Friday Webcast, June 24, 2016

June 24, 2016

Obama's Brexit

The success of the Brexit vote is not causing the collapse of the tran-Atlantic system, it is merely the most recent expression of an on-going breakdown process. In this dangerous situation Mr. LaRouche warned that the satanic role of Obama must be called out—Obama is the dangerous chaos factor in this situation, and must be removed from office. On the other side we have Russia and China under the leadership of presidents Putin and Xi making critical steps in the creation of a new system. Tune in tonight at 8 pm eastern.


MATTHEW OGDEN:  Good afternoon!  It's June 24th, 2016. My name is Matthew Ogden, and you're joining us for our weekly LaRouchePAC Friday evening webcast. I'm joined in the studio by Ben Deniston from the LaRouchePAC Science Team; and via video, by three members of our Policy Committee: Diane Sare, from New York City; Kesha Rogers, from Houston, TX; and Rachel Brinkley, from Boston, MA.

Today is June 24th, 2016 — a very auspicious date. It's a very, very dangerous period, and we have extraordinary developments on our hands. I think it could not be more clear right now the distinction between the juxtaposition of the dead-and-dying trans-Atlantic system, centered in the European Union; and the future, of the Eurasian system. On one hand, with the complete breakdown and literal disintegration of the European system — the exit by the British from the European Union, and the complete bankruptcy which is now being exposed of the trans-Atlantic financial system. And on the other hand, the ongoing efforts by Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping to consolidate and coalesce the Eurasian Economic Union, the New Silk Road, and the entire Pacific-centered world that Lyndon LaRouche has been working towards for many decades in the form of the collaboration between the great nations of Russia, China, India, and others. The choice is very, very clear.

Earlier today we had a discussion with Mr. LaRouche. He was very emphatic to emphasize that the crash that we're now seeing in the trans-Atlantic financial system must be blamed on Obama. This is not something which can be construed as a reaction to an event, but in fact the bankruptcy of the trans-Atlantic financial system was already a reality before this [brexit] vote even occurred. This is not a reaction, he said. This is something that's much more dangerous, and much more serious, and much more deadly, especially when you consider the fact that Obama is continuing to push the world towards the brink of thermonuclear war with the emerging Eurasian system of Russia and China.

Mr. LaRouche said we're experiencing a complete change in the whole fundamental situation. Everything is now going towards a crash. And it's not because of a reaction to an event, but it was already pre-determined. Mr. LaRouche said, "We're on the edge of thermonuclear war, which under the current circumstances Putin would probably win; but Obama is insane enough to continue to push the world in that direction." He said, "Putin is currently in charge, in terms of his role being hegemonic. That was very clear by the recently concluded events in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, and then the bilateral meetings that are going to happen this weekend between Putin and Xi Jinping."

Mr. LaRouche said, "We're on the edge of something very big. You must get Obama out! It's very dangerous to have him in office under these circumstances. Our job is to calmly bring a solution to this crisis from inside of our role here in the United States, with Putin playing a key leadership role internationally. We are in a position," Mr. LaRouche said, "to enter into a phase in which a solution is possible."

Now, I want to open up the discussion; I want to invite Diane to elaborate a little bit more on the role that Obama, together with David Cameron, played in creating the circumstances that we are now observing in terms of the aftermath of the Brexit.

DIANE SARE:  Well, everyone has heard of the famous expression "the kiss of death"; and Obama delivered this in London on April 22nd when he went there for two purposes.  One was to express his firm support for Great Britain remaining in the EU; and I'm going to read his exact comments, so that there's no question on that.  And then also, to celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, whom he says is one of his favorite people — I'm reading from his remarks; and he said, "And we should be fortunate enough to reach 90, may we be as vibrant as she is. She is an astonishing person and a real jewel to the world; not just to the United Kingdom."  And in fact, that has been Mr. LaRouche's point — that the Queen of England does not see her realm as the United Kingdom; she's been trying to run a global dictatorship, and Barack Obama is one of her tools.  And like a typical malignant narcissist, Obama either intended to crash the entire system; or is blithely unaware of how despised he is.  So, at a joint press conference at 10 Downing Street with a British Prime Minister who is now resigning, David Cameron, Obama admits he said, "Yes, the Prime Minister and I discussed the upcoming referendum here on whether or not the UK should remain part of the European Union.  Let me be clear:  Ultimately, this is something that the British voters have to decide for themselves; but as part of our special relationship, part of being friends is to be honest and to let you know what I think.  And speaking honestly, the outcome of that decision is a matter of deep interest to the United States; because it affects our prospects as well.  The United States wants a strong United Kingdom as a partner, and the United Kingdom is at its best when it's helping to lead a strong Europe.  It leverages UK power to be part of the European Union."  And then he adds:  "Let me be clear.  As I wrote in the op-ed here today, I don't believe the EU moderates British influence in the world, it magnifies it.  The EU has helped to spread British values and practices across the continent.  The single market brings extraordinary benefits to the United Kingdom; and that ends up being good for America, because we're more prosperous when one of our best friends and closest allies has a strong, stable, and growing economy."

So presumably, the time between April and this referendum was enough for people to stop vomiting and make it to the polls, and vote to get out of the European Union as quickly as possible; which is what many of them did.

OGDEN:  Well, I think also, according to what Mr. LaRouche said — and this is absolutely the case — the crash was already happening.  It's a faulty view of history to say, "Well, an event happened, and therefore there was a reaction."  And Mr. LaRouche is saying, the problem is that people think in terms of reactions; one thing happens and then another thing happens.  In fact, Europe was already bankrupt.  Think about what was already happening.  You had major European banks refusing to put their money into the ECB; you had negative interest rates at the ECB, which is an unprecedented, never-before-happened event in the history of that system.  And you had a complete breakdown of the ability of both the European and the American workforce to be able to have productive jobs or anything of that means.  So, we already were in a complete bankruptcy of this entire trans-Atlantic financial system; and now today, it is more clear than ever that the New Paradigm — which is represented by Vladimir Putin's and Xi Jinping's collaboration; the combination between the Eurasian Economic Union and the New Silk Road policy of China, which is based not on an idea of rival blocs or economic competition or something like that.  It's based on the idea of a win-win collaboration.  Now's the time for the European countries and for the United States to finally reject this Obama paradigm; and say we are going to join this New Paradigm.  And many other nations in Europe could follow very closely behind Britain and leave the European Union, since it's now clear that it's a completely bankrupt institution.

KESHA ROGERS:  And Obama can follow behind Cameron and leave the United States immediately.  What you're seeing right now, as Mr. LaRouche once said, is the end of a delusion; an end of a dead system.  And the end of an era of a zero-growth paradigm; which has dominated the culture and society for far too long.  And it actually goes against the true essence of our nature and being as human beings.  And this is exactly the strategic conception of man and the fundamental understanding of human beings that Putin actually understands; and those who are taking this direction of the New Paradigm forward.  Because it's based in the identity for the future, of actually creating the future.

I just wanted to say that tomorrow, there will be several meetings, including one I'm going to be hosting here around the space program and the identity of the great mind of Krafft Ehricke.  The title of the event is going to be "Free Mankind from Terrorism and War; Embrace Krafft Ehricke's Age of Reason". I think that's where we are right now; the question is, can we bring about an age of reason by getting the population to understand that what they have accepted in terms of the policy of dictatorship and backward, degenerate culture that we have been under for the last 15 years.  Namely, with the destructive and murderous policies of 9/11, that have not to this day been brought to justice; and 9/11 never ended.  That's why Obama is continuing to get away with the murderous policies that are influencing the entire world right now.  That we haven't brought these crimes to the forefront; that we haven't brought the perpetrators of these crimes — Obama, the Saudis, the British — to justice and actually declared that we are going to join with this New Paradigm.  That's what really has to come across right now.

The conception of Krafft Ehricke is very crucial in understanding what has to be the turning point for the thinking and identity of our nation, based on its foundation around being the example of a true Renaissance culture.  When you think about the Apollo mission, and you think about what we did with the space program; and why Obama has targetted the space program.  It wasn't a matter of opinion or a budgetary question; it was a direct targetting on this potential for human progress and to continue to promote this zero-growth paradigm.  What we're seeing right now is that Russia and China are saying that this is not the direction that we will allow and have mankind to go in; we're going to actually develop and promote the true conception of what human destiny actually is.

