July 12th 2014 • 9:02AM

The full length webcast from July 11th, 2014.

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July 11th 2014 • 4:00PM

[head]The webcast has ended! Thanks for attending.[/head]

July 10th 2014 • 3:08PM

LaRouchePAC's Alicia Cerretani delivers a progress report on the mobilization to Impeach Obama.

July 9th 2014 • 4:31PM

LaRouchePAC Science Team member, Ben Deniston, presents a global picture of the water crisis, and the high tech solutions.

July 8th 2014 • 8:49AM

EIR's Dennis Small sits down with Jason Ross of the LaRouchePAC science team to discuss the global implications of the Argentine Debt Crisis.
Video in Spanish

July 7th 2014 • 12:45PM

Thanks for tuning in. See you next week.

July 5th 2014 • 8:40PM

The monumental decisions surrounding the Argentine Debt crisis are emblematic of the situation we face globally. American citizens have the unique responsibility to ensure that our Congress impeaches this President, before it is too late.

July 4th 2014 • 7:28AM

A LaRouchePAC Fourth of July Special. Including a July 4th, 1941 Address from President FDR, and a reading of the Declaration of Independence by President Kennedy in 1960.