LaRouchePAC Transforms UN Environment

September 29, 2015

Phenomenal rally on either side of the intersection of 42nd and 3rd Monday morning as the UNGA got under way. The dynamic in the streets around the UN has shifted entirely. The material of the organizing environment has become the resonance between what's being said inside the UN by Putin, Xi, and others, and what we're doing outside. It's as though the delegates have a chance to say out loud in public for the first time what they have been discussing or thinking behind closed doors up until now. This is because we were publicly discussing the great effort of transforming history now.

LPAC table as seen from Obama's motorcade.

The rally started early in the day—so early that everyone walking on 42nd was walking east, towards the UNGA. The result was that Obama's motorcade drove past our rally with a big sign featuring Obama's face in a mushroom cloud ("STOP WW3, IMPEACH OBAMA!") facing directly at his window. His profile could be seen through the window of the presidential SUV. One wonders whether his silhouette was shaking from the effect of the potholes dotting 42nd street, or out of pure psychotic rage. As the day went on, those who had passed us in the morning came back through. 2000 leaflets were distributed, including 1000 of the LPAC leaflet, “Obama Seeks War,” with LaRouche’s assessment of Obama’s killer tendencies.

This deployment played the role of a chorus—everyone in the area was aware of the motorcades going by—beginning with Obama. And our "Obama, Help World Peace: RESIGN!" banner, which, with 12 foot poles, was visible from nearly a block away. We are not just presenting a message, we are acting on a process which was shifting in the present moment, radically. So when we said, Putin is right, Obama's an asshole, many of the diplomats and others were emotionally responsive and open; they smiled, laughed, nodded, and the bravest came up to speak with us honestly. Similar responses came to the question posed to many: "Do you think today will be the day Obama resigns?" 

This was typified by a pair of African diplomats who decried the fact that the US had pressured their nation to arrest the visiting Sudanese head of state while he was in their nation. "He's a sitting head of government!" they exclaimed. Others responded to the new BRICS renaissance in the same way, like the mayor of a major African capital city, who became inspired by the idea that the US could actually join the BRICS, through LaRouche's intervention. The press secretary for the president of a small but significant African nation was ecstatic to meet us and deliver the Global Warming report to his boss. Perhaps these people were moved most by our banner, "Welcome Presidents Putin and Xi ['Welcome' in English, Russian, and Chinese]; Real Americans Want a Win-Win Paradigm!"
Even more fun than the encounter with Obama's silhouette was the moment that David Cameron walked by our table. He was recognized by a leading young organizer, who immediately asked him to his face, "Hey Cameron, where's your pig?" He laughed a hollow British laugh while our other organizer held the Obama mustache up to Cameron's eye level.
New avenues of action have opened up suddenly. With a little experimentation we found that any African diplomat could be approached with the words, "Obama's a killer. He must be stopped. And global warming is a racist British fraud to kill Africans. Every African has to understand this!" In the recent days we have distributed a package including the new EIR global warming report to many if not most of the African UN missions. Some of us told every person we saw with a blue ID card, "If you're with a delegation, or work at the UN, this is for you" and passed them Helga's UN appeal, with other literature.
If we extend our tendrils out into the entire territory, we find that the effect of our deployments over time can be materialized through the relationship between what's happening in the UNGA and what we're doing. People who work in the local shops were signing up, having seen us repeatedly. At least 10 different former LaRouche supporters came by the table, some of whom signed up and helped. Our activists are recruiting many people of note—from a high level Russian financial figure to a leading translator for the Chinese delegation.
In a later event at NYU, Bill Roberts attended the speech given by President of Ireland Michael Higgins, who spoke about the need a for a new way of thinking, a new paradigm, outside of the old Chicago School of Economics paradigm which has dominated. Bill went to the President after the speech: "I totally agree, we need a new paradigm. It's what Putin spoke about today." Bill pointed to the World Land-bridge Report. Higgins read the title of the report. He said, "Oh yes, I've been talking about this with Xi Jinping. Please give the report to my assistant and we will read it." Bill followed, "And this one is more controversial" and passed them the Global Warming Fraud report. Higgins responded favorably to reading it.
A Russian reporter from Russian state media interviewed Diane about the rally. She dug into the question of Obama’s killer mentality, emphasizing Obama’s relationship to his stepfather. The reporter’s response: “Creepy.” Several interviews took place during the day by freelance journalists and otherwise, and footage was taken by local WPIX 11, which they assured would be used later in the day, and by RTR Vesti, a Russian TV station.

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