Helga Zepp-LaRouche: The Imminent Fall of the House of Windsor, or the End of an Ugly History

July 27, 2015

Helga Zepp-LaRouche took on the ideology of the British Monarchy and its Green movement in an article posted July 25 on the website of the German Civil Rights Movement-Solidarity (BüSo), of which she is chairwoman. The article is also published in the weekly Neue Solidarität.

Here is an abridged translation, the full German text is available here.:

"The revelations of the deep affinity between numerous members of the British monarchy and Adolf Hitler —  given the crucial role that British policy plays in both the implementation of brutal austerity in all of Europe and the confrontation course toward Russia and China — are among the most important developments in the current situation. The sooner the House of Windsor lands on the scrap heap of history, the greater the chances are to reorganize the totally bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system and to avoid a new, this time thermonuclear, world war.

"In that context, the disclosure of a 17-second video showing the future Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 7 or 8 as she presents the Nazi salute, is only the tip of the iceberg. Since then, hundreds of articles on the overt admiration of various members of the British monarchy and aristocracy for Hitler and the Nazis have gone viral, mainly in British and American media. The sympathies of Elizabeth's uncle, King Edward VIII — called the Duke of Windsor after his abdication — are well known. More explosive is the role of Prince Philip, whose connections are to be aired July 30 by Channel 4 Television, according to British media, in a documentary titled 'The Plot to Make a King.' It reportedly shows the close links to the Nazis of Prince Philip, whose three sisters were married to top members of the Nazi party and the SS, and much more...

"Why has this material, which has been kept absolutely secret under lock and key in the British archives until now, become public now, in a way that can only be called a campaign? The background to that is, among other reasons, a kind of blood feud among the Windsors concerning who will succeed Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, who are considered too old to hold the British Empire together at a time when the trans-Atlantic financial system is about to crash in a collapse far worse than that of Lehman Brothers and AIG in 2008. One part of the clan wants to shut Charles out of the succession and make William king, but another part is convinced that Great Britain can only be saved through a fundamental restructuring of the entire Commonwealth. This is the faction which is apparently behind the revelations.

"In the current strategic situation, however, the significance of the exposure of the Nazi sympathies of the royal family does not lie in the covered-up historical facts, but rather in the importance of this tradition for the political offensive that uses the alleged anthropogenic climate change as a pretext to 'decarbonize the world economy,' an offensive which is being spearheaded internationally by the British monarchy. Indeed, if the goal of the `climate lobby' of basing the energy consumption of the entire world exclusively on so-called renewable energy sources — which means eliminating not only nuclear energy, but also fossil energy sources — becomes reality, then the number of people that could be sustained would be reduced to 1 billion or less. The reason is that there is a direct relation between the energy flux densities used in the production process, which is extremely low with renewables, and the population potential that can be sustained."

Zepp-LaRouche then looks into the human-hating ideology behind Prince Philip and the COP21 conference, as peddled by the likes of John Schellnhuber and Martin Palmer. Palmer has called for a major debate among religious leaders on the idea that mankind is just another animal species and nothing special.

The ideology shared by the "Conservative Revolution," the Nazis, and the Green movement, Zepp-LaRouche writes, is that man is but a more evolved animal, and therefore human life is no more sacrosanct than that of animals. "Therefore, if need be, one can reduce the number of human beings — be it the helots of ancient Sparta or the 'useless eaters' of the Nazis, or the 6 billion people who would be sacrificed to the goals of saving the climate. Armin Mohler, head of the Siemens Foundation, described in his 1949 book, The Conservative Revolution, that the Conservative Revolution aimed to go back to the pre-Christian Gaia mythology, because the Christian image of man first brought the cultural optimism which allowed the modern development of mankind."

Therefore, continues Zepp-LaRouche, "the sooner the entire historical truth about the British Empire leads to its much-deserved downfall, the better."