Glass-Steagall Now! Shut Down Wall Street Before It Kills You

September 2, 2016

August 31—With major international summits beginning September 2nd, and Congress returning September 6th, these next two weeks will be far more decisive than the Nov. 8 election for the future of the United States, and for mankind. Lyndon LaRouche has warned that unless the U.S. Congress acts—and now, in September—to reinstate Glass-Steagall, as the first step in a much larger overhaul of economic and monetary policy, then the entire trans-Atlantic system is headed for blow-out.

In discussion with colleagues today, LaRouche said the following, “If they avoid the issue of Glass-Steagall, in particular, and related issues, then the people who do that will bring their death upon themselves. You cannot afford to overlook what the issue is here. You will have a lot of dead people suddenly because they didn’t pay attention.”

This coming week will witness a march of three successive international heads-of-state summits in Asia—Russia’s Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, China’s hosting of the G-20, and Laos’ hosting of the ASEAN plus 6—and these will continue to establish that China, Russia, and India—not Obama and NATO—are creating a new global system. And while China takes the lead at this week's G-20 summit to create a new and just global financial system, British stooge Barack Obama, in his state of delusion intends to push his already doomed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as part of his war agenda against Russia and China.

On Sunday, the United States will confront the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and the first in which the real foreign sponsors of the terror attacks, i.e. the British and Saudi Monarchies, stand exposed with the now-released 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry, as do the institutions who ran the cover-up, including but not limited to the FBI and the CIA. In light of these revelations, New York City will convene this weekend through a powerful series of choral performances of Mozart’s Requiem performed by The Schiller Institute Chorus, including a special mass in honor of the FDNY on September 11th, all part of attaining full justice for the heinous murder of 3,000 plus Americans fifteen years ago.

And there are clear and accelerating signs of an imminent trans-Atlantic financial blowout. The last-minute deal to save Italy's Monte Dei Paschi bank is now unraveling, and JPMorgan Chase is now pushing a private sector bail-in to avoid a wipeout of the entire Italian banking sector. CNBC reported last week that "banks are getting ready for economic nuclear winter,'' devising worst-case contingency plans, which envision the complete bust-up of the eurozone and the end of the European Union, through a string of other exit votes all over Europe.

It has never been more true, that if the population wished to reverse the trend of the last fifteen, if not fifty years, Obama would be condemned as a tragic failure and patriotic forces would push Glass-Steagall through now!

Lyndon LaRouche addressed this underlying fear of the population in the discussion earlier, “And you know the FBI is part of this thing. Other institutions, like the FBI, are responsible for the suppression of the truth. I think the time has come to suppress the FBI! At least until it attains to its responsibility...
“And all the people who supported the idea of imprisoning me were fraudulent. And especially some of the big-wig court people. They did it. They committed a crime... The problem is, that people don’t act on what they recognize is the problem!

“So we have to mobilize people as such to mobilize themselves. In other words, not to just mobilize themselves, as such, but to do an actual mobilizing of their own outreach... The problem is, people get scared. They’re afraid the FBI and all kinds of things go on. They’re intimidated.”

Time to Act

As with the ongoing summits, including the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in the second half of September, there are strong strategic shifts underway. Putin has overturned the U.S/British policy in Southwest Asia, winning over Turkey and now even leading voices in Germany to a policy based on international law, the elimination of terrorist networks, and broadscale economic development.

It is now increasingly evident that the policy by China, Russia, and India of corridors of new infrastructure across Eurasia and Africa has become more powerful than Obama's attempts to provoke war with Russia and China.

As Lyndon LaRouche said in discussion with colleagues earlier today, “I think we’ve got the packages right now. The main thing is to just maintain the packages of development and to increase them. We’re getting all the help we can get, probably, on the basis of the new attack against the gangsters, as we call them. And many members of the Congress are now being pushed into defending the rights of our citizens.

“That means, we just simply are going to mobilize the people, in our effect. Mobilize the people to force these rights—their rights, on the basis of this, just that simple consideration. It’s the only way it’s going to work.”

Glass-Steagall is the indispensable first step, in both the United States and Europe, to avert a financial avalanche. There are bipartisan bills in both Houses of Congress, as well as in both the Democratic and Republican Party platforms, and passing Glass-Steagall in the coming weeks will ultimately up-end the entire election process in favor of the American people as a whole.

