June 11th 2014 • 5:57PM

Please read: Not An Option: An Immediate Necessity, for the background on this discussion.

June 9th 2014 • 12:49PM

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June 9th 2014 • 9:00AM

LPACTV's Alicia Cerretani interviews Kesha Rogers and Michael Steger, on the long-term successes of their campaigns, and the needed viewpoint for the future survival of the U.S.

June 7th 2014 • 9:00AM

The full length webcast from June 6th, 2014.

MP3 Audio

June 6th 2014 • 4:00PM

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June 4th 2014 • 5:36PM

Who really was Max Planck? How did he and Einstein see the world? and how did Vladimir Vernadsky take a step forward? mp3

June 2nd 2014 • 12:40PM

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June 2nd 2014 • 11:01AM

American statesman Lyndon LaRouche keynoted an all-day scientific conference in Moscow today, with a 20-minute video presentation entitled "Prospects for the Survival of Mankind."