LPAC Policy Committee Show, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

LPAC Policy Committee, June 13, 2016

Tune in live at 1 pm eastern for our weekly Policy Committee discussion. Today Lyndon LaRouche declared that Obama and British empire are fully responsible for the horrific terrorist attack in Florida. It has been a decades long, British policy to create these terrorist, irregular warfare operations—the exact apparatus which ran 9/11—and it has been Obama's policy to cover-up, protect, and support this operation. There is no longer any choice, Obama must be removed, or this process could rapidly escalate to global thermonuclear war.


Matthew OGDEN: Good afternoon, it's June 13, 2016; my name is Matthew Ogden, and you're watching the weekly discussion with with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee.  I'm joined via video by Ben Deniston and Jason Ross from the LaRouche PAC Science Team, and joining us via video are the members of our Policy Committee: We have Bill Roberts, from Detroit, Michigan; Dave Christie, from Seattle, Washington; Diane Sare from New Jersey; Kesha Rogers, from Houston, Texas; Michael Steger from San Francisco, California; and Rachel Brinkley from Boston, Massachusetts.

Now, the people participating in the discussion here this afternoon, just had the occasion a few minutes ago to have a rather extensive discussion with Mr. Lyndon LaRouche.  And in the context of the horrific mass shootings that occurred in Orlando, Florida over the weekend, the largest in U.S. history, what is now clearly being identified as a terrorist attack, Mr. LaRouche was very clear that we must warn, very, very starkly, that we are on the edge of a general, global war if Obama's policies internationally are allowed to continue; and that Obama must not be let off the hook, in terms of his role in being obedient to the British policy of international war and the British policy of irregular warfare more generally.

The way that that is very clearly seen, and in a way that should make Americans' blood boil, is the fact that today, President Obama is meeting with Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, in the context of the wake of these terrorist shootings that happened over the weekend.  At the same time, CIA Director John Brennan is being deployed to exonerate the role that the Saudis have played and continue to play in financing and supporting terrorism internationally, and really, this is a situation in which the blood is on the hands of anybody who is continuing to refuse, to release the 28 pages from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, that very clearly identifies the logistical support apparatus that was put in place by not only the Saudi government inside the United States, but also the collaboration between the Saudi Kingdom and the British Monarchy in what has become now known as the "Al Yamamah deal."

As former Sen. Bob Graham has been very clear to say, repeatedly, over and over again, including notably in a press conference that occurred on Capitol Hill, on Jan. 7, 2015, the day of the horrible Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, France, and continued to say repeatedly since then:  As long as the logistical support network was not dismantled following 9/11, the United States is vulnerable to an attack like this again. [See EIR, Jan. 9, 2015 "Stop London-Saudi Terror: Declassify the 28 Pages of the 9/11 Report," http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2015/4203pr-conf_ declassify_28.html]

And it's very clear, that many things are emanating from the same, at least geographical regions:  you have the San Bernardino shootings in southern California; you had the fact that the attacker in Orlando, and his father, were originating from the southern California area; a lot of the material which is reported to be contained in the 28 pages, traces out the role that that the Saudi consul and other people alleged to be agents of the Saudi Royal Family played in southern California, to support the hijacker cell there.  Not to mention the fact that there's the Sarasota connection also; this is the entire Florida connection which was covered up by the FBI, in 80,000 pages of documents that they initially refused to admit even existed.

So, as Mr. LaRouche stressed in discussions early with Paul Gallagher and others, the Al Yamamah deal is identified as the funds that were used by Prince Bandar in his role in providing the financial support network for means to that cell in southern California.  And we must force this evidence to come out.  That is the Anglo-Saudi role which is yet to be dismantled, and we can see the effects:  We can see the horrible and tragic effects, of the fact that this has not yet, to this day, been shut down.

So that was our discussion in brief, and there's a lot more than can be added and I'm just going to open the floor to the different members of the Policy Committee here, in order to fill out this discussion more, and to follow it through.

DIANE SARE: Well, speaking from near Manhattan, really like to underscore what you said first of all about the fact that we have not had justice, we have not had the truth about what occurred on sept. 11th, 2001.  And instead, what you had is a real, criminal apology for Obama, that is, all of the Democratic Presidential candidates are trying to ride on his bandwagon -- claiming there's an economic recovery!  The guy is  a criminal, he's a killer, it is the case that when Obama first became President, his first trip was to London to meet with the Queen, and then he went from there to Saudi Arabia.  Now, that he's near the end of his term, he traveled to Saudi Arabia, and went to London! And as Matt said, had this meeting with Prince Salman this afternoon.

I'm aware that Donald Trump has made comments to the effect that Obama and Hillary should resign or quit.  Trump is irrelevant in this case, because he's not identifying the causes of this, which is the British Empire and the Saudi-British Al Yamamah deal, and Obama as a perpetrator.  That is, Obama is not just running cover. Obama is a perpetrator of this murder; he himself has weekly meetings on Tuesday s to decide who he's killing with drones.  It's a trait he picked up from his killer stepfather in Indonesia.

Hillary Clinton is similar is complicit in these crimes, as she decided to go along with be a servant of Obama in her role as Secretary of State.  But I think that the American people and the Members of Congress have really got to look inside themselves and answer the question, "what are you afraid of?"  You're afraid of the wrong thing.  You're afraid that someone's going to call you a conspiracy theorist or an extremist, all the names that they've tried to hurl at Lyndon LaRouche and others over these years, particularly Mr. LaRouche, who have told the truth.  And in reality what you should be afraid of, is that if this is not stopped, we're all going to be dead.

BENJAMIN DENISTON:  I mean, you mentioned it Matt, and I think for some of our viewers, the Al Yamamah deal behind this whole thing, goes to the heart of it, and Lyn underscored that in discussions today and yesterday.  This goes back to the '80s as a key deal between Bandar himself, personally, through a handshake with Margaret Thatcher, made this deal for this weapons-for-oil deal, involving the British company BAE Systems.  Which was then the basis for this massive slush fund, which has been openly admitted to be being used to finance and create this whole radical, Islamic terrorist apparatus, as a political weapon; and this was stated explicitly by Bandar's own close associate, William Simpson, in his biography of Bandar.  Where he says, the Al Yamamah deal was a British and Saudi political objective.  It wasn't just for trading oil and weapons, but it was for creating funds to then finance the mujahideen, explicitly, in Afghanistan; and other radical sects.

And then, lo and behold, what do we see coming out of 9/11? Bandar, the person who received direct funds through this Al Yamamah deal, directly financing these hijackers, through some intermediaries in southern California, with Al Yamamah money.  So this has been a British-Saudi geopolitical operation for decades, to create and run these so-called terrorist operations for this perpetual warfare policy.  And I think that these critical, because Mr. LaRouche's stark warning today, was this could head towards thermonuclear war, this could head toward global war. It's not just about some terrorist operation in and of itself, or some radical Islamic operation:  this has been a British geopolitical front operation, used to push their policy, and used to continue this perpetual war policy, which is most emphatically now aimed at Russia and China.

And I think this also goes to what Mr. LaRouche was doing extensively in the late '90s in terms of his resonance with the Putin administration in terms of combatting this Islamic fundamentalist operations being targetted at Russia's borders at that time, then.

So if you don't see it from this global, British, geopolitical view, you're not going to get the real picture of what's going on.  And Mr. LaRouche didn't say we have to worry about just another terrorist attack, or just a simple response to this, but this could escalate to global thermonuclear confrontation; that's what's on the table right now.  that's the whole game behind this thing.  And if people don't recognize that and don't take the necessary steps, which is get Obama out! What more do you need?  The guy is actively, not only covering up, but in effect facilitating the continued development, and operation of this apparatus that was used to murder 3,000-plus Americans, and continue such operations around the world, and now come back here, again.  So there's no excuse at this point:  this guy has to go!  He has to go for what he's done, and he has to go for what's going to happen if people are too cowardly to take the actions needed to remove somebody who is the most criminal President we've had, potentially in our history at this point.

So I think the marching orders that were laid out were absolutely clear; I think the challenge is, do the American people have it in them to take the actions to do what's needed at this point?

Kesha ROGERS:  Yes, and that's the clear point that Mr. LaRouche made in discussion with us, that people have to respond to the facts, to the reality and the truth, as Diane said, that has not been released yet, more so that has not been given to the population.  And it goes deeper than 28 pages, but the fact of the matter is, is that we are headed to a global showdown of thermonuclear annihilation.  And Mr. LaRouche made the point that, as you just said, if people have the guts and will to stop this, we can stop it.  The question is whether or not people are going to actually do what's necessary to save the human race, and that means that Obama has to be removed now.

And this question of the British role, that once and for all, we have to bring an end to this imperial policy of the British Empire, whose system is completely bankrupt and collapsing.  There are many facts, and many subjects coming out on the indications which led up to the attacks in Florida.  But this is not just a single issue here; this has been a building up for many years of a major crisis; which now, the crisis point is coming to a total breaking period.  It goes to show that, one, the company that the shooter worked with is directly British affiliated.  It shouldn't be anything surprising to people.  One of the largest security companies, multinational security service companies in the world, right out of London.

But LaRouche has been absolutely right on this: That this is not just a nitpicking, but that you have to get to the core of the British-Saudi role in these terror operations, and funding; and secondly, why it is that people have continued to allow for the cover-up of this, and are we going to continue to allow this to happen, at the risk of the entire planet and human lives throughout the entire planet.  And so, it's not just bickering between one or two nations, but that this is something that people really have to address, and take seriously.

Dave CHRISTIE:  I think going back to 1971, because the modern form of the British Empire as Lyndon LaRouche has called out back in 1971, that this would lead to fascism, when they broke with the fixed-exchange rates and brought in the new financial system which  -- a certain underpinning of it was this oil artificially, the use of the so-called petrodollar as some call it, but really, the U.S. dollar became the British imperial dollar under that system.  And that was the beginning of the creation of this massive, speculative operation, the casino economy.

And the use of this mercenary operation  that was set up with the Al Yamamah deal, really was all through not just the offshore banking system, but was also integrated with the international drug trade and so on and so forth. We identified this around the Dope, Inc.  But that system is now coming down.

Now, if the British had gotten their way, that wouldn't be a big deal.  If Russia had submitted during the '90s, if China has remained simply an exporter, and didn't develop an internal economy, or infrastructure, or advanced scientific capability like we see with their space program; if India had remains a virtual surrogate to the British Empire colonial system, then there wouldn't be a need for this war.  All of these nations would have already been crushed, and the British would have got what they wanted which was global depopulation.

However, because of these nations moving on the initiative of Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche around the Silk Road and everything we see around the BRICS and the so-called new paradigm, that's now established a new sense of value, where this casino economy, brought in 1971 and backed up by these military operations, these mercenary operations, the fact that the new paradigm exists, calls out the fraud of this old system.  And that I think increases the rate of desperation of the British to launch this war, because they see that their system is crumbling in the middle of a new paradigm emerging.

So I think we have to see that the bringing in of Al Yamamah and all that operation was to back up, this rotten financial system that is now crumbling.

SARE:  I want to add one this, which is that what you're saying is that the role of Putin in this last period has really been a very bright spot for humanity on the planet.  It was Putin who announced, not even a year ago, in September 2015, at the UN General Assembly, that he was forming an anti-ISIS coalition. And Russia has been asking the United States to collaborate in eradicating ISIS.  But rather than eradicating ISIS, we are working with NATO to put 50,000 troops in exercises on the border of Russia.  Americans will probably remember, that the Russians warned the FBI, the notorious organization the FBI, of the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston, before the Boston Marathon bombing. It's a question: Did Russia warn us about this character Omar Mateen?  We don't know.  What we do know is that the FBI is completely untrustworthy; that they have covered up, they lied about the Sarasota, Florida case of this Saudi family in the gated community who had as guests several of the hijackers on 9/11, and the FBI claimed they had no files; and then later it turns out they had 80,000 pages.

It was an FBI informant who was involved in trying to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993.  So the idea that we go around acting as though the FBI has any authority in this.  Frankly the leadership of the FBI should probably be behind bars, and anyone in there who wants to do any good should join some other law enforcement agency.

But I think also the fact that we have rejected, or my understanding is perhaps that there's now a division, between the Department of Defense, where I can imagine our military forces on the ground are very interested in crushing ISIS; but the CIA is run by Saudi apologist John Brennan who thinks we should continue collaborating with these terrorists.

So we have an offer from Putin, from the Russians for a real collaboration to crush this evil, and the American population should also know that, that there is a way out of this, which will not be made available to us until Obama is driven from the White House.

OGDEN:  Right.  And Putin has a proven track record on that, obviously.  Going back to the second Chechen War, when Putin first became President, at the end of 1999; and then also the operations to liberate Palmyra and other operations in Syria against ISIS.  But also obviously, this goes back to the Al Yamamah deal in the 1980s:  It was explicitly stated in that book by Simpson, The Prince about Bandar, that these funds were used to finance the mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union.  So it's a very clear history, that this has been used  to target Russia for decades and Putin is very clear on that point.

So exactly what you said, Diane. At the time when we should be working with Putin and with Russia in what he called a revival of the great World War II alliance, at that time, it was used to defeat fascism, now it can be used to defeat terrorism.  Now, rather, we have one of the largest, live action military war games taking place, on Russia's borders, with NATO troops, all the way from the Baltic states, to Poland, and on down:  Which in and of itself, is threatening the outbreak of thermonuclear war.

Michael STEGER:  It's worth restating the fact that what this attack demonstrates is that we're at an imminent point of collapse of the trans-Atlantic system of trans-Atlantic society, of its imminent destruction.  That this society no longer can continue without a certain level of decisive actions at a higher level of leadership, and if that system goes, if this trans-Atlantic system goes, in the direction that it's currently going, then you see the destruction of the planet.  Because there's no way that mankind can survive the violent collapse of the trans-Atlantic system under this kind of failed leadership. And you see there is no leadership right now in the United States, except for what Lyn has done, that is sufficient.  The actions on the 28 pages have been insufficient, so far!  Why? Because these attacks continue to happen.  One more life has been lost; 50 lives, how many more lives will be lost?

So it's a question now of recognizing, that it's not just the terror question, it's the financial system, it's the cultural collapse, it's the breakdown in physical economy; you have this war mobilization.  Gerhard Schröder, the former chancellor of Germany, just came out and said, that it's not necessarily a good way of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Russia by deploying German leadership to lead the largest deployment of troops on Russia's borders, 75 years later, which is June 22nd.

So there has to be some level of decisive action, and when people are taking a level of a response, or reaction to these types of events, which largely look to mollify certain people's concerns, or to excuse their own sense of guilt, but yet are insufficient to address the real problem, they are complicit in the destruction of civilization, and that's what people have to recognize at this point.  Because this is a controlled operation. This entire attack is orchestrated!  The facts have already been presented.  The FBI, the British involvement, Obama's complicity, this thing is there! It's clear!  So when will a level of decisive leadership be taken, to address this kind of breakdown of the trans-Atlantic culture?

The British Monarchy is an archaic institution that can just be thrown out, but you have to have a fundamental change. And the people in the United States who have some sense of responsibility for this, have to recognize that their actions up till now have been completely insufficient.  We have to reorganize the entire trans-Atlantic system; the means of doing that are clear; and the orientation towards collaboration with the nations of Eurasia, like Russia, China and China, are explicit:  Just this past week, former ambassador to the United States from India, made it very clear:  India's not so concerned about the South China Sea. They're concerned about what's to the west of India, they're not concerned about Shi'ism, they're concerned about Wahhabism: That's Saudi Arabia, that's the British orchestration of terrorism globally.

There is collaborative partners in Russia, China and India, on these questions, on the terrorism, and on the economic development program, and that has to be the orientation and it has to be it now, and only that, towards something like space exploration collaboration is sufficient:  Everything else is pale.  And we're seeing the destruction of civilization because of this.

CHRISTIE:  Yeah, Mike. I think that's important, because you think what the Indians were saying, we're worried about the Wahhabites; similarly Ban Ki-Moon coming out saying, these guys, the Saudis threatened us after we put them on this list of shame list of having children killed in their in Yemen.  Similarly, the fact that Germany is now had that broadcast of the Bob Graham interview [on ARD-TV's "Monitor" program] on the 28 pages.  This at least gives a recognition of this as a global phenomenon, in other words what happened on September 11th, is in no way some sort of issue of Saudi Arabia attacking the United States.  On the one hand, that did happen, but it's the British Empire who controls Saudi Arabia, that's running this operation, and if there are going to moves to bring that down, that's not a domestic U.S. issue. That is a global issue, and the fact that you're getting more and more people internationally at least pointing a finger, whether they get the full perspective or not -- I guarantee Putin does!  And to the degree that people understand, or come into coherence of what it actually means to take down this Saudi thing, is really to take down the British Empire.  And I think that has to be brought into a greater level of coherence internationally.

BILL ROBERTS:  You know I think that's completely right. Because you take the fact that within the last two weeks, you've had members of Congress, discussing directly, the factor of the British-Saudi complete marriage at the hip concerning anything that the Saudis want to do, that the British sign off on that  -- one.  But if you just go back, this question of Lyndon LaRouche, in his vision, after he came out of prison, for what the replacement was going to be for this financial system, which he explicitly said in several trips that he made to Russia, that it is the question of the nation-states that this system is going to be based the emerging nation-states of Eurasia creating a common security zone, and based on the physical economic development of the world, replacing a speculative system; I mean, what you can really see is that, as Lyn also pointed out in this Storm Over Asia presentation in 1999, that these operations were being created, mercenary jihadists, to disrupt these nation-states, and that this would lead to a war that many Americans would not expect that they would see on their territory.

You can also think about Lyn's role in that capacity, in his various trips to Russia and Eurasia, in the context of Bill Clinton's impeachment at that time, which happened right in the context of the collapse of LTCM [Long Term Credit Management] and the increasing discussion within Russia of Lyn's ideas.

So it really has been one, continuous process, from then through 9/11 and the shifting of our policy toward a British-vectored policy.

But I think, Dave, you're completely right:  What is really at issue here, of completely disrupting and bringing down the British Empire, is being on the verge of a complete recognition that Lyndon LaRouche has been right about this entire process, all along: That it is the British, and that the question on the table absolutely is, British geopolitics, versus the capability for nations to function.

ROGERS:  I think you're absolutely right, and the point is, as Michael said, this is controlled operation.  What you're saying about Lyndon LaRouche's intervention in this process is extremely important, because this has been a controlled operation since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, that people still have not actually gotten to the truth of the matter in terms of Kennedy.  But the controlled operation came about with Nixon and the dismantling of President Franklin Roosevelt's Bretton Woods policy.  That LaRouche actually warned about!

And so now, this has completely escalated to the point of no return, because people have allowed the criminality and the murderous policy of the FBI to continue, the scare tactics of the FBI, over our population and our institutions of government to continue to control them.  And as Michael said, the optimism that is required to win this fight against the empire, that's what's being attacked right now; that's what's under attack, particularly with the attack by Obama on the space program.  And these things are not separate:  Because some members here went to an event with Congressman Culberson, and his response to collaborating with China, of course, he's the key member who is in opposition on the Science Committee in the Congress, and in opposition to working with China, when this is the most positive thing -- Russia and China, U.S. collaboration, that we could be doing.  And he blatantly said that the FBI told him that China is our enemy and that they're involved in cyber war, and they're stealing our materials and we shouldn't be working with them, in a public meeting, that he had had private discussions with the FBI.

But I'm saying this in the context that this is what's driving the fear and gutlessness and which has gotten us to the brink of a war of annihilation against the human species. Because for the past many decades now, since the attack on our nation with the murder of one of the greatest Presidents, John F. Kennedy, and then those leaders also in that era with him, we have allowed such criminality to happen.  And now you've gotten to the point where you've got this mass killer in the White House named Obama, who has to be removed, because he's continuing that trajectory that killed the optimism in our nation which Kennedy represented.

Jason ROSS: You see the necessity of that space outlook for providing that idea of what it is to be a human being, a real conception of a human identity; but also it's tied to economics. The discussion in the  Presidential debates, it's inane overall, there's no discussion of a space program, it's terrible.  But also the fact that people are able to resonate on economic non-issues as those they're important or pivotal, like the level the minimum wage should be set at, or something like this. Instead of taking on the real question of what's the economy in which you're a part?  What's the economy doing as a whole?  How many jobs would be created and how much would they pay, for example, if we were acting in the way that LaRouche had been proposing:  If we built a high-speed rail network?  If we were really moving forward in our space program?  And the kinds of advances that that would require?  If we building the 1,000 needed power plants around the country at present, what kind of effect would that have, and how would thinking about that change the idea of economics that people have in their minds?

Because this is something that -- you know, the killing of Kennedy and his economic policy, his outlook, his space outlook, where we went to the Moon, but then, the program was really already being cut before we got there, after Kennedy's death.

And also the longer-term cultural trend of a lack of identity of what it is to be human, where you're surrounded by an ugly culture!  You know, Obama's the murderer in the White House; you've also got people spending their free time murdering each other for fun.  Or  listening to music about murdering other people.

Or even if it's not negative in that sense, just the general banality and inanity of popular entertainments, as opposed to what really could be the culture of a society that's oriented around long-term and major goals, rather than some sort of environmentalist outlook that we're a plague on the planet anyway; and before you know it, you might be thinking like Prince Philip, that a nuclear war would at least reduce the world's population down to a manageable level, or the kinds of things that he thinks.

And so, on that in particular, the fact that NASA is not allowed to work with China, on manned space exploration, that's an example of a really insane policy that prevents collaboration on this greatest of endeavors with the nation that's really doing it right now!  That's gone to the Moon recently, it's going to the far side of the Moon.  And when you contrast the potential that that represents,  as it's being moved forward right now by the BRICS nations, by the outlook that the LaRouches have been championing for decades, it makes it all the more  -- cynical is not even really the right word; Diane had brought up how the FBI has no credibility.  Here's an agency tasked with preventing these crimes in the United States, and there are more likely giving people fake bombs so they can attack something and then arresting them, or not actually solving real crimes;  think of the cynicism regarding military policy.  Oh, we need to have a safe world, we need to prevent against Russian aggression, we need to prevent against Chinese aggression, creating conflict around these nations that should be our allies, while completely, not turning a blind eye, but opposing getting the truth on Saudi Arabia and Britain!  And without looking at the role of the British Empire as a real institution today, you can't make sense of world politics.

People try to think about warfare for its own sake, or selling weapons to make money for a contract, or something.  And it makes it possible to miss that Zeussian outlook of the British Empire, that, if this system is going to be superseded, better to end the world than allow that to happen.  Better to run the risk of thermonuclear extinction, than allow a different policy to become dominant in the world.

And the stakes are very high, and unravelling the truth on these 28 pages, on the Saudis, on Britain, provides an opportunity to get the whole story out there, and take it on! And understand it, culturally!  And understand what the opposition to it should be.

DENISTON:  Yeah, I think the linchpin is Obama.  Obama has to go.  Who's the British stooge right now that has the greatest ability to enact their policy?  You've got Obama in the White House currently, with his control over the thermonuclear arsenal, with control of the FBI, everything we're talking about here; but this falls on Obama.  And I thought Lyn's marching orders were very clear, and it's a real challenge to our audience and to our supporters and to the American people right now, this is a major escalation in this whole process we're describing.  This is a major escalation, this is taking us to the brink of complete annihilation, under this policy if you let Obama continue to reign.  And do the American people have the guts, have the ability to throw this guy out of office?  I think that's the issue at this point: This all comes down on Obama.  He's been defending, protecting, facilitating this entire process.  He's the President of the United States, are you going to let this stooge continue to run this policy, or are you going to take the country back?  I think that's the key linchpin issue on this situation right now.  Obama is a killer, we've known he's a killer, he was put in as a killer to push this policy through. Are you going to get him out?  Are you going to remove this guy through the constitutional means, through just cause for the crimes he's committed, and the threat he represents to global civilization at that point?

And I think we have a challenge to the American people that we need to deliver, that needs to be acted upon.  I think it's completely clear:  This guy has to go.

SARE:  You know, in very stark contrast to Obama, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was in the United States last week and he addressed a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress.  And I think many of these representatives actually were blown away by his stature and his dignity, that he opened his remarks by referring to Abraham Lincoln, and he also talked about Gandhi as the model for Martin Luther King; but then he spoke about India's development plans for 2022, including building 800 new cities and 21 rail corridors.  And then you saw these pictures in the New York Times but they didn't appropriately convey the content of Modi's speech, of all these completely excited congressmen running up to Modi to get his autograph.

So I'm raising this because I think part of the way this brainwashing occurs is that the population of the United States has gotten so beaten down by the economic collapse, the disgusting culture, the fact that they have to 85 hours a week to not be able to pay their bills; and the children are left attended so they get to watch videogames, or have heroin overdoses and things like that... I mean, the point is we don't have to be living like this!  And what we see, when we look at what Putin is doing, what Xi Jinping is doing, what Modi is doing, what's happened in Egypt, is there's an entirely different paradigm which is the birthright of every single human being on this planet today.

And therefore, the consequences of people deciding to stand up on both legs, and opposed to all fours, and actually go against the grain, go against popular opinion, denounce Obama for what he is, that the future potentially could be very bright. And that is also why the British and Obama are so very desperate: Putin has demonstrated, along with China, at their VJ-Day Parade, the phenomenal effectiveness of their weapons systems.  What was done by Russia in defeating ISIS was at fraction of the cost of what the United States has spent on these things.  Since we've shut down out space program a lot of the so-called wunderwaffen or whatever, that we're developing that don't even work, so that at best, what you have, you have a bluff!  But it's not simply a bluff, because if we keep playing this way, and Russia and China will be obligated to respond, and therefore, you get thermonuclear war.

And I think it's important that the people of the United States really get this, and that the Members of the Congress stop being such compromised pack of cowards, because we can turn this on a dime.  Or, as Mr. LaRouche said some weeks ago, "the flick of a wrist." This could be changed very rapidly, in a completely different direction, if the truth would be told and this criminal President that we have right now occupying the White House, put in an appropriate location, like behind bars, or in a mental hospital.

Rachel BRINKLEY:  Right.  Just to reiterate, LaRouche has made the clear point we've discussed today.  We know what to do. Obama has demonstrated himself to be a witting agent of the British.  The killing will continue, the war is happening now. We saw in 9/11 for example, what happens when a nation does not take the necessary actions.  LaRouche was advising the U.S. intelligentsia at that time, after the attack, of what to do, they did not listen, and we've been in terror since then. And this pattern since then, going back much longer, to the BAE British-Saudi deal.

But the point is is that there is a clear pathway what to do, and it's been discussed today:  That Obama has got to be removed.  This war is not going to wait until January:  this is happening now, as we speak.  And we have the facts, we have to force this out. The question of Obama and the Saudi-British operation is all there.  The question is, is will we act?

CHRISTIE:  Yeah, Lyn did say today earlier that the alarm has got to be gotten out, that this no longer speculative, this is active, in terms of this war push.  So I think there's probably a certain aspect of that, that is at least the wall's potentially closing in around Obama, and obviously that's the intention by Putin and that's what's moving.

But on the other side, as we've somewhat discussed, in the course of things, if you look at the quality of the commitment by Russia, China, India, perhaps China most especially, that they are committed.  The space program is probably the best example of it, this mission to the far side of the Moon, something we haven't put under the spotlight recently, but the commitment to the fusion program which is really what their Moon program ultimately will be about is the helium-3 question and the use of that as fuel for fusion.

So they have made this commitment and they are moving forward on that commitment and that is the death knell of the British which puts the war footing on such an intense mode, which Lyn is saying:  Get the alarm out!  This isn't speculative, this is active right now!

OGDEN:  OK. I think what was said here today was very clearly stated.  A written statement containing Mr. LaRouche's remarks from earlier today is being drafted and it will be circulated as soon as that is finalized.  And I would just ask people to please stay tuned to the LaRouche PAC website:  We will be getting that out to you as soon as that's available.

So I know that we'll have a mobilization around the country, around sounding this alarm and getting this statement out.  And I would just like to thank all of you for joining me here, today. I don't know if there's anything else to be added before I close this show.  But I think I would take this as the conclusion.

So, thank you very much everybody, and please stay tuned to larouchepac.com.



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