So, what you see right now in terms of after this vote indicating the further breakdown of Europe and the trans-Atlantic system, which was already in the process on the opposite side, you have something that is completely remarkable being brought in.  Putin and Modi — the Prime Minister of India, President Xi Jinping in China, the SCO summit this weekend, and the signing of massive agreements for economic cooperation and development, including space collaboration.  The question is, where is the United States in this?  The idea that the Renaissance conception of mankind based on this identity of creating the future and restoring a moral value to society, is seen directly in what Russia and China are doing right now; and why this is a critical call to the moral of the United States to change that and to join with that direction.

RACHEL BRINKLEY:  Another important aspect is what is the solution; what are the new systems.  And the question of the space collaboration between Russia and China is not just over a few projects; this is what they emphasized over the last few days.  They're looking at two things — space travel for one, and space station collaboration for two; and also with an emphasis on health and the implications [of space] on human bodies.  So, these are big questions; these are not just, let's put a rover and test geology or something.  This is looking at how the Universe works, how the Solar System works, how the human body works; and saying that this is going to have implications on Earth in medicine, to give people a sense that this is how mankind makes advances.

This has to be in the context of the question of Alexander Hamilton, which LaRouche has emphasized, and he recently made the point that what was it that was important about Hamilton?  He said, what he did in Philadelphia, what he did in creating the Constitutional system of the United States.  He knew that it wasn't just the military victory that would enable the United States to survive; the intention of the United States was to be a system that created a better future for every single individual, not a slave system.  So, he created the inherent economics of political economy to create that better future; and that is what the discussion is right now.  This is not just Russia and China making some oil deals, or a new pipeline or something like that; it's actually above nations as such.  That's what LaRouche said about this Brexit vote; it's not just business as usual, this is not a vote on pragmatic politics.  There's something bigger acting.  People did not want war; they're tired of Obama's kill policies which have terrorized the planet through his support for ISIS, the refugee crisis out of Syria; this is clear.  So, this is something that's being called for, there's something acting which is coming from the future.

The problem with Americans is that they've lost the sense of how to think about that, about the future.  So, that's our job right now, to create that discussion and that optimism about how to do that.

BENJAMIN DENISTON:  I think that's the question now.  What can we create?  I was just reflecting on the discussion with Mr. LaRouche earlier and some of his remarks throughout the week, and I think his emphasis that you can't respond to or interpret events is really critical at a time like this.  When you're seeing these types of developments — because the Brexit vote is one example; these are not events causing the process.  These are events caused by the process; you have a breakdown process.  This is an explosive development in that context, but there's already an ongoing breakdown of the trans-Atlantic system; the cultural system as much as the monetary system, the whole political system.  Look at the British imperial ideology.

But the point is, if you're responding to the events of that process, you are still contained by that process.  How do you break free from that process?  It's a question of creativity. What are you doing to actually bring something fundamentally new to the world situation?  I think that's why what you're seeing out of Russia and China now is that; it's something new.  It's not just a response, crisis management or trying to handle it, or trying to respond to the events per se.  We're beyond that; the events per se are death, that's where this thing is going.  Be it a complete breakdown of the system, or whether it's that drive to thermonuclear war.  So the question on the table now is, what can you create?  What can you do that's fundamentally new to create a new system; to actually generate a new orientation for mankind, for leading nations, that doesn't come from a response to current events?  That comes from a new orientation to create in the future.

The coverage of this in the media — the markets responding this way or that way — it's just ridiculous.  The whole thing has been going down for years; and we've  known it.  The question now is, not who has the best spin on what mechanism caused what; that doesn't matter.  The question now is, who's actually got an insight into what the necessary future has to be?

SARE:  I just wanted to say along those lines, to really caution our viewers and anyone who's thinking that the way to think about this is not to say how do we put together this broken system; like Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall.  It's over; and only recognizing that almost every fundamental axiom that people had about economics in the trans-Atlantic was faulty.  And I do have to point out that in 1988, Mr. LaRouche called for the reunification of Germany based on his knowledge of the collapse of the Soviet Union's economy.  And he made a proposal that the West would provide food to Poland in return for early steps toward an early reunification of Germany; and exactly one year later, the Berlin Wall came down, and one year after that, Berlin was the capital again and Germany was re-unified.  And he and his wife both said at that time, the Soviet communist system has failed; but that does not mean that the free trade trans-Atlantic system is a success.  This, too, is finished; and it's end will be much larger and more catastrophic than the disintegration of the Soviet Union as we saw in '89.  So now we are truly there; and the point is for the United States to recognize what Rachel just said about Alexander Hamilton, what's embedded in our own Constitution.  That that understanding of the intent of our republic, combined with what Kesha represents in terms of the space program and a true scientific orientation, is the platform from which the United States can move to the future.

