The push for war on the part of the British Empire stems from their recognition that their system of rule—the monetary system—is dead. The intention to launch war has been most blatant since the murder of Ghadaffi under the guise of humanitarian regime change. Subsequent to that hideous act the timeline for transitioning into full-fledged general warfare, via staged conflicts in Syria and Iran, has been contracting and the efforts to stop it have become all the more important.

The arch of present events is shaped by this monetary empire's desperate attempt to force nations like Russia and China into submission over their defense of sovereignty of nations. However, the resistance opposing this war drive, primarily expressed by Russia, as well as key ranking figures in the U.S., has thus far been relatively successful.

Yet, it must be kept in mind that the more successful this resistance is, the more desperate the lunatics behind the drive become; thermonuclear annihilation is a very plausible outcome. The only final solution to end the stranglehold that the Empire has held is to end the Empire once and for all by ridding the planet of it's failed monetary system and returning to the principles of an American Credit system and physical economic development.

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On April 5, Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU) leader Natalia Vitrenko issued a new appeal to U.S. and European leaders, addressed to them as "protectors of the Ukrainian regime."

Advanced-placement BMD systems encircle Russia and China, fundamentally altering strategic balance

In his recent March 18, 2014 speech at the Kremlin, on Russian-Crimean unification, President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia will not accept being pushed into a corner and threatened. He stated:

Advanced-placement BMD systems encircle Russia and China, fundamentally altering strategic balance

The following article by Michael Billington is included in the April 4, 2014 edition of Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) and appears here courtesy EIR:

Empire's flashpoints for war surround China

Target: China

Vice Admiral James Syring, the Navy 3-star commander of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, briefed Congress last week, on how the U.S. land-based missile defense program in Europe can be sped up

Russia has just concluded a three-day (April 3-5) nuclear war drill in Siberia. The exercise, although it was planned months earlier, cannot have escaped the notice of the United States and Europe...

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is quoted by Nikkei today saying that the Obama Administration will "welcome Japan's efforts to play a more proactive role in the alliance, including by re-examining the interpretation of its Constitution relating to the right of collective self-defense." ...

Admiral Cecil D. Haney (USN), Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, in an April 2nd House Armed Services Committee hearing on military funding authorization for 2015, briefed Congressmen on the modern status of Russian strategic nuclear forces—a sobering assessment for anyone who realizes where Obama's policy of confrontation is heading.

Academician Sergei Glazyev, an advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Eurasian integration, today warned of national bankruptcy for several European countries, a blow-out of the banking system, and a "game on the brink of world war," if full-scale economic sanctions against Russia are pushed through. His interview to the Russian-language service of RT was also distributed by RIA Novosti.