The new global financial architecture and world land-bridge of transcontinental great projects, now under construction, have been promoted by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche for over four decades. It is now time to force the acceptance of Glass-Steagall banking regulation, eliminate the financial nuclear bomb of financial derivatives, and implement Lyndon LaRouche’s other three Cardinal Laws: create national credit banks; define a credit system according to the increase of the productive powers of labor through broadscale development and infrastructure; and advance the scientific frontiers of deep space exploration and fusion power development.



The Saudis and 9/11: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth Now!

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The July 15 release of the 28 page chapter from the original December 2002 Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 has opened a new chapter in the 15-year long battle to get to the bottom of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, when nearly 3,000 innocent citizens were killed at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and western Pennsylvania, in the worst terrorist incident to ever occur on U.S. soil.

With the 15th anniversary of those attacks just days away, and with the newly revealed evidence of the direct hand of the Saudi Monarchy in those cowardly acts now out in the public view, it is time for a truly thorough and independent investigation to get to the bottom of 9/11.

One immediate step is for the House of Representatives to unanimously pass the Justice Against Supporters of Terrorism Act (JASTA), which would reinstate the Saudi Monarchy as defendants in the long-running legal action brought by survivors and family members of the 9/11 victims. That case, now before a Federal Judge in New York, offers the most immediate opportunity to put top Saudi officials on record on their role in the terrorist attacks.

The 28 page chapter from the original Joint Inquiry made clear that senior Saudi officials, starting with Prince Bandar bin-Sultan, the long-serving Saudi Ambassador to the United States, had a direct hand in supporting the 9/11 terrorists. Bandar and his wife Princess Haifa provided at least $50,000 to the hijackers al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi, through two known Saudi intelligence agents, al-Basnan and al-Bayoumi. The paper trail is explicit, and it reaches into the upper echelons of not just the Saudi Monarchy, but the British Monarchy as well.

At the time of the preparations for 9/11, Prince Bandar was receiving regular installments on a $2 billion kickback for his role in creating the Al Yamamah oil-for-arms deal between the British and the Saudis—a deal that also created offshore slush funds for the promoting of Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups. Funds went from the Al Yamamah accounts at the Bank of England to Bandar’s personal accounts at Riggs National Bank in Washington—and on from there to the west coast team of 9/11 terrorists.

By profile, Prince Bandar was hardly a Wahhabi fundamentalist or proponent of jihadist terrorism. Yet, his fingerprints are all over the 9/11 attacks. He was acting on behalf of the Saudi Monarchy and the British Monarchy—and, by extension, for the very George W. Bush/Dick Cheney U.S. Administration that used the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks as the rationale for going to war against Iraq, for imposing the Patriots Act, and for launching the biggest illegal spying operation against American citizens in history.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who served as Chief of Staff to George W. Bush’s Secretary of State Colin Powell, recently told reporters that Vice President Cheney suppressed all evidence of the Saudi role in 9/11, because he was committed to blaming the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, to justify the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

Had the 28 page chapter of the Joint Inquiry Report been released to the public in Dec. 2002, it would have been impossible for Bush and Cheney to have gotten their dirty war against Iraq. It would have been like going to war against China after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

So Cheney, Bush and others at the top of the Executive Branch suppressed the 28 pages—for 15 years—and got their Iraq war and all of the horrors that followed.

Truth does not have an expiration date

Fifteen years after the fact, it is time for a full and honest reckoning with history. A truly thorough and independent official investigation must be launched into 9/11. It must start from the top down. The British government of Tony Blair shut down the investigation into the Al Yamamah deal at the point that investigators from Britain’s Serious Fraud Office were getting at the secret offshore slush funds that have been the biggest source of money to global jihadist terrorism, dating back to 1985, when Al Qaeda was first being launched out of the Afghanistan War. That investigation must be reopened.
Before their work was shut down, investigators for the Joint Inquiry and the 9/11 Commission established a list of more than 20 Saudi government officials who were directly linked to the two west coast hijackers. Many held important posts in the Saudi Embassy in Washington, others were spread around the United States and Europe.

A Federal Judge in Florida is reviewing more than 80,000 pages of long-suppressed FBI documents, revealing another Saudi link to 9/11, through a wealthy Saudi businessman, employed by leading Saudi princes, whose Sarasota, Fla. home was frequently visited by Mohammed Atta and two other hijackers. The FBI sat on those documents for a decade, and only released them to the Judge when investigative journalists for the Broward Bulldog online publication found out about the Sarasota links.

