With President Obama's popularity sinking to more than 70% deficit of popularity, Wall Street and its British Empire are careening into a race to between thermonuclear holocaust and the British Empire's crushing defeat (and, Wall Street's, too, naturally). With the threat of global thermonuclear war a week, or more away, no more than a slight nudge would be sufficient to topple British puppet Barack Obama into defeat — and defeat of the British Empire's plan for global genocide only a slight margin away.

The essential mission of all U.S. patriots, is to assure that the British puppet Barack Obama were dumped in time to prevent the greatest holocaust in history from occurring — the virtual extinction of the human species threatened as global thermonuclear war. The drive toward Obama's impeachment is within reach, now; close in, before it were too late!

Meanwhile, the number of impeachable offenses which President Obama is accumulating, is breeding like mice. He is careening toward impeachment — and criminal charges as well. Good riddance for Obama, and security for people, is the essential fact. Without Obama in charge of the U.S.A., global thermonuclear war can not be a British imperial success. Then we may begin to fix what needs to be fixed, after a long, long time.

Obama's impeachment prospects are now ripe; his terms of imprisonment for his high crimes and misdemeanors (including mass murders), will be addressed, in due course, later. The matter of murder and treason is among the possibilities.

Even as NATO continues its eastward expansion, the prime issue, as Russian President Vladimir Putin said on April 17, remains NATO's missile defense plans for Eastern Europe. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel indicated as much, himself, during his April 17 joint press conference with Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak.

LNB, or Liquefied Natural Brains, seems to be the chemical composition of the geniuses in the Obama administration who are telling Ukraine that, if Russia cuts them off, their natural gas needs can be met by "reverse importation" of gas from European nations, which themselves now import gas from Russia, via Ukraine.

The day after agreement was reached in Geneva between the U.S., the EU, Russia, and Ukraine to calm the escalating crisis in Ukraine, anti-coup forces in Southeastern Ukraine were quoted by Ria Novosti, Reuters, AP, and Russia Today, among other news media, saying they will only vacate the buildings they are occupying and surrender their arms when Kiev frees all hostages, stop persec

Glass-Steagall sponsor Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new memoir, A Fighting Chance, is creating a political buzz, even before its release next Tuesday, and her six-week national book tour which is to follow, starting in Cambridge, Boston, and Springfield, Massachusetts, and then heading on to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland.

On Friday, as reported by the Sarasota Herald Tribune and the Miami Herald, Federal Judge William Zloch was expecting to receive FBI documents pertaining to the agency's investigation of the Saudi family that abruptly left Sarasota just before the September 2001 attacks.

The following interview conducted by EIR has been made available to LaRouche PAC and we publish here because of its timely significance for our readers.

At one point in his four-hour televised question and answer session Thursday, Putin broached the connection between NATO expansion, so-called ballistic missile defense, and Crimea. From the Kremlin website:

The already rising U.S. food prices are set to soar as U.S. agriculture deteriorates. The impact of the drought on the California 'fruit & veg bowl' (the nation's largest) and on the Texas cattle herd (also the largest) is obvious and worsening. Added to this are many other factors playing out after decades of destruction in the U.S. economy.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, in Thursday's Daily Telegraph, reports on new ways the U.S. is carrying out financial warfare against Russia by stealth. He writes that the U.S. has created a financial "neutron bomb" that can target any country and is now targeting Russia. He claims that for the past 12 years an "elite cell" at the U.S.

Several columns of Ukrainian APCs and light tanks were either "seized," or defected, or turned around late yesterday and today in the Donetsk Region, eastern Ukraine, where they had been sent to suppress "terrorists" and "separatists."


Remove Obama!

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