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March 3rd 2012 • 3:26PM

Virtual real time coverage of our international mobilization to stop London's desperate drive for WWIII. Join us right now, visit our mobilization page at the top of this web page.

February 24th 2012 • 7:00PM

Summer Shields delivers a statement of his candidacy in California's 12th congressional district warning that if Obama is not removed from the White House with the 4th section of the 25th amendment, there may not be elections.

February 21st 2012 • 2:42PM

Kesha Rogers, Congressional Candidates for Texas' 22nd district, keynotes the Texas Presidential Conference, February 18, 2012. Lyndon LaRouche also addressed the conference later in the day, and his address can be found here.

February 28th 2012 • 3:41PM

In his latest dialogue with the Federal Slate of LaRouche Democrats for Congress, Mr. LaRouche emphasizes the pathway to ridding the American people from demoralization and defeatism, and instead giving them access to their immorality. This pathway is science. For the previous dialogues, click here

February 21st 2012 • 3:25PM

The seventh in an ongoing series of dialogues between Lyndon LaRouche and the members of the LaRouche Federal Candidates Slate. For more coverage of the activities of the campaigns click here.

February 21st 2012 • 1:29PM

On February 19th, at the Presidents Day Town Hall Meeting in Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Diane Sare, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey District 5, reviewed the recent breakthroughs of LaRouche's Basement Scientific Research Team and their pedagogy of energy-flux density.

Kesha Rogers: The Mission Before Us
November 3rd 2010 • 6:23PM

Kesha Rogers, former congressional candidate for Texas' 22nd District, gives us our political marching orders, as she continues the fight to remove Obama, re-implement Glass-Steagall, and pioneer man's extraterrestrial imperative.

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