And I just want to add — because Ben had sent something out and I think Kesha, too — there's something circulating on the web of 30 gigantic projects that China is engaged in building which are changing the whole planet; these are huge infrastructure projects.  One of them is a 16-mile long suspension bridge across the Yangtze River; another is a group of nuclear power plants; and so on.  I think the most expensive any of these projects was, was something like $3.4 billion.  The bridges might have been $1 billion or $750 million or something. Think about that and think about the bail-out.  The first bail-out of AIG — and there was more than one; but the first bail-out of AIG was $80 billion.  Now, $80 billion is probably more than the sum of what was spent on all of these 30 giant projects combined.  You will also argue that this is not the same kind of dollars; just like that's the problem with the metric of what the space program generated, but I'm just using it as an example.  Because particularly in the United States and Western Europe, people have a totally insane view of what constitutes value and what is money.  And if you just look at something like this, you can see that the destruction, the degradation and collapse of the United States has absolutely nothing to with money per se; because we could have taken that $80 billion from the AIG bail-out and invested it into high speed rail, nuclear power, getting back to the Moon, any of these things.  And I think we've done a number of $80 billion [bail-outs] just for AIG, but the policy decision was not to do that.  And that's the point of the insanity; and that's what we have to change, because money itself has no intrinsic value.  Once you understand that, you can stop panicking about all the money that's going to be wiped out if everyone crashes and has their silly irrational responses, or maybe it's finally rationality setting in.  Money doesn't matter per se; the question is, what is the direction of human progress, what is the direction of humankind?  From that standpoint, we can turn on a dime; not that everything is going to be repaired instantaneously.  It'll take probably two generations for the United States to achieve a standard of living that would be appropriate for this nation.  But nonetheless, the direction could occur tomorrow; provided we do what Kesha said first at the beginning, which is that Obama is no longer in control of running the direction of this country — nor anybody who thinks like Obama.

OGDEN:  Well, I think it's very important that you brought up this question of the fictitious values at the root of this entire trans-Atlantic system; because what we're seeing in the distinction between the bankrupt collapsing system in the trans-Atlantic Europe-centered area, and then the growth in China, in Russia, in India, and in that new Eurasian system. These are not comparable types of systems; this is not one person's loss is another person's gain or something like that. These are completely two distinct species of outlook on the world; and I think that's what we're getting at here.  What we're experiencing with these crashes within the span of just a few hours, HSBC lost 10% of its stock value; Standard Charter lost 10% of its stock value; the pound was down to a 31-year low — lower than it's been since 1985.  But what is all of this?  This is just the evaporation of fictitious value.

On the other hand, you have substantial, real growth in the form of the reconstruction of the New Silk Road, the development of the vast interior Eurasian continent, the development of new transport routes, these new development corridors.  Diane, I think it's appropriate that you brought up the turning point in 1989 with the crash of the Soviet Union, because what we're experiencing now is something at least of that caliber, if not far, far greater than the caliber of 1989.  And you're right, Mr. LaRouche was clear at that point that the Soviet system was merely the first show to drop; now we're experiencing the second shoe has dropped.  This system is bankrupt.  And at that time in 1989, is when Lyndon and Helga LaRouche planted the seeds for what has now emerged as the New Paradigm, as the new Eurasian economic system.  At that time it was first — in its nascent form — the Productive Triangle; then it became what was the Eurasian Land-Bridge.  This was adopted in the form of the New Silk Road; and now this is being expanded to the World Land-Bridge.  This is a vision for a global and extraterrestrial development policy.  But Mr. LaRouche made several trips to Russia during the 1990s; several trips to India as well.  Mrs. LaRouche has travelled now multiple times to China in the last several years.  This is the center; this is Mr. LaRouche's emphasis on the impetus of leadership, the hegemonic influence at this time of the creative leadership of the leaders of these nations.  President Putin, President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Modi, and others.

DENISTON:  I think it's worth underscoring that it's still playing out, too.  We have this SCO summit going on right now, in which the heads of these nations are going to meet.  After that, Putin is going to be travelling to China for a heads-of-state meeting with Xi Jinping.  In this whole process, you're having these dialogues to solidify — and I think this is really big — solidify the Eurasian Economic Union cooperation with the New Silk Road; which I think is a huge step in these very large but regional projects moving closer to this Eurasian Land-Bridge, World Land-Bridge perspective that Lyn and Helga have defined.

So another point of emphasis that Mr. LaRouche has had over the past weeks, I think is very sobering and represents a very high level of thinking, is don't assume we know how any of this is going to play out.  This is a developing, creative process; there's a lot more things going on right now.  And we should be orienting towards not trying to assume we know how all these things are going to be finished, or what the results are going to be.  This is an ongoing, creative process right now, and this is how you have to think about it.  In the next days, as was mentioned, out of the activity we're going to be engaged in over this weekend which is very significant — both here in the United States and in Europe — that's going to be a critical escalation. But then over the next weeks also, we're just going to see a lot of important developments coming.

ROGERS:  I think it's important what Diane brought up on the point of the system of monetarism that has dominated the culture and society, that has actually set mankind backwards from what the intention of the foundation of our republic actually represented under the conception of Alexander Hamilton.  That's really what you have to look at, too, when you think about the cultural pessimism and the zero-growth paradigm that has continued to dominate for the past several decades now.  It's interesting, because people try to say that the targetting of the space program has to do with not having enough money; we just have to take these budget cuts.  And that's the same point.  How much bail-outs have we put on these various financial speculators and derivatives and so forth that we could not put into the space program?  The idea was that it was never about the fact there were not enough financial resources to put into the space program.  It was in the intention not to invest into the future. And there were many people who promoted this zero-growth paradigm that Krafft Ehricke took on directly, who stated that the space program represented too much of a "false optimism" for the population; that it actually gave the population a sense of optimism and a sense of their identity as human beings and a commitment to the future.  The empire and those promoters of zero-growth were adamant that they had to put a stop to that.  I was reading an article from back in 1963 in the New Atlantic; it was referenced in a book by Marsha Freeman — "The Conquest of Space and Stature of Man" by Hannah Arendt.  Hannah Arendt was one of these major promoters of zero-growth and backwardness; and she made the point that the fight against the space program is not that of money, but a question of man being inherently corrupt and that nothing good could come out of scientific progress.

And that's the thing right now, is that what Russia and China and this New Paradigm are promoting that only good can come out of the nature of mankind's creative mental process in terms of shaping and defining the future and creating that which has never been created before.  As we're seeing with the outcome of what China is doing with their space program.  That used to be our mission; why we went to the Moon in the first place, and why President Kennedy made the announcement that we would send a man to the Moon and bring them back before the decade was out.  It was our obligation to take on something that was fundamentally new; that's our creative nature.

That just puts the question that this monetary system has to be thrown out the window; a new system of economic value based on the real conceptions of the creative powers of the human mind has to be brought in.  And the best conception to bring that about is the space program.

BRINKLEY:  Absolutely.  And Mr. LaRouche made the point that also what do we replace this system with?  The idea has to be a Eurasian policy; and that's what you see in space, that's what you see in real economy is what are the mutual interests. Europe's only chance is to join with this policy; so Obama has explicitly prevented that.  He's called for everybody on the planet not to join with Russia and China; he tried to prevent it, whether it was Japan, Mexico, all the coups going on in South America right now — Argentina.  Puerto Rico is being destroyed and murdered by Obama and Wall Street.  LaRouche said this is also why the [brexit] vote occurred; Obama's economic policies, his defense for this doomed system is clear.  Also the question of Obama said our great ally is Great Britain, and it will be now and forever.  Well, what are we showing with the 28 pages?  Saudi Arabia did not act alone; actually this part might not be in the 28 pages, but it's in many other pages that are there to be released.  Through the BAE deal, Prince Bandar, to be found out that Great Britain might not be our greatest ally.  And Obama's defense of Britain, of Wall Street, his continual murder policy, the fact that somewhere 111-114 Americans commit suicide every day; that this is Obama's policy. He is a murderer; and he has got to be removed.  That's the fact; it's an absolutely evil intention, and he's got to be thrown out.

