Stop Hiding the Disaster - Face It and Take Responsibility

March 21, 2016
Former Packard automobile-manufacturing factory in Detroit, Michigan. At the time of its construction, it was the most modern automobile facility in the world.

The collapse of the financial system can no longer be hidden from the populations of Europe and the US. The bankers have panicked — expanding QE money printing, negative interest rates, banks buying their own stock to maintain an appearance of solvency, and talk of "helicopter money," as if money was the problem. It is not about money, but about the collapse of the real economy. The suicide rate among formerly employed skilled workers is not about money - it is that they have been pushed aside by a satanic policy which cares only about money, not human beings.

And yet most people accept it, out of fear — fear that the FBI and the NSA will "catch them" if they speak out, if they speak about the obvious reality. The US and Europe are declining, dying, while China and Russia are growing, placing value on their populations and the populations of the world, going to space while Obama shuts down NASA, building railroads around the world while Obama shuts them down, expanding education while Obama legalizes drugs.

The death of America's culture is no better expressed than by the fact that the Obama Administration presented a "Friend of the Court" brief in a case brought by Colorado's neighboring states to stop Colorado's legalization of marijuana, which is making it impossible to contain the drugs flowing over the border. The largest heroin epidemic in American history, which is now affecting every single county in the nation, stems directly from the legalization of drug trafficking —since the pot networks are the same as those spreading heroin and cocaine. Drug pusher George Soros was delighted when the Supreme Court today went along with Obama's drug pushing and refused to hear the case against Colorado's drug policy.

The head of India's central bank, Raghuram Rajan, today warned that the world is in an "increasingly dangerous situation" from the actions of western bankers' printing of money while their physical economies collapse. Rajan argued,

The international community has a choice. We can pretend all is well with the global monetary non-system and hope that nothing goes spectacularly wrong. Or we can start building a system fit for the integrated world of the 21st century.

In the eyes of Wall Street and the City of London, who know full well that their financial empire is crumbling, the only answer is war, to break up the "threat" to their power from China and the BRICS nations. Thus the populations of the US and Europe are force-fed a daily dose of hysteria about "Russian aggression" and "Chinese aggression," desperately trying to keep the population from seeing the reality of the new paradigm based on science, development and human progress centered in China and Russia. Even while Americans hate their president and are disgusted by the clown show called the presidential election, they fail to understand why 80% of the Russian people support Vladimir Putin and over 90% of the Chinese support Xi Jinping.

There is a reason. It is based on giving the population a sense of a future, in a mission which encompasses progress for all of mankind — a vision which was once known as the American System. It must be revived in the West, to replace the dead system of money and the dying culture. Every citizen not only has a stake in that mission, but has a responsibility to bring it about.



Obama Backs Soros and the Dope Lobby on Legal Marijuana

With the Obama Administration's Solicitor General defending legalized marijuana in an Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) brief, the Supreme Court today dismissed a lawsuit by Nebraska and Oklahoma against neighbor Colorado's law that legalized marijuana. Nebraska and Oklahoma made a strong case that a flood of marijuana grown and/or sold in Colorado was overwhelming law enforcement in their states, creating a danger to the public, especially to young drug users.

The Obama Admnistration's amicus brief says that Nebraska and Oklahoma have not “sufficiently alleged that Colorado has inflicted the sort of direct injury to their sovereign interests” that warrants a direct case before the Supreme Court (a seldom used measure that allows a state to bring a suit against another state directly to the Supreme Court), because they have only “alleged that third-party lawbreakers” are responsible for the drug trafficking.

However, Nebraska and Oklahoma included allegations that the law enforcement and political authorities of Colorado have been grossly lax in trying to stop the flow of drugs over its state borders into the other states.

The Drug Policy Alliance, a George Soros-funded operation, was gleeful over the Supreme Court decision, stating, “The refusal to hear this case is a big win for our movement, and another step towards ending the prohibition of marijuana for good.” The dopers also ask for for a “generous tax-deductible contribution” to help legalize marijuana throughout the U.S.A.

'Belt and Road Is Made for Caterpillar,' Says Company President

Douglas R. Oberhelman, Chairman and CEO of Caterpillar Inc., extolled the benefits of President Xi's New Silk Road, for his company, in an interview on CCTV America Monday. "The Belt and Road [is] made for Caterpillar," he said. Pointing out that Caterpillar had participated in building the Three Gorges Dam, Oberhelman said that not only are Caterpillar heavy machines needed in construction all along the Belt and Road, but also other CAT products and services.

Caterpillar, headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, is the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, as well as other lines, including farm machinery and diesel and gas engines, and diesel-electric locomotives. In recent years, sales have plunged—especially in the oil, gas, and resources sector, led by the collapse of the Transatlantic economy. Since December 2012, the company has had 39 consecutive months of decline in overall retail equipment sales. Last Fall, Caterpillar announced a two-year downsizing plan involving 20 plant closures and 10,000 lay-offs. So far, five plants are shut, and over 5,000 jobs eliminated.

However, spokesmen for the company are now stressing that there are vast new work and sales potentials for CAT in Eurasia. "Caterpillar Sees Opportunities for Growth in China's Five-Year Plan," was the headline on a March 14 Construction Equipment journal report on the view of Chen Qihua, chairman of Caterpillar China, from a Xinhua interview. "Cat suffered double-digit losses in 2015 in part due to China's economic slowdown. But Chen says achieving China's goal of a better economy by 2020 will provide Caterpillar with more opportunities, especially in the Belt and Road Initiative, also known as the Silk Road Rebuild Project."

Meantime, the money-freaks on Wall Street—the megabanks and rating agencies—are debating how far to lower the prospects for CAT's 2016 share values. 

Reserve Bank of India's Governor Calls for Abandoning Global Monetary “Non-System”

Governor Raghuram Rajan of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), India's central bank, a trained electrical engineer, in a commentary with the Project Syndicate Monday, has strongly criticized the central banks of developed countries, pointing out that

“our world is facing an increasingly dangerous situation. Both advanced and emerging economies need to grow in order to ease domestic political tensions. And yet few are. If governments respond by enacting policies that divert growth from other countries, this 'beggar my neighbor' tactic will simply foster instability elsewhere. What we need, therefore, are new rules of the game.”

In his commentary, Rajan said what he has in mind

“will eventually require a new international agreement along the lines of Bretton Woods, and some reinterpretation of the mandates of internationally influential central banks.... Setting the rules will take time. But the international community has a choice. We can pretend all is well with the global monetary non-system and hope that nothing goes spectacularly wrong. Or we can start building a system fit for the integrated world of the 21st century,” Rajan said.

Rajan, who in 2005 had warned about the growing risks in the financial system pursued by then-Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, at the time had proposed policies that would reduce such risks, at the Federal Reserve annual Jackson Hole conference. As a result, he was ridiculed by Larry Summers, who said the warnings were “misguided” and called Rajan a “Luddite.” At the time, Rajan was teaching at the University of Chicago.