Obama and Merkel Show Why They Must Be Removed from Office

June 8, 2015

The G7 Summit in Elmau, Bavaria -- already being called the "Biergarten Summit" -- was dominated by Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, the "G2," who met separately before the gathering and pushed it into moves to confront and "isolate" Russia.

That Russia has not been isolated by Obama's and Merkel's threats is shown by its successive hosting of an entire series of events of the BRICS community of nations, the broad opposition to sanctions against Russia, and by the repeated statements of German statesmen of the Social Democratic Party, opposing Merkel's policy.

Nonetheless, Obama continued to push toward a war confrontation, with Merkel's support; and EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche stated this afternoon, "Keep Merkel in [office] -- that may be all it takes for the early launching of a general thermonuclear war, thoughout the planet."

After getting the European members of the G7 -- Italy, France, and Great Britain -- to agree to extend the NATO sanctions against Russia for one more year, both Obama and Merkel pushed for adding new sanctions. Merkel said, "We are ready, should the situation escalate, to strengthen sanctions if the situation makes that necessary." Obama, in his post-Summit press conference, said that "We are united in readiness to impose additional sanctions on Russia. The preparations are at the technical level now, not yet at the political level; but we want to have the potential to escalate."

Obama then lied outright: "The Russian economy is in deep recession. Does he [Russian President Putin] continue to wreck his countrys economy and continue Russia's isolation in pursuit of a wrong-headed desire to recreate the glories of the Soviet empire?" The U.S. President made absurd statements about Greece ("The Greeks have to make tough choices and follow through on new reforms ... so that Greece's economy can revive and grow."); and more outright lies on his failing war on ISIS: "Where we've trained Iraqi forces, they've operated effectively."

Merkel, on the other hand, chose to emphasize a second project of herself and Obama as well: To eliminate the use of fossil fuels and carbon products completely "in the world" [!] by the year 2100. Although the world was definitely not present, nor in support, Merkel said that the G7 had agreed "on the goal of completely decarbonizing the world by the end of the century," and that the G7 would present that position to the Paris Environment Summit in December. She thus announced her complete acceptance of the program of the anti-population ideologue Hans-Joachin Schellnhuber, head of the German Advisory Council on Global Change; and also showed the meaning of Obama's recently solicited hour-long one-on-one meeting with the British Royal Family's genocidal anti-population fanatic, David Attenborough.

Merkel's government should be brought down before she wrecks German economic capacities completely or triggers war with Russia -- and as a means to force London's war-puppet Obama out of office.