Obama Has Unleashed Gigantic Increase in Global War Deaths

March 7, 2016

During more than seven years of the British Monarchy's cipher Barack Obama, the number of deaths in war zones around the globe, has grown by practically unheard of rates, according to a study by the Israeli publication Mida, basing itself on data assembled by the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University in Sweden. The findings are reported in the March 3 Arutz Sheva: Israel National News.

The results are recorded as battle-related deaths, as well as associated civilian deaths by bombardment or crossfire. According to the findings, during the Bush Presidency, worldwide, from 2001 through 2008, there were 159,121 deaths recorded as direct results of war. However, from 2008 just through 2014, the total number of war deaths that were inflicted under Obama, rose to 286,204, a little shy of doubling. When the 75,000 killed in 2015 just in Syria alone are counted, the total rises to 361,2014, more than two and one quarter times greater under Obama than Bush.

If Bush were a genocidalist, which he assuredly is, Obama is much worse. In the "Middle East" alone, Obama's penchant for killing stands out.

Under Bush, the number of war-related deaths in the region totaled 28,724; under Obama, through 2015, the number of war-related deaths rose to 243,000, an 8.5-fold increase.

This is a tiny sampling: it does not record those who died in trying to flee these wars, as their boats capsized in the Mediterranean Sea, or those hundreds of millions whose lives were and are so destroyed by the consequence of the underlying policies that leads Obama to war, that these citizens live or die in utter destitution.

Obama is not only a mass killer abroad, as shown here; people of the United States are being killed by him, and were by Bush. Even recent scholarly studies have shown this.

And George H.W. Bush wanted, in 1986, to kill Lyndon LaRouche — he nearly succeeded — because of LaRouche's introduction of a unique potential collaboration of the United States and Russia to end Mutually Assured Destruction. All three Presidents are "different flavors of the same poison," LaRouche said today.