'Obama is Quite Mentally Unwell,' Says European Diplomat

October 17, 2015

John Schindler, a former professor at the Naval War College, who now runs a national security website, has posted a note he received from a top diplomat (unnamed) from a European Union nation, who recently wrote: “My government believes that Obama is quite mentally unwell. How is impeachment going?” Schindler accompanied the note with a detailed excerpt from Article 4 of the 25th Amendment, which spells out the precise procedures for removing from office a president who is physically or mentally unfit to continue to serve.

During the summer, Schindler had posted another message, this time from a senior officer of a European NATO country, warning that there was a grave and growing danger of a war in Europe during the summer, and that it would be a miracle if war, including thermonuclear war, were avoided.

Sources at the United Nations reported that, after President Obama's speech before the General Assembly in late September, diplomats were stunned by Obama's disconnect from reality, as he charged Russia and China with violating international law, when everyone in the assembly knew that it was Obama who was the real criminal who trampled on the UN Charter.