28 Pages/Saudi Role Remains in Media Spotlight: Terry Strada on CNN

January 21, 2015

The media spotlight continues on the role of Saudi Arabia in terrorism, and the necessity to de-classify the "28 pages" of the Joint Congressional Inquiry report on 9/11. Among the developments in the last two days, are that CNN International interviewed Terry Strada on January 19th, national co-chair of the 9/11 Families and Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism, who spoke at the Jan. 7 Washington, D.C., press conference with Congressmen demanding declassification.  January 19th, Commentary magazine posted an article, "Every Presidential Candidate Should Pledge Release of Missing 9/11 Pages."

Amidst this ongoing attention, an instance of arrogant evasion took place today, by Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA (2006-2009) and NSA (1999-2005).  Hayden was speaking on Capitol Hill at a Middle East Policy Council event, where he was asked about the withheld 28 pages and the Saudi role in terrorism, by EIR's Bill Jones.  Hayden sneered in reply, that he was going to give an "unsatisfactory answer."  Namely, Hayden said that he hadn't read the 28 pages; didn't know what was in them; and didn't intend to; and wouldn't say more.

This is the immorality Terry Strada denounced roundly on CNN International. She said, "Yes, Saudi Arabia funds terrorism." She said that, besides releasing the 28 pages, we want legal action against those responsible.

"The world has a right to know the role of Saudi Arabia in funding terrorism...."

She called on everyone to activate. 

In the Commentary article, writer Michael Rubin ended his piece,

"Journalists should not let any candidate off the hook. Every aspirant to the presidency should pledge him- or herself to full transparency and to complete the historical reckoning from 9/11 that all the victims, their families, and, indeed, every American deserves."


Rubin, who is at the neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute, makes the point that "Obama is no different than his predecessor," and not only on the 9/11 cover-up.  Rubin wrote, "When Navy SEALS raided bin Laden's compound, they removed millions of files..." but they have released only 17 documents.