SARE:  I'd just like to add along those lines:  One is we are having our regular Saturday meeting here in Manhattan, although it's slightly expanded.  I will be keynoting it; and we have Jason Ross from the Science Team is here and others, to present these two views.  We also are holding a concert on Sunday afternoon, dedicated to Sylvia Olden Lee, called "In Praise of Sylvia Olden Lee", who was one of our very important collaborators in the Schiller Institute in this fight for the question of Classical beauty.  And Classical music is something which can strengthen people, which strengthens our better angels, as Abraham Lincoln might have said, to actually insure that justice is done.  And I bring these things up, because here in the US, you have this really diversionary, silly spectacle of debates about gun control and Congressmen rolling around on the floor and things like that; pretending that they're in some kind of civil rights sit-in, when here you have the murderer-in-chief — President Obama — presiding over a weekly kill session on Tuesdays, deciding who he's going to kill.  Then you had September 11th, which Rachel was alluding to, where close to 3000 Americans were killed; and justice has not been done.  And Obama — as Bush before him — is covering up for the perpetrators of othe crime and colluding with them as best we know.   And I think this is a very important flank for those people who say, "Well, it's impossible; we only have a couple more months.  In January, we have a new President anyway."  Well, just look at what's been happening in the last few weeks, to see how quickly things can change.  NATO has deployed 50,000 troops in exercises on the border of Russia.  Do you really think we should just presume that we're going to safely avoid thermonuclear war while we have a killer lunatic who is now more desperate than ever as President of the United States?  I think it's very important that people stop pretending or picking other so-called "issues" which are really non-issues; when we have a great crime which was committed 15 years ago on September 11, 2001, which has not been addressed.  By addressing this and getting to the truth of what was involved in this — the Saudi role, the British role, the Wall Street role, the FBI role, the Bush role, Obama's role; by addressing that, we have a lever by which to expel the current President from the White House and hopefully land him safely in jail where he belongs.  And to change therefore, the direction of the United States.

OGDEN:  If Obama was so interested in Britain's staying in the EU, perhaps as Kesha suggested, he could follow suit after David Cameron and announce his resignation as well.  To his credit, David Cameron has announced that he is leaving his post as Prime Minister before his term is over.

DENISTON:  Obama might be too big of a narcissist; it'll take more aggressive action for that one.

OGDEN:  But I do think that absolutely, Diane, what you just said about the events that are coming up this weekend — both in New York and then, Kesha, what you're hosting down in Texas — the emphasis has got to continue to be, what is the creative intervention that can be made to uplift the American people and to lead the American people.  That was one thing that really did stick out when we were speaking with Mr. LaRouche earlier today; that it's never enough just to have the correct analysis of events.  Our emphasis has got to be, how do we calmly bring a solution to the table that will be the solution to this crisis? And that's what you were saying, Ben, that we're in completely uncharted territory; this is an unprecedented situation in the history of mankind.  You have no idea what's going to happen tomorrow, what's going to happen the next day.  It was almost a comedy to watch how surprised all the pundits and the investors and the big masters of universe and everybody were, when they thought that they were going to sleep last night with the remain vote having come out on top.  And then they wake up this morning and lo and behold, it's the completely opposite result.  That proves to you that these guys have no idea what they're doing.

Diane, you brought this up in the webcast last week.  Why would you give anybody any credit, when they had no idea that the Crash of 2008 was right around the corner?  Why would you put your trust in these people?  So, you have a completely unprecedented situation.  The rise of the Eurasian system is not something which is a fait accompli; this is what's driving the directionality of the possibility of a thermonuclear war breaking out.  Granted, the support for the sanctions and for the NATO maneuvers in Europe is now becoming increasingly less strong; but that doesn't mean that you're by any means guaranteed that we can avoid a fate such as that.  So, it's decisive action and it's creative leadership in the case of what we are able to provide; and Mr. LaRouche was clear that it's the unique capability of the members of this Policy Committee to provide that kind of leadership within the United States.

So again, I just want to emphasize the importance of these two events that we have coming up this weekend.  So, I think with that said, you can watch for coverage of those events as they are broadcast.  The regular Saturday meeting will be live, available on the LaRouche PAC website tomorrow for Manhattan; and we encourage you to participate in that in person if you are in the area, as well as the events in Texas.  And please stay tuned to as things rapidly change.

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