The push for war on the part of the British Empire stems from their recognition that their system of rule—the monetary system—is dead. The intention to launch war has been most blatant since the murder of Ghadaffi under the guise of humanitarian regime change. Subsequent to that hideous act the timeline for transitioning into full-fledged general warfare, via staged conflicts in Syria and Iran, has been contracting and the efforts to stop it have become all the more important.

The arch of present events is shaped by this monetary empire's desperate attempt to force nations like Russia and China into submission over their defense of sovereignty of nations. However, the resistance opposing this war drive, primarily expressed by Russia, as well as key ranking figures in the U.S., has thus far been relatively successful.

Yet, it must be kept in mind that the more successful this resistance is, the more desperate the lunatics behind the drive become; thermonuclear annihilation is a very plausible outcome. The only final solution to end the stranglehold that the Empire has held is to end the Empire once and for all by ridding the planet of it's failed monetary system and returning to the principles of an American Credit system and physical economic development.

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Russia continues to move on numerous fronts against what it has recognized as global warfare being waged against it by the United States under the control of the British Empire...

Both Israeli and Palestinian leaders are terrified that the situation inside Israel, the West Bank and Gaza is about to break out of all control into total chaos. One leading advisor to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) chief of staff candidly expressed his fear...

According to Voice of Russia, on July 5 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held telephone talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius concerning Ukraine...

The Saudi deployment of 30,000 troops to its border with Iraq, earlier this week, is not what it seems, given the Saudi role in creating terrorism, including its role in the 9/11 attacks on the United States, in the first place.

The massively outgunned anti-Kiev militias pulled out of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk today, to regroup in and around the city of Donetsk, possibly especially at the airport, and further fighting is expected.

In recent conversations with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, both Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama pressed for Saudi military cooperation against the ravaging forces of ISIS, who are grabbing up vast parcels of land in both Iraq and Syria for their self-proclaimed "Caliphate." Indeed, 30,000 Saudi troops have been dispatched to the Saudi-Iraqi border, ostensibly in compliance

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, Russia's leading diplomat in charge of relations with the United States, called Washington's policy of sanctions "a new offensive strategic weapon," on Friday and warned that Russia was preparing a response, albeit not a mirror one.

In a sharply worded statement Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that "Kiev's attempts to resolve problems exclusively through the use of force, ultimata, and constant new demands" was undercutting the agreements among the foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany on moving toward a negotiated de-escalation of the civil war in eastern Ukraine, reached July 2 in Berlin.

Retired DIA officer Col. Patrick Lang reports on his blog, yesterday, that, while Obama has put a few hundred US troops on the ground in Baghdad along with a few Apache helicopters, what the Joint Chiefs of Staff say they really need for that missions is a reinforced Army combat brigade.

After the foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France met late Wednesday in Berlin, it was agreed that a ceasefire should be reinstated but that this would require the activation of the OSCE contact group.