2 April 2014
LEAFLET: Who's The Real April Fool? The Perennial Whores of Yellow Journalism
26 March 2014
UPDATED LEAFLET: It's the British Empire, Stupid!

12 March 2014
LEAFLET: Victoria's Secret Government
11 March 2014

President Barack Obama must be immediately impeached. As the following attests, during his time in office President Obama has lied repeatedly to the American people and the Congress and has subverted the U.S. Constitution on behalf of foreign interests—the British/Saudi axis—and their allies.

7 March 2014
Leaflet: The Executive Order of President Barack Obama March 6, 2014

With his dictatorial and baseless declaration of a “national emergency” concerning Ukraine on March 6th, President Barack Obama has put himself in a state of preimpeachment, Lyndon LaRouche states.

6 March 2014
Obama and Wall Street Lose in Texas

Two weeks before the March 4th primary, Kesha Rogers was ahead of Alameel by 8% in the polls, leading the Texas Democratic party into a frenzied mobilization to slander and defeat Rogers. Now, despite her opponent spending $3.5 million of his own money and benefiting from an unknown sum from Obama and Democratic Party operatives, Rogers will face Alameel in the May 27th runoff election.

2 March 2014
Leaflet: Thermonuclear War: There’s No Hiding Place for Congress or Obama!

As the world’s leading forecaster Lyndon LaRouche has been warning (and as Barack Obama confirmed on February 28th) as of March 1, 2014, we are on the brink of thermonuclear war. The only way to avoid this war, is the immediate impeachment and removal from office of Barack Obama.

1 March 2014
LaRouche: Your Chances for an Economic Recovery

The problem is, that most members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives are presently ignorant of the principles of economy set originally by the Presidency of our United States, as this was clarified under our First President of the United States, George Washington.

26 February 2014
LEAFLET: Drought! — The Crisis & The Solution

The drought crisis now hitting California, Texas, and much of the West may be the worst in 500 years. If measures are not taken immediately to reverse conditions, millions face loss of drinking water supply, and the U.S. faces critical loss of food supply, as California’s Central Valley provides 1/3 of the nation’s produce. Emergency measures can and must be taken by the federal government to bring immediate relief to parched land and people. Farmland, and the nation’s food supply must be saved. Intermediate and long term solutions must be set into motion now, including an FDR-style mobilization to build NAWAPA XXI.

25 February 2014
Leaflet: Stop Thermonuclear War, Impeach Obama

The following excerpts are from an interview with University of Illinois professor of international law Francis Boyle, conducted by Leandra Bernstein and Alicia Cerretani for LaRouchePAC. It was published on February 21, 2014 at http://larouchepac.com/node/29917.


Remove Obama!

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Cut Out Wall-Street

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Glass-Steagall or Die

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Overview of NAWAPA

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