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Egypt has issued contracts for four tunnels under the New Suez Canal project. The state-owned Arab Contractors and the private Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) were assigned sites for the tunnels between southern Port Said and northern Ismailia, according to the head of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority Kamel el-Wazeer.

October 25th, 2014 • 10:11 AM

Momentum is shifting towards President Dilma Rousseff's re-election in next Sunday's Presidential election in Brazil. The final polls released show her pulling ahead of her opponent, London's boy Aecio Neves.

October 25th, 2014 • 10:08 AM

Twenty-one Asian countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on establishing the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as founding members today in Beijing in a ceremony at the Great Hall of the People. Chinese President Xi Jinping met with the representatives of the 20 other countries later in the day, Xinhua reported.

October 25th, 2014 • 10:01 AM

A PDF version of this statement can be found HERE.

Michael Osterholm, currently the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, is one of the worlds leading experts on public health and biosecurity, has been widely quoted identifying the three phases of epidemic control:

October 24th, 2014 • 6:08 PM

The middle route of China's huge South-to-North Water Diversion project will be in operation by the end of this month, CCTV reported Thursday. Beijing will be the most important recipient, getting 500,000 cubic meters of water daily, but this will meet the demand of only about 5 million of Beijing's 21 million residents.

October 24th, 2014 • 8:29 AM

An alliance of social movements in Mexico's northern state of Sonora have published an open letter to President Enrique Peña Nieto, calling on him to return to the path of growth and development, abandoned by Mexico over the last three decades, by building great infrastructure projects such as the PLHINO and the PLHIGON.

October 25th, 2014 • 10:10 AM

Crisis-Wracked Caribbean Governments Warn of Vulnerability to Ebola: "We Have No Capacity To Deal with This"

October 25th, 2014 • 10:04 AM

At the final plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club on the theme of "The World Order: New Rules or a Game without Rules," Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the international situation in undiplomatic, truthful terms. The Valdai Club was attended this year by 108 experts, historians, and political analysts from 25 countries, including 62 foreign participants.

October 25th, 2014 • 9:58 AM

43 people who were quarantined for Ebola monitoring in a Liberian town after four people died of Ebola, had no food and threatened to break out of quarantine to obtain some food, according to a Liberian state radio account, reported by AP on Thursday.

October 24th, 2014 • 8:33 AM