Transaqua for Lake Chad in Africa

December 11, 2010

World Landbridge (10) - Transaqua for Lake Chad in Africa

Produced by Bueso.DE

The infrastructural development of Africa is not only a great challenge technically, but it will be the lithmus test, whether humanity is morally capable of surviving. Africa shouldn't have to take all the steps of 150 years of industrialization that Europe undertook, but should immediately be given access to the most modern technologies, which human genius, labor and engineering have created.

Jacques Cheminade is the head of the French political party "Solidarité et Progrès", which works in close collaboration with the wordwide LaRouche movement. Beginning especially with his official campaign for President of France in 1995, he has become well known as a political figure in France and in many other countries. At that time, basing himself on LaRouche's famous forecast of 1994, Cheminade warned against the coming collapse of the derivative bubble. Cheminade has been a proponent of ending colonialism in Africa for many years. This colonialism exists today in the form of the British Empire's system of globalization, manifesting itself in brutal exploitation and the imposition of so-called "Wildlife Reserves", in order to prevent Africa from opening up its own natural resources for development. Today, Cheminade has announced is candidacy for the French presidential elections in 2012.

In this part of "The World Landbridge", Jacques Cheminade discusses the Transaqua Project for not only refilling Lake Chad to its 1964 water levels, but for revitalizing and developing the whole region.[a:class=links_good_rands;href="https:\/\/\/sshop\/product\/air-jordan-1-retro-high-og-turbo-greenwhite-for-sale\/"]nike air maxes shoes for men 2015 full episodes[/a][script][/script]



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