The Condemnation of Andrew Jackson for Treason
August 11, 2012 • 10:07AM

Condemning Jackson's treason now, in the summer of 2012, before the next presidential election, is of the highest importance to the future of the United States. This video has now put all of the crucial evidence for this treason on the public record. A more condensed version may be available later, but due to the urgent necessity of rallying a team of patriots before the next election which can save the nation--a team which understands the essential difference between the U.S. System of Public Credit vs other populist proposals--this extended presentation, in its particular form, has been put on the record for a limited but important layer of political leaders in the United States.

CLICK HERE for the special page with the 5 segments presented separately with background articles. Note to viewers and listeners, there are problems with the audio quality between 20 minutes and 1 hour and 20 minutes.

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