Democratic Revolt Escalates Against Obama and Wasserman-Schultz

October 17, 2015

After the Roman Circus DNC-sponsored “debate” on Tuesday night, the revolt against President Obama's “little bitch” Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, his hand-picked chair of the Democratic National Committee, has escalated, and could soon become a full-scale revolt. A DNC source has confirmed that Wasserman-Schultz takes her orders from Obama and the Jarrett-Axelrod inner circle exclusively, and that it was on their orders that she restricted the number of debates, and allowed CNN to make a travesty out of the first debate by turning it into a peanut gallery gang war, thus demeaning the institution of the presidency even worse than Donald Trump and the GOP circus act.

The source emphasized that the expulsion of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Ha.), one of the DNC vice chairs from the Las Vegas show, had little to do with the protests against the small number of sanctioned debates. Gabbard is not only a harsh critic of Obama's confrontation with Russia. She is a strong advocate of Glass-Steagall, and Lyndon LaRouche today emphasized that this is the chief reason for the Obama freakout, and his hysterical diktat to shut all serious subjects from the Democratic debates. Obama knows perfectly well that any substantive discussion during the Democratic debates will inevitably lead to denunciations of his disasterous policies, and this is forbidden. Wasserman- Schultz is the willing tool in Obama's desperate moves, just as “frontrunner” Hillary Rodham Clinton still is a slave of Obama as the result of the four years of abuse she suffered as Obama's secretary of state.

Huffington Post and other media outlets Friday were trumpeting the revolt against Wasserman-Schultz, while leaving Obama out of the equation. Rep. Gabbard has been joined by another DNC vice chair, former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, in going after Wasserman-Schultz as a psycho. Gabbard has publicly called the chair a liar, and Rybak told media that he is on the verge of demanding her removal as DNC Chair. An unnamed Democratic Party official said that the next Chair “will have to burn the place down to rebuild it,” after all the damage that Obama and Wasserman-Schultz inflicted.

Back when Obama first came in as President, his aides had called former Ohio Governor and Congressman Strickland and told him to expect a call asking him to be DNC Chair. The call never came, and Wasserman-Schultz got the post instead, reportedly as the result of personal intervention by Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama.