Cheminade: Emergency Global Conference for Peace Through Development

August 26, 2015

Jacques Cheminade, President of the Solidarité et Progrès political party in France, issued the following statement on "Black Monday," Aug. 24, 2015. The following is translated from the original French:

"In the face of the collapse of the Atlantic financial system, whose first salvos we are witnessing, our country needs people who are capable of facing the danger and returning France to its universal mission.

"We must replace the speculative insanity with an economy devoted to restoring the emphasis on productive forces and respect for human labor.

"A global Glass-Steagall is necessary in order to eliminate the system of the City of London and Wall Street and of their European collaborators.

"I will endeavor to unite the forces capable of resistance in fighting for a project of mutual development, a policy for public credit for investment in infrastructure, and a New Bretton Woods system purged of monetarist privilege. With this aim in mind, I call on those to join me on an emergency basis, including the decisive participation of the BRICS, in an international conference for peace through mutual development, wiping out illegitimate debt and restoring priority to that which is human in mankind: the spirit of discovery and of service to the common good and coming  generations.

"This is no longer a G7, G8, or G20; the days of compromise without substance are over. For we must rise to the challenge of the future of human civilization and halt the flight forward into self-destruction and war."