Now We Have the Opportunity to Restore the Constitution

September 24, 2015

Lyndon LaRouche said yesterday that we must use the United Nations General Assembly to return the US to its Constitution. That is, we must use the kaleidoscopic changes—for the better—in the policies of, and relationships among nations, which were triggered by Vladimir Putin's surprise flanking move into Syria, to shut down Wall Street and throw Barack Obama out of office. Since Putin's surprise move, the German government has made an about-face on the issue of the refugees thronging Europe. Chancellor Merkel decided to move to welcome the refugees and get them education and jobs, instead of trying to throw them out.

But LaRouche's analysis implied that the German policy reversal would not be limited to the refugee issue,— that it would be far broader. And that has already proven true. Yesterday, just one day after a telephone conversation with Obama, Chancellor Merkel openly defied his policy, to announce at a press conference that the Syria crisis must be negotiated with Bashar Assad, and also with Russia and Iran. Today, the parliamentary leaders of the two German government coalition partners, the CDU and the SPD, both publicly backed her up.

Then, under extreme pressure, Obama was forced today to agree to a Monday meeting with Russia's President Putin,— one which will be very risky for Obama, because Putin sees through him and holds all the cards.

But remember LaRouche's stress on the point that Obama will not just go quietly,— on the contrary, his impulse will be to start a war rather than admit that his time is finally up. For example, when Obama authorized US Secretary of Defense Carter to talk for the first time with his Russian counterpart Shoigu on Sept 18, it was announced that the purpose was "deconfliction,"— to try to insure that US and Russian forces would not inadvertently begin to shoot at each other in Syria. Not so fast! On Sept 22, obviously after an intervention by Obama, the Pentagon said that Carter does NOT plan to discuss deconfliction until Russia alters its support for Syria's elected President, Bashar Assad!

The naive would say that Obama values regime-change over the lives of American servicemen, but LaRouche has observed more accurately that Obama simply loves to kill, and yearns to kill on a much bigger scale now that he is cornered,— all the way to thermonuclear war. In a similar Obama move, Foreign Policy magazine reports that the U.S. has secretly vetoed a Russian UN Security Council resolution calling for a broader, and effective coalition against ISIS, even after the Russians included changes which satisfied other countries.

If, after almost two terms of Obama, some of our people no longer recognize him for the killer he is, this is due, not to Obama's changing for the better, but to the degeneration our whole culture has suffered under his misrule. Obama is a mass-murderer like his Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetoro. This latest round of degeneration under Goofy Bush and then the even-worse Obama, should remind us of an earlier round, which began with Ronald Reagan's attempted assassination by a George H.W. Bush associate shortly after his inauguration, and ended with the humiliation and degradation of Bill Clinton shortly before the end of his second term.

Americans who reached adulthood before or during the post-JFK assassination 1960s, vividly remember the total makeover of our country by the rock-drug-sex counterculture. But far fewer recognize this subsequent round of degeneration.

Within this, LaRouche has emphasized the decay of the United States Senate, which has been left with no intellectual or moral depth.

The larger context for this round of decay has been the overall decay of the Twentieth Century, preceded by Chancellor Bismarck's ouster by the British Crown in 1890, immediately followed by the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901. McKinley had a world peace policy,— a harmony of nations policy like that of China today, like FDR's plan for the United Nations, and what Lyndon LaRouche presented in his Manhattan Dialog of Sept 19. McKinley's Presidency should be viewed as a continuation of Ulysses Grant's military leadership, and Grant's Presidency and post-Presidency. Grant in turn was a continuation of Lincoln.

It is well-known who killed McKinley; it was the same force which killed Lincoln, and the same which contrived to have Bismarck fired.

Now, more than a century later, we are privileged to be in the position we are,— a position earned by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche's efforts and those who have helped them. We are privileged to be in position to restore the U.S. Constitution by shutting down Wall Street, and turning Obama out of office,— aided by the Manhattan proceedings of the United Nations General Assembly.



German Government Rejects Obama, Joins Russian Position on Syria

In what might be a surprise for Spiegel readers, but not for EIR readers, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated at the EU summit on Sep 23:  "We have to speak with many actors. This includes Assad, but others as well," Merkel was speaking at a press conference after an EU summit on the migration crisis sparked by the Syrian war, France 24 reported today.  "Not only with the United States of America, Russia, but with important regional partners, Iran, and Sunni countries such as Saudi Arabia," Merkel added.  It is significant that Merkel mentioned Iran, a key nation undoubtedly seeking stability in Syria.

"It was only a short remark, but it confirms a coming diplomatic shift in the search for solutions to the war in Syria," commented the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.  Both parties in Merkel's coalition immediately signaled strong support for her.  The leader of the CDU Bundestag faction, Volker Kauder, said "maybe we should have spoken with Assad earlier." And SPD faction leader Thomas Oppermann said: "We must talk also with Assad," because we should talk with everybody who can help to achieve peace.

Also noteworthy is the statement of former Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs Juergen Chrobog, who said in an interview with Deutschlandfunk on Sept. 23, that the West needs Russia in the Middle East.  A solution without Assad is not possible, Chrobog said.  "We need the existing structures to achieve victory over ISIS.  Russia wants to keep the system; if they want to keep Assad in the long term is another question," Chrobog said in that interview.

Obama: No Russian Talks Until Agreement on Assad Ouster

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday, Sept. 22, that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has no further plans to talk to his Russian counterpart unless the Russians agree to the regime-change demand of the U.S.

When Carter spoke to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Sept. 18, Carter "agreed to continue that dialogue with the Russians; if their actions are aimed at countering ISIL and advancing a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria," Cook said. "Actions not in line with those goals will not be seen or treated as constructive." Cook stressed that Carter was leaving the lines of communication open, but he

"believes very strongly, however, that any Russian further support for the Syrian government is counterproductive to that effort [that is, the effort to find a political resolution to the conflict], more like fanning the flames, if you will, of what's already played out in Syria and so again, the focus should be on countering ISIL."

Cook's statement contradicts the report, received by EIR and other press agencies at about the same time, that following the Carter-Shoigu phone call, a working group had been established to conduct military-to-military talks between the two countries, with the goal of at least making deconfliction arrangements so that the two sides don't inadvertently shoot at each other in the skies over Syria.

Obama Kills Putin's Efforts for UNSC Anti-Terror Agreement

On Sept. 23, in an article, "U.S. Stonewalls Putin's Anti-Terror Push at the United Nations," Foreign Policy pointed out that the Obama administration has killed a Russian proposal seeking "agreement on a UN Security Council statement promoting a broad-based counter-terrorism fight."  This occurred a week before Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to the UNGA.  "One of the major concerns about the Russian-backed UN statement, according to Western diplomats speaking to Foreign Policy, was that Putin would use it as ammunition in his widely anticipated speech before the General Assembly on Sept. 28," the article said.

The Foreign Policy article noted that the U.S. rejection followed weeks of closed-door negotiations involving the United States, Russia, China, Britain, and France, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. The article said:

"Last week, U.S. diplomats made it clear that Washington saw no point in continuing discussions on the Russian draft... [It cited unnamed other diplomats who said that]...the UN-backed effort to promote a political settlement in Syria has been practically derailed."

The article also pointed out that the Russian diplomats have spent the past month trying to put together a statement for the Security Council that would make clear that "Moscow's jets, airbases, and drones [are] in Syria as part of a well-intentioned plan to bring stability to a strife-torn region and push back against the Islamic State."  It also said that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov plans to convene a high-level meeting of the UN Security Council on Sept. 30.