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The spreading war in the Mideast and North Africa is on the verge of becoming the detonator of a potential world war, one in which the same forces are pitted against or for terrorism, fighting to stop the deadly Ebola outbreak or allowing it to spread, defending a collapsing financial and geopolitical order or replacing it with a “BRICS” growth and development dynamic. Combined with panic over the spread of terrorist organizations is panic over the outbreak of Ebola and where it will spread. ...

October 14th, 2014 • 9:21 AM

Lyndon LaRouche’s own view of Ebola is that the world is now facing a “Black Death syndrome” like the disease in the 14th Century which cut entire populations in half. We have created the potential for this, by cutting back on medical science, eliminating hospital and public health capabilities, allowing poverty to spread and persist worldwide. ...

October 14th, 2014 • 9:21 AM

Robert M. Pestronk, the Washington-based executive director of the National Association of County and City Health Officials emphasized in a letter to the editor of the Washington Post, published Monday, that budget cuts to the U.S. health-care system have already weakened that system to such an extent that the additional pressures that will be brought on the system by emergencies such as Ebola cases will push the system over the edge.

October 14th, 2014 • 9:21 AM

A few British terrorism experts have expressed grave concerns after receiving the news that ISIS has moved inside Kobani, and that this Syrian town bordering Turkey is about to fall under control of the ISIS terrorists. Former Welsh Guard Simon Weston, who stood to become South Wales Police Commissioner in 2012, warned we are all under threat from ISIS.

October 13th, 2014 • 9:02 AM

The combination of the momentum created by the Schiller Institute's Oct. 11 Harlem Conference to release the censored 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry report on 9/11, and the escalated interventions of Joint Inquiry co-chairman Bob Graham, has created what Helga Zepp-LaRouche called "the most important flank to stop World War III."

October 13th, 2014 • 8:43 AM

The semi-annual report of the International Monetary Fund on the world economy, released for the Oct. 11-12 weekend’s IMF/World Bank meetings in Washington, appeared to set off strong stock and bond market gyrations (more down than up) from the moment of IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde’s first speech about it October 2. ...

October 14th, 2014 • 9:21 AM

Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova announced Monday that Russia is planning to send a new, experimental vaccine against Ebola to Africa in two months. The efficiency of the drug, which is to be tested on the ground, is about 70-90 percent. ...

October 14th, 2014 • 9:21 AM

The head of the German Savings Bank Association (DSGV), Georg Fahrenschon, used his appearance at an Oct. 11 press conference at the annual IMF/World Bank confab in Washington to say things there, which he should in fact be campaigning about in Germany: "We need a better binding of monetary and currency policy to the real economy."

October 13th, 2014 • 9:09 AM