Senator Bob Graham, the former U.S. Senator from Florida who co-chaired the Joint Inquiry and has been a champion of the fight for full disclosure of the Saudi role in 9/11, has demanded to know: What about the Saudi terror cells in Herndon, Va. and Paterson, NJ? Where else is there evidence of top-down Saudi royal involvement? Nothing short of a de novo complete investigation can be tolerated—even at this late moment.

This time, the investigation must have unlimited resources to do the job. The FBI, which 9/11 Commission investigators accused of running a top-down coverup, must be a subject of the new probe. The role of successive British governments must be included, because without an understanding of the Al Yamamah deal and other relations between the British and Saudi Monarchies, the truth will remain concealed.

Lyndon LaRouche was on hand as the planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers on the morning of 9/11. Seven months prior to those attacks, LaRouche had warned that the incoming Bush-Cheney Administration would look for a “Reichstag Fire” incident to go for dictatorship. On the day of the 9/11 attacks, LaRouche supporters were out on the streets of New York and many other cities around the country, warning about an imminent terrorist attack, based on evidence accumulated over the course of the summer of 2001.

The heroic Members of the U.S. Congress, who joined with Sen. Graham and with LaRouchePAC in fighting for the release of the 28 pages, have all said, in their own words, that the reading of those 28 pages and the evidence they contained of the Saudi complicity in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, changed their view of history. Those 28 pages merely opened the door into a much bigger scandal, which must now be fully unearthed. The families and victims of 9/11—living and dead—have the right to the truth, as do the American people.

The release of the 28 pages was a victory for persistent public action, which forced the Obama Administration to end the nearly eight-year cover-up, which followed the eight year cover-up by Bush and Cheney. On the strength and momentum of that victory, and as we pause to commemorate the 15th anniversary of those heinous crimes, we must assure that the full probe goes forward now.

Destination Moon: The Next Frontier for the Common Aims of All Mankind

“The Moon is the touchstone of the human future.”
—Krafft Ehricke

China is opening up a new frontier in mankind’s exploration of the Galaxy! Earlier this year, China announced that it plans to be the first nation to land on the far side of the Moon, when it launches its Chang'e 4 mission in 2018. This comes in the context of increasing interest, on the part of China and Russia, in returning mankind to the Moon, possibly including permanently manned bases. China is taking global leadership in mankind's conquest in space.

Lyndon LaRouche responded to these developments by calling for a full mapping of the Moon, especially the far side. While the lunar far side has been imaged and investigated from lunar orbit, mankind is far from uncovering all of the secrets the lunar far side is hiding, and we can only imagine what implications tomorrow’s discoveries will create for transforming mankind's relation to the Solar system and beyond.

China’s lunar exploration program clearly indicates that China is not just making a new landing site on the Moon’s surface, but opening up to mankind what German-American space pioneer and aeronautical engineer Krafft Ehricke once described as the “seventh continent” of the world. By doing so, China--in collaboration with Russia and other nations--establishes mankind as a truly polyglobal species.

Return To A Mission For Mankind

The world is moving forward, and the vision for a new paradigm is already coming-into-being, despite the refusal of the United States to join in the win-win cooperation offered by China for the benefit and progress of all nations.

Instead, President Barack Obama has dismantled and privatized our U.S. manned space program, bailed out the bankrupt speculators of Wall Street as they continue to plunder the physical economy, and launched a series of illegal wars around the world. By aborting the Constellation program--which focussed on the Moon as a critical, permanent destination for the exploration and development of space--Obama eliminated our nation’s ability to lead a manned presence in space for the foreseeable future. Not only has the project to return to, and develop the Moon been scrapped under Obama, but an insane project to capture an asteroid was set up to replace it. Research on thermonuclear fusion power has also been cut.

How long will Americans condone such insanity? We must demand a restoration of a national mission for the development of space outlined by such visionary leaders as President Kennedy and Krafft Ehricke, who saw the Moon not just as a temporary attraction or landing ground, but essential to mankind's development of the Solar system.

China’s emphasis on lunar development, with its focus on landing on the lunar far side, is a critical phase of a science-driver program essential to international cooperation and economic development around the planet and beyond. Lunar exploration and space development must be defined in terms of a program for economic development of the Moon, needed in conjunction with a crash program for fusion power, as defined by Lyndon LaRouche. This was a shared vision between Mr. LaRouche, his wife Helga, and their close friend Krafft Ehricke, and is now an essential aspect of human development for the coming century.

Ehricke also envisioned and mapped such a program in great detail. In his 1985 article on “Lunar Industrialization and Settlement,” he states:
"The most important aspect of lunar development lies in the human sector. It bears repeating that technological progress and environmental expansion are no substitutes for human growth and maturity, but they can help the human reach higher maturity and wisdom."

“Human growth is contingent not only on the absence of war, or overcoming hunger, poverty, and social injustice--but the presence of overarching, elevating goals, and their associated perspectives. Expanding into space needs to be understood and approached as world development, as a positive, peaceful, growth-oriented, macrosociological project, whose goal is to ultimately release humanity from its present parasitic, embryonic bondage in the biospheric womb of one planet. This will demand immense human creativity, courage, and maturity."

It is with these common aims of mankind in mind that nations around the world, led by China and Russia, define a unified mission of unfolding mankind’s truly creative nature, and thus take up the Moon as a stepping stone destination for mankind's development of space. China's statement of principle for space exploration declares that, "Outer space is the commonwealth of mankind. Exploration, development, and utilization of outer space are an unremitting pursuit of mankind."

China and Russia Take the Lead

China’s lunar exploration program is currently leading the way. In December 2013 the world was gripped with excitement when China made the first soft landing on the Moon in 40 years with its Chang’e 3 mission carrying the Yutu rover. Now China has announced that the 2018 Chang’e 4 mission will fulfill mankind’s first ever landing on the far side of the Moon.

Because the Moon makes one rotation on its axis in the same time that it takes to complete one orbital rotation around the Earth, the same side of the Moon is always facing our home planet, leaving the far side shrouded in mystery.

Although the far side was imaged from lunar orbit in 1959 by the Soviet Union--and at higher resolution in 1967-1968 by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter--mankind has barely scratched the surface. In discussions over the past week, Lyndon LaRouche called for a full mapping and investigation of the lunar far side, and everything it may represent for mankind.

For example, the geology on the far side--as we know it so far from photography and radar (microwave) imaging--is anomalous compared to the near side. It provides a relatively undisturbed record of the early history of the Moon, but it also preserves traces that can tell us about the changing and developing Solar system and the Galaxy beyond. The Chinese have wisely chosen to land the Chang’e 4 mission in a particularly interesting location on the far side, the Aitken basin near the south pole. It is possibly the largest, deepest, and oldest impact crater on the Moon.

Chang’e 4 will also continue China’s investigation into critical questions of the distribution of water, metals, and other potential resources, including the superb fusion fuel helium-3, which is nearly absent on the Earth. Approximately 50 tons of it could power the entire United States for one year. It is thought that the far side, and possibly the Aitken basin specifically, could have higher concentrations of helium-3. Top Chinese officials have made clear their interest in developing the Moon’s helium-3 resources to power the Earth for thousands of years into the future.

The lunar far side can also open up a completely new window for viewing the universe. The Earth is a very noisy place, especially with certain lower frequencies of radio waves, making it impossible to observe the low-frequency radio sky from Earth or near Earth orbit. This is the last major, unexplored region of the electromagnetic spectrum in terms of imaging the universe, and it can uniquely be opened up from the lunar far side, where observation systems would be shielded from the Earth’s radio noise. Again, China is making the first steps towards exploiting this window by including low-frequency radio observation systems on the 2018 Chang’e 4 far side landing mission.

China’s lunar exploration program--which also includes sample returns as part of the Chang'e 5 and Chang'e 6 missions--is laying the groundwork for the fulfillment of Ehricke’s vision for the permanent development of the Moon.

Russia, long having declared its interest in a permanent lunar base, is accelerating its efforts to develop a new “super heavy-lift rocket,” capable of bringing manned missions to the Moon, something which hasn’t existed since Apollo’s Saturn V rocket. Russia’s first systems could be ready as soon as the early 2020s, and China is looking at the early 2030s for the readiness of its own super heavy-lift rocket system.

Chinese scientists are also working on a feasibility study for a manned radar station on the near side of the Moon, capable of generating high-intensity beams that can reach the Earth and be reflected back to the lunar station. This will provide unique data on Earth’s extreme weather conditions, global earthquake activity, the polar ice caps, and more.

Other plans for manned lunar development are either in the works or being discussed, including by the head of the European Space Agency. At last, under the leading efforts of China and Russia, the beginnings of Ehricke’s vision appear to be on the horizon.

As Krafft Ehricke declared, "Our work in space will change Earth's present closed world environment into an open one with access to vast space resources and other critically needed benefits that will greatly improve the lives of all people, and preserve Earth at its best--as man's home and garden for the maximum human future."

These goals, which define a common mission for the progress of all mankind, cannot be accomplished in a paradigm defined by the threat of thermonuclear war, ongoing economic breakdown, and the bestialization of human beings. Only through the forming of a new paradigm and the opening of the age of reason will we come to fully realize our truly human potential.

Mozart's Assassins Are Dead, But Mozart, Like Mankind, Is Immortal

by Dennis Speed

Mozart's Requiem is the needed antidote to the inhuman politics of the moment. Mozart, the political enemy of the dying oligarchies of Europe, and an admirer of the American Revolution, immortalized himself against the killers that poisoned him. It is said that Beethoven once referred to the Requiem as "not a mass for the dead, but for the living." The New York City Schiller Institute Community Chorus has based its advocacy of the Requiem, performed at the Verdi tuning, on precisely this hypothesis.

Although the 28 pages of the 2002 Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 were finally released this past July, the people of New York City and the United States are still traumatized. The Obama Administration's commitment to war and killing prevents any meaningful solidarity or reconciliation among citizens. "When madness rules the state, murder walks the land."

In contrast, the modest but successful assembly of numbers of citizens, non-professional singers primarily, through the Schiller Institute New York City Community Chorus, to master the principles of Mozart's Requiem, including both its study and performance, directly addresses and transcends the deepest emotions and fears that are otherwise prone to erupt in irrational violence, often not even understood by its perpetrators.

By study of Classical principles in this way, the citizen can once again find his voice, not merely as an individual, but as a constituency. Without developing this capability to educate the emotions, the citizen is incapable of self-government, no matter how strongly he or she may feel about issues.

The Manhattan Project of Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized that the return to mass-based choral singing, starting in New York City and eventually spreading nationally, is probably the only efficient way to return the voice of the American people to its citizens. Classical composers Brahms and Dvorak, as well as others earlier, including Beethoven, knew this. They sought to advance the liberating power of Classical music in the lives of recently freed citizens in Europe and the United States through the advanced techniques of Classical composition.

The Requiem of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, written in 1791, was a great moment in human discovery. During that year, prior to commencing work on the Requiem, Mozart had already written the operas La Clemenza di Tito and The Magic Flute, the String Quintet in E Flat, the Clarinet Concerto in A, two pieces for Ben Franklin's glass harmonica, and many songs. He had stated to his wife no later than October of that same year that he believed he was being poisoned.

For Mozart, however, death was swallowed up in victory. His student Sussmayer, to whom he had given meticulous instructions, as well as sketches as to how to complete the Requiem, did so. "If Mozart did not write the music, then the man who wrote it was a Mozart," Beethoven is reported to have said. The Requiem was performed at the funerals of Beethoven, Haydn and Chopin.

For the American people, and New York City in particular, however, the Requiem can today perform a special service. More than 1500 persons are being recruited to the several choruses that the Schiller Institute New York City Community Chorus has pledged itself to found and develop as a living memorial to the immortality of Mozart, as well as to those murdered on September 11, 2001, and those murdered afterwards all over the world - in drone strikes, irregular warfare, sanctions, and retaliation against people and nations that had little or nothing to do with that horrible crime.

LaRouche’s Manhattan Project, which encompasses the choral principle as well as the development of the New Presidency, centers around the true significance of the real Alexander Hamilton--not the Broadway musical Hamilton, but the Washington-Hamilton Presidency. Hamilton's four great Treasury reports did not define a set of economic measures as such. They proclaimed that the productivity of the nation must be based, not on slavery, usury, or free trade, but on the discoveries and inventions of the individual creative mind as the source of wealth, as the driver, the characteristic of all truly human physical production. A policy equivalent to Mozart’s.

Total rejection of the Broadway musical’s virtual-reality in favor of the classical Hamiltonian placement of the American political voice is necessary to achieve that which is uniquely available through the principle of Mozart’s Requiem, i.e. the creation of a new American chorus upon which our republic depends.

As with Hamilton, Mozart's triumph over his own mortality sounds the certain trumpet of humanity's true mission. Mozart's assassins are dead, but Mozart, like mankind, is immortal.