18 September 2014
Leaflet: LaRouche: Impeach this President Now: Don't Try to Control an Uncontrolable War

In its development since the mid-July “Fortaleza” summits of the BRICS and supporting nations, the new policy of peace through development for all nations has changed the potential of the whole international situation.

16 September 2014
Leaflet: Without Obama, The West can Stop Becoming a Desert

The tragic drought and water shortage that is currently devastating our nation’s western states requires an urgent and immediate change from the United States, starting, first, with Obama’s removal.

10 September 2014
To Defeat IS, Impeach Obama and Release 28 Pages

Already before his scheduled 9 PM address to the nation, President Obama made clear that he has no intention of seeking Congressional authorization for his war plan against the Islamic State—despite the fact that Administration officials have said that the war will last for years.

8 September 2014
LaRouche: 'It's Time To Bring Bill Clinton In'

Lyndon LaRouche, reviewing the ongoing physical economic collapse and bankruptcy of the United States, the ongoing imperial thermonuclear war threat produced by the British and their captive U.S.

21 August 2014
LEAFLET: To Impeach Obama, Remove Boehner

John Boehner, Wall Street's favorite Republican and the chief present obstacle to impeaching Barack Obama, must be removed as House Speaker, American statesman Lyndon LaRouche declared this past Sunday. To Country Clubs throughout Ohio John Boehner is simply known as the suntan that left his balls in Obama’s golf bag, and his removal is now required.

16 August 2014
The New System

This date brings us to the point that the trans-Atlantic financial system that you are trapped into, no longer functions. You are no longer a prisoner of that system, because there is a new system coming into existence.

5 August 2014
Leaflet: China is Mining the Moon! What is the U.S. Doing?

Updated on August 6, 2014 @ 2:48 PM

The Chinese have now set a new standard for the direction of mankind in space, starting with a focus on mining Helium-3 on the moon, as a crucial factor in unleashing the leaps to new scientific platforms, defining a new paradigm and a renaissance to overcome the existential challenges confronting mankind.

29 July 2014
Leaflet: Unleashing the Productive Powers of Mankind

The breakthrough at the BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, followed by last Friday’s long-overdue bipartisan Congressional repudiation of the successive Bush-Cheney and Obama tyrannies, means that it is now in our hands to create a new international monetary system, based on a standard of production to provide mankind with all of the necessary means of survival and prosperity.

24 July 2014
LaRouche to Wall Street: "It's Your Crap; You Eat It"
21 July 2014
Leaflet: No Recess Until Obama is Impeached

It is time for members of the US House of Representatives and US Senate to wake up to a deadly strategic reality. Exactly one century after WWI began in the infamous “Guns of August,” mankind faces a global war with much more devastating implications, because such a war today will be a thermonuclear war which no one will survive.


Remove Obama!

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