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Beyond its economic benefits, mastering nuclear energy lays a foundation for the true independence of a nation, and establishes a cadre of people prepared to master complex problems of all kinds, Leonardo Sobehart, head of New Business for the Nuclear Projects Division of Argentina's high-technology company, INVAP, told Bolivia's "Reporte Energia" magazine.

August 23rd, 2014 • 9:52 PM

Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera gave a beautiful, rousing call on August 21 for Bolivia to play its rightful role as a Promethean nation, and set about to master nuclear energy, so as to create the platform for his nation's technological development over the next 400-500 years.

August 22nd, 2014 • 4:40 PM

As the present-day leaders of developed nations in Europe and North America have decided to move towards non-nuclear "green energy" sources such as wind, solar et al., nuclear power generation seems justifiably attractive to many less-developed nations.

August 22nd, 2014 • 9:14 AM

"What China is doing right now, is a miracle!" said Lyndon LaRouche on Aug. 19. "It came about because of a quality of thinking, a quality of insight, an imagination beyond anything that had occurred earlier."

See LPAC's China Has Set A New Standard For 'Super Power' page.

August 21st, 2014 • 6:51 PM

In the wake of the summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Russian-Egyptian cooperation is expanding rapidly. Egypt's Minister of Commerce, Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, will lead an Egyptian business delegation on a visit to Russia on Sept.

August 20th, 2014 • 10:24 AM

China's entirely creative approach to the challenge of mining Helium-3 on the Moon to fuel a fusion-based global economy, has, like Prometheus's bringing the gift of fire to Man, unleashed a planetary process of scientific and cultural optimism, and opposition to the hated bestiality of the modern day Zeus, the British Empire...

August 23rd, 2014 • 5:54 PM

As expected, the interim Parliament appointed by the Junta which took power in May, has elected Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, the head of the junta, to be the Prime Minister, under a newly adopted Constitution, until the elections which are to take place at the end of 2015. Gen.

August 22nd, 2014 • 9:27 AM

The national mobilization for building Egypt's New Suez Canal Project continues apace. The Egyptian Army Corps of Engineers is posting daily updates on the status of work on the project. At this moment 43 companies have started work, and 13.6 million cubic meters earth has been removed, according to Armed Forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Mohamed Samir.

August 21st, 2014 • 6:59 PM

"We've reformed nothing. We have more leverage and more derivatives risk than we've ever had," reports an analyst for a structured finance broker-dealer, speaking of the latest bubbles in the global, unregulated, over-the-counter derivatives markets, to the Aug. 20 Financial Times.

August 21st, 2014 • 9:38 AM