Gerasimov: US/NATO Telling "Fairy Tales" To Justify Military Build-up

December 12, 2014

Chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Gerasimov charged yesterday, that NATO was using 'fairy tales' to justify its military build-up in eastern Europe, reports Sputnik News.
"Ground-, sea-based and air forces of the alliance have stepped up their activities in Poland, the Baltic region, and in the Black and Baltic seas," he said, during an address to foreign military attaches in Moscow.
"Military exercises and drills explained by contrived fairy tales of 'threat from the east' have also intensified."

He also said that leaderships of western countries are directly involved in overthrowing legitimate governments in a number of countries. "Throughout the year there were continued attempts of interference in the domestic affairs of a number of sovereign states using the so-called color revolution format," Gerasimov said during a meeting with military attaches from several countries. According to Gerasimov's assessment, "public interest and direct involvement of the political leadership of leading western countries in overthrowing the legitimate state power by using any method cannot but call for our serious concern."

Gerasimov: US Is Trying To Counter Russia's Nuclear Deterrent

General Valeriy Gerasimov, the chief of the general staff of the Russian military, warned today, that the policy of the United States, along with its European allies, is to weaken Russia's military-economic potential. He delivered the pointed message to the widest possible international audience of professionals: some 70 military attaches from 50 countries accredited to Russia.

"Steps are being taken to implement specific measures to weaken Russia's strategic nuclear force," said Gerasimov, according to Tass. "Building up the combat capabilities of the US global missile defense system has been selected as one of the chief means of such counteraction."

Gerasimov said that the military potential

"that is being built up in the European missile defense system on some plausible excuses, in reality surpasses the level necessary for neutralizing the existing and potential missile threats to Europe many-fold...In defiance of our repeated proposals neither the United States, nor the European countries, nor NATO in general wish to guarantee its non-use against Russia."

Gerasimov also said that the United States and NATO take Russia as one of their main geopolitical rivals. "This relates to crisis settlement in Syria, Iranian nuclear program, events in Ukraine, creation of a positioning area of US missile defense system in Europe, and other pressing problems of global security," he said.