Russia Continues Asymmetric Response to Obama War Drive: Test Fires Iskander Missile

April 19, 2016

Both Russia and China continue to make it clear that they will not sit idly by while they are strategically threatened by Obama and NATO war provocations, and that they will instead respond asymmetrically if the threats do not cease. Over the course of last week, in addition to their highly-visible interception of the USS Donald Cook and a U.S. spy plane in the Baltic region, Russia also test-fired a nuclear-capable Iskander tactical missile system on April 15.

According to Tass, the Iskander was fired from the Kapustin Yar practice range inside Russia, flew a ballistic trajectory to 40-50 km altitude, and struck its target at 200 km distance. According to a press statement from the Central Military District, "the missile, that incorporates reduced signature technology, was not detected by a simulated enemy's electronic warfare means, and successfully hit the target." In other words, Russia is devising systems to neutralize Obama's provocative anti-ballistic system (including the sea-based Aegis system used by the USS Donald Cook), as they have repeatedly warned they would do.