Obama Walks into Putin Syria Trap

September 9, 2015

Washington sources confirm that President Obama has rejected Russian President Putin's intervention against the Islamic State inside Syria and is, predictably, trying to subvert the Russian efforts. Late last week, Obama communicated through Secretary of State Kerry to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov that the U.S. opposes any Russian military action in support of the Assad government in Damascus. Obama's message was that Russian action is “not productive” and that Russia should, instead, join the U.S.-led “coalition.” In addition, the White House has ordered pressure on all U.S. allies to deny Russia any overflight privileges for planes headed to Syria, and has already brought pressure to bear on both Greece and Bulgaria.

Lyndon LaRouche on Tuesday noted that Obama is walking right into Putin's trap in Syria. Russian President Putin has already decided to intervene to preserve the Syrian state and the Assad government. Russian military “advisors” are already in the country, and more advanced Russian military equipment is coming in to Syria, aimed at enabling the Syrians to launch a full-scale conventional war against the Islamic State. According to one U.S. source, Russian surveillance drones are already mapping out territory held by ISIS and Nusra Front and other Western-backed rebel groups. Increasingly, Obama will be faced with exposure for backing ISIS or capitulating to the Russian operations. Either way, Putin has made his decision and will not back down, LaRouche emphasized. Obama cannot handle such a firm action by Russia and is headed for a real freak-out. Putin has decided to wipe out ISIS and Obama can't handle that.

LaRouche noted that the Putin action in Syria is consistent with the growing Russian-Chinese cooperation, as evidenced at the Sept. 3 V-Day parade in Beijing, where Putin was at Chinese President Xi Jinping's side throughout. 

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Former NATO Military Committee Head General Kujat Calls for 'Grand Alliance with Russia' To Stop the War in Syria

In numerous radio interviews Tuesday, former head of the NATO Military Committee (2002-05) Gen. Harald Kujat (ret.) stated, as on Radio Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB): "It is my personal opinion that we should attempt to forge a Grand Alliance with Russia," to stop the war in Syria, "and that means the West should in fact work together with the Russians."

Kujat's view is that the only reason the British and French want to be active with air strikes, is because they've heard the Russians might be coming. He added, though, that "airstrikes will not end this war." When the RBB host pointed to U.S. concerns about a Russian military presence, and asked, whether such an alliance were realistic, Kujat responded, "I don't know, but it depends here on the willingness in fact of the U.S. to contribute to a long-term solution, or not. In my view, it is necessary on political and military grounds to have an alliance. The political advantage is that, for example, we could get a United Nations mandate for a humanitarian intervention... And militarily, it has the great benefit that one doesn't come to clashes between Western and Russian forces... What is separating us are different strategic goals. Russia naturally wants to sustain and strengthen the Assad regime and the West doesn't want that, but, all should have the paramount goal of bringing this war to an end."

Earlier in the morning, General Kujat told Nordeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) that the percentage of refugees in Europe represent a fraction of the refugees both inside Syria and in neighboring countries. He then raised the provocative question: Is it our goal to throw out Assad, "or, is it more important to end the war and thus the suffering of the civilian population?"

He also said Saudi Arabia and Iran should be brought in for a regional solution. Cooperate with Russia as they proposed in 2012, which was rejected, "and that was wrong," he stressed.

European Leadership Network Issues Renewed Call & More Signers on Urgent Call for NATO-Russia Dialogue to Avoid War

The European Leadership Network (ELN), a think-tank composed of former European and Russian defense and foreign ministers and other high-level experts, has just released a renewed, urgent call for "new NATO-Russia measures to prevent a military confrontation in Europe."

Less than a month ago, on Aug. 12, the ELN had issued a paper stating that "The NATO-Russia Council should be urgently convened" to agree on a Memorandum of Understanding governing the "safety of air and maritime encounters between the two sides."

As the new ELN release states:

"The new group of endorsers behind these proposals adds growing weight to those expressing concern about the trajectory of political and military relations between Russia and the West." The August document had stated bluntly: "Russia is preparing for a conflict with NATO, and NATO is preparing for a possible confrontation with Russia." As Helga Zepp-LaRouche wrote at the time: "The only thing wrong with this study is the assumption that such a war would remain confined to Europe. It is in the nature of things that such a war would instantly become a global nuclear war, and would lead to the obliteration of the human species."

The 75 security leaders include two former NATO Secretaries General (Javier Solana and Jaap de Hoop Scheffer); a former Deputy SACEUR (John McColl); a number of former Defense Secretaries (including France's Alain Richard, Germany's Volker Ruehe, and Poland's Janusz Onyskiewicz); a number of former Foreign Ministers (including Russia's Sergei Ivanov and Boris Pankin, the United Kingdom's Malcolm Rifkind, and Denmark's Uffe Ellmann-Jensen); and other highly respected security leaders (such as Germany's Wolfgang Ischinger and the United Kingdom's General Sir David Richards).