Editorial Statements


February 18th 2013 • 10:05PM

LaRouchePAC organizers from across the nation discuss the successful mobilization to pass Glass-Steagall in the Congress, organizing action from state legislatures, townships, community bankers, and others. Contact LaRouchePAC to become an organizer!

December 13th 2012 • 8:30PM

What the FOMC decision really means is that the international bailout process, which is less economic policy and more of a political strategy, is getting increasingly out of control, and people are beginning to notice.

September 13th 2010 • 6:54PM

The population, states, and municipalities cannot and SHALL NOT be sacrificed for private interests!

August 21st 2010 • 8:08PM

The LPAC Basement team has completed the first ever interactive, 3-D animated map of the NAWAPA system for continental water management, which is now posted on the LaRouchePAC.com website, allowing viewers to explore in graphic detail how NAWAPA will completely transform the face of North America.

July 13th 2010 • 4:32PM

LaRouche associate Phil Rubinstein speaks about the personality of Franklin Roosevelt, the decades-long fight by the fascist enemies of Roosevelt to eliminate his legacy, and the Constitutional principles which lay behind Glass-Steagall, which must inform its reintroduction today.

February 14th 2013 • 10:45PM

Support H.R. 129! Introduce Glass-Steagall in the Senate! What it means for your member of Congress to sign on to the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall.

October 6th 2011 • 2:40PM

The population senses that we've come to the end of a system and is responding with the latest form of the mass strike, Occupy Wall Street. This is spreading rapidly and will not stop until Obama is thrown out and Glass-Steagall reinstated.

CLICK HERE to watch accompanying statement from Diane Sare, from on the ground with Occupy Wall Street in New York City.

August 23rd 2010 • 11:30AM

This is a trailer of a soon to be released documentary on the vicious take down of Glass-Steagall. The fascists hated it then, as much as they do now.

July 16th 2010 • 7:17PM

Alan Greenspan released the pamphlet "Rethinking Glass-Steagall", declaring his hatred of FDR's insight into the nation-state principle. Greenspan had unique insight on how to destroy this idea, and did exactly this.

July 1st 2010 • 3:29PM

Leader of the German Bueso Party Helga Zepp-LaRouche and French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade gave an international webcast to a live and web audience on Wednesday, June 30, 2010. Webcast moderator Karsten Werner gives us a summary of the event.