June 9th 2010 • 2:45AM

Ironically, we might need a small nuclear bomb to completely seal this "Volcano" on the seabed. Expropriate BP; shut down the British Empire; Go Nuclear!

June 1st 2010 • 8:51PM

Obama's Memorial Day in Elwood, Illinois was a bad omen.

May 18th 2010 • 6:52PM

Gibbs tries to dodge the issue of Glass-Steagall but trips up.

June 7th 2010 • 5:39PM

The BP crisis in the Gulf beckons the United States to exert it's National Sovereignty, by taking control of the situation; by expropriating BP's North American operation.

May 22nd 2010 • 10:00PM

Obama has added another treasonous act to his list of impeachable offenses by personally leading a coalition to shut down any potential for Glass-Steagall legislation.

World in Review · August 5, 2011
August 5th 2011 • 9:47PM

With tonight’s downgrading of the US debt, the empire has made it clear they are going in for the kill. It is now more evident than ever: there is no other option but to pass Glass-Steagall and dump Obama

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