British Recolonize the Philippines, Through Their Stooge Obama, Preparing for War on China

January 13, 2016

The Philippines LaRouche Society chairman, Butch Valdes, on Tuesday denounced the decision by the Philippine Supreme Court declaring President Aquino's treasonous deal with President Obama, which turns the Philippine military bases over to US military occupation, to be an "executive agreement" rather than a treaty, and therefore legal and constitutional, and not subject to Senatorial vote.

The decision creates a Constitutional Crisis, since the Philippines Senate voted in December that the agreement was clearly a treaty as defined by the Constitution, and must thus be approved by the Senate - which would almost certainly not happen.

Lyndon LaRouche stated today that this agreement, if not stopped, constitutes a British re-colonization of the Philippines through their agent Barack Obama. The entire process was run by Obama - it was signed during his visit to Manila in April 2014, and was intended to be approved by the Court during his visit in November 2015, but the huge opposition from the population and the Senate stalled the decision. The agreement, called the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), will allow the US to deploy its most advanced air, land, and sea forces and weaponry into Philippine military bases, despite a clear Constitutional restraint to any foreign bases on Philippine soil.

LaRouche added that the indication is clear that Obama intends to start World War III.

The statement by Butch Valdes reads:


by Butch Valdes

The Filipino people have been betrayed yet again...not just by a demented president, nor by prostituted legislators, but by the very institution mandated to uphold, first and foremost, the Constitution of the Sovereign Philippine Republic.

Like fools and Judases, they hide behind faulty technical issues of the EDCA, twisting definitions, leaning on flimsy interpretations to manufacture their blatantly treasonous decision. Willfully blind to the true nature of the US military installations inside Philippine Military Bases -- which may very possibly be silos of nuclear armed medium/long-range rockets aimed at China -- these justices of the Supreme Court commit treason of the highest degree against the Filipino people. In my opinion, they have collectively sworn allegiance to a foreign occupying power which makes them moral cowards who do not deserve any iota of respect from the citizenry. The late Chief Justice, Jose Abad Santos, a true hero and patriot, turns in his grave to have these despicable characters in the same revered Halls of Justice.

To consciously place 100 million Filipino lives at risk in a nuclear conflict between two super powers earns for them the worst places in hell... and may they live long enough to experience the resulting pain and destruction which they have caused.

The referenced former Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines in 1941-42, and also acting President on behalf of President Quezon when Quezon went into exile in the US after the Japanese invasion, on the advice of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Chief Justice Santos stayed behind, but refused to capitulate to the Japanese occupiers' commands. The Japanese murdered him in 1942.

The comparison of the US military occupation of the Philippines to the Japanese occupation is absolutely correct, as the Japanese target was not the Philippines itself, but China and Asia generally -- as is the case also with Obama.

The people of the Philippines will have a profound response to this accurate comparison. Will the US population break through their degeneration to see what Obama is doing in their name, and remove him now, before it is too late?