For 2016: Oust Obama, Stop the Murder!

January 5, 2016

The first week of the New Year has started on cue with international turmoil, marked by the advent of officialized "bail-in" policy in the Trans-Atlantic region, and backing for barbarism by Saudi Arabia, the official ally of Barack Obama and London. Unless stopped, the end result threatens to be nuclear annihilation.

The means exist to pull back from doom. The requirement? Having the human identity to take action.

One focus for this, is the reality that the U.S. Congress abdicated its responsibilities completely before the 2015 year-end, and now they slink back to Washington, when the stakes are do-or-die. The House of Representatives membership will be back today for the second session of the 114th Congress; the Senate returns next week.

The events of the hour point to the necessity to break with the dead Wall Street system through Glass-Steagall reinstatement as specified in H.R.381 and Senate bill S.1709, as well as production credits; and to break with British/Saudi geopolitics, as specified in the bills to expose their murderous nature, in H.Res.14 and Senate bill S.1471, which would reveal the Saudi role in the mass murder of Americans on Sept. 11, 2001. As for ousting Obama, the multiple options are well known—impeachment, 25th Amendment, or the "Nixon Moment."

Among the headline events in the Americas yesterday, Puerto Rico was set to default on $37 million of its debt, sinking further into chaotic social conditions, due to the inaction of Congress. Puerto Rico leads all states in the United States in absolute rate of population decline.

Next in line in population loss, according to new data from the U.S. Census, is West Virginia. A former coal and industrial state, West Virginia now has more deaths than births. Drug use is rampant. This is "bail-in" in action, of the population’s means of existence, by allowing the dead Wall Street system to continue.

More big "names" in the shale oil and gas boom, such as Argent Energy Trust (based in Calgary) are now officially defaulting, setting off waves of insolvency.

As Lyndon LaRouche warned yesterday in the weekly LaRouche PAC Policy Committee webcast, what the U.S. faces is "a run-away explosion of bankruptcy." It is "careening to a breakdown panic" and not a mere crisis, problem or episode. What the LaRouche forces and their allies do will determine whether U.S. society exists or not.

That is the truth beyond today’s headlines of the big losses on U.S. and world stock markets on the first trading day of the New Year. Dramatic, but only just the opening tremors. The image to have, LaRouche said, is as if the system of planets would disintegrate. The time has come to recognize evil per se, and get rid of it.

I want to take action!