  You can expect some reports, I think, from this historic seminar that occurred today in Essen, Germany that was sponsored by the Schiller Institute; so please stay tuned to the LaRouche PAC website for that, and for that numerous other developments that we don't even know yet to have occurred. But I'm sure that there will be a lot that will change over the coming days and weeks.

Thank you very much for watching today.  We look forward to seeing you on the LaRouche PAC Action Center.  Stay tuned to, and good night.



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