March 31st 2014 • 12:34PM

We apologize for the poor audio for the first half of the show. Please visit our Soundcloud account for the corrected audio.

March 31st 2014 • 9:30AM

This week's LaRouchePAC in Action features an interview with Kesha Rogers, candidate for the U.S. Senate in Texas. Kesha represents the quality of leadership that is sorely