August 24th 2011 • 12:50PM

Peter Martinson presents the June 2011 announcement by the American Astronomical Society, about the future of our Sun, within the context of a creative universe. The Sun is not random, and neither is our planet's relationship to it. So, our governments must quit posturing, and do something about it!

August 19th 2011 • 4:11PM

MP3 Audio - The Basement team discusses the increase in Anti-Entropy in the Universe as a whole, looking at the KT Extinction as a case study in the development of our planet.

August 17th 2011 • 4:57PM

The world waited with bated breath as French President Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel met behind closed doors yesterday to decide the fate of Europe. Would they go for the Eurobonds option, or would they commit to expanding the European bailout fund?

August 21st 2011 • 8:00AM

MP3 Audio - Nobel prize-winning biologist Luc Montagnier has demonstrated the ability of DNA to communicate by low-frequency radio waves, and to impart to water a persisting “nanostructure” which possesses the ability to reconstitute the DNA without the immediate presence of the organism. Here he discusses the implications of this remarkable discovery for the origin of life, the treatment of disease, and the extension of life by organ replication.

August 18th 2011 • 10:05PM

Four members of the national LaRouche Democratic Congressional slate sat down with Basement Project leader Sky Shields to discuss the next economic and scientific platform which mankind must achieve, including the implications of NAWAPA as a concept which, if initiated, will integrate the entire nation, and affirm the immortal potential inherent in the human species.

August 17th 2011 • 2:38PM

65 million years ago, after the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, mammals became the dominant force on the planet. This video shows why the axioms of the fascist green movement today necessarily lead one to conclude that this natural evolutionary upshift was a big mistake.

Space Exploration · The Optimism of an Infinite Universe

Rudolph Biérent, from France's Aerospace Lab ONERA, presentation to the 2012 Schiller Institute Conference.

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