Czech General Proposes Nuclear War To Defend Baltics From Russia

June 2, 2015

Czech General Petr Pavel, who became the chairman of NATO's Military Committee yesterday, told a security conference in Prague, last week, that he believes Russia is a threat to Europe on par with ISIS, and that Russia could take over Ukraine and the Baltics in two days without a response from NATO. NATO's main problem, he said, is its cumbersome decision making process which involves bringing in all 28 members. The general said:

"NATO is incapable to react properly when the situation changes. The measures Europe takes to counter threats from Russia and ISIL are surprisingly ineffective...The alliance has one significant flaw — the complicated procedure of decision making. NATO embraces 28 member countries, and all of them have to reach an agreement."

NATO would face the question of whether to start war, perhaps nuclear, against Russia over the occupied Baltics, Pavel said, according to the Prague Post.

Pavel apparently didn't consider that, were NATO to employ its nuclear weapons in the way he suggests, life would be over for all of us, a reality noted by the Czech blog "Nova Republika," reports Sputnik.

"The biggest threat to peace is the mantra invented by NATO and a number of European and American politicians that Russia is an aggressor capable of invasion, and that therefore the alliance may launch 'tactical,' limited and 'humane' nuclear strikes against the country in the interests of self-defense.

"Nobody seems to pause to consider that this is how a global nuclear holocaust could begin."