May 17th 2012 • 9:30PM

On May 17th, Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev remarked that use of nuclear weapons within the period is a reality. This is a policy which the British Empire is pushing through President Barack Obama. Our only choice to avoid this threat is to remove Obama, constitutionally, from power. It is our only hope.

May 6th 2012 • 11:04PM

Chief of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff, Gen. Nikolai Makarov warned Thursday May 3rd that Russia will consider pre-emptive military strikes, if necessary, to respond to the aggressive placement of ABM systems in Europe. Lyndon LaRouche responds in his THE SHOWDOWN HAS NOW BEGUN.

May 4th 2012 • 12:00PM

A detailed overview of a western extension of NAWAPA XXI, which will manage and replenish water supplies from the Columbia river in Washington state, down through to southern California.

May 12th 2012 • 11:20PM

Drawing heavily from our special report, "NAWAPA XXI: Water & Agriculture" goes through the amount water that will be transferred to the Southwestern U.S. and its impact on agriculture. Go to the NAWAPA XXI homepage for more details. Click here for the animated overview.

May 5th 2012 • 12:00PM

The warning issued from Moscow this week shows that the door to a thermonuclear hell is wide open if we choose to walk through it. The removal of Barack Obama from control over the United States Presidency is not a matter of an opinion, a matter of taste, of some issue.

April 30th 2012 • 5:25PM

LPAC Basement member Benjamin Deniston gave this presentation on facing the present crisis in mankind's understanding of his position in the universe to a townhall meeting of the Diane Sare Campaign for Congress last weekend.

Morning Overview: Saturday April 7, 2012
April 7th 2012 • 9:00AM

We review the simultaneous acceleration of President Obama's impeachable offenses with the development of the post-Obama NAWAPA XXI project.

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