The push for war on the part of the British Empire stems from their recognition that their system of rule—the monetary system—is dead. The intention to launch war has been most blatant since the murder of Ghadaffi under the guise of humanitarian regime change. Subsequent to that hideous act the timeline for transitioning into full-fledged general warfare, via staged conflicts in Syria and Iran, has been contracting and the efforts to stop it have become all the more important.

The arch of present events is shaped by this monetary empire's desperate attempt to force nations like Russia and China into submission over their defense of sovereignty of nations. However, the resistance opposing this war drive, primarily expressed by Russia, as well as key ranking figures in the U.S., has thus far been relatively successful.

Yet, it must be kept in mind that the more successful this resistance is, the more desperate the lunatics behind the drive become; thermonuclear annihilation is a very plausible outcome. The only final solution to end the stranglehold that the Empire has held is to end the Empire once and for all by ridding the planet of it's failed monetary system and returning to the principles of an American Credit system and physical economic development.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, during his joint press conference with the visiting Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy today in Moscow, referring to peace talks proposed by Russia and the United States, said, "If for someone it is more important to constantly threaten, to scare, to seek for an excuse for strikes, that is another path to wrecking completely the chances of calling the Gen

According to Washington sources close to the intelligence community and the Obama White House, the deal signed on Sept. 14 between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov can lead to a genuine chance of a successful Geneva II peace conference, ending the two and a half year Syria crisis.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, reflected the paradigm shift identified by Lyndon LaRouche, following the agreement reached by the U.S. and Russia, by praising the efforts of Russian President Vladimir Putin and stressing that the U.S. needs to work with Russia.

What follows are excerpts from the "Framework for the Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons," announced by the U.S. and Russia, yesterday, as posted on the website of the U.S. State Department:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced their agreement on Syria's chemical weapons during a joint press conference the two held in Geneva yesterday.

The direction of human history changed Saturday, when at about 8 AM EST, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that they had agreed on a framework for the disposal of Syria's chemical weapons arsenal.

Congressional sources are rejecting the White House's death count of 1,429 victims of a chemical weapons attack "including at least 426 children," reported Reuters today. The number first appeared in the dubious intelligence report that was produced by the White House, not by the U.S.

Not only has the Russian intervention on the Syria fiasco bought time for the U.S. Congress to tackle the real issues—Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA—but the same is true for the critical meeting, beginning today in Kyrgyzstan, of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).