Obama Backs Soros and the Dope Lobby on Legal Marijuana

March 22, 2016

With the Obama Administration's Solicitor General defending legalized marijuana in an Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) brief, the Supreme Court today dismissed a lawsuit by Nebraska and Oklahoma against neighbor Colorado's law that legalized marijuana. Nebraska and Oklahoma made a strong case that a flood of marijuana grown and/or sold in Colorado was overwhelming law enforcement in their states, creating a danger to the public, especially to young drug users.

The Obama Admnistration's amicus brief says that Nebraska and Oklahoma have not “sufficiently alleged that Colorado has inflicted the sort of direct injury to their sovereign interests” that warrants a direct case before the Supreme Court (a seldom used measure that allows a state to bring a suit against another state directly to the Supreme Court), because they have only “alleged that third-party lawbreakers” are responsible for the drug trafficking.

However, Nebraska and Oklahoma included allegations that the law enforcement and political authorities of Colorado have been grossly lax in trying to stop the flow of drugs over its state borders into the other states.

The Drug Policy Alliance, a George Soros-funded operation, was gleeful over the Supreme Court decision, stating, “The refusal to hear this case is a big win for our movement, and another step towards ending the prohibition of marijuana for good.” The dopers also ask for for a “generous tax-deductible contribution” to help legalize marijuana throughout the U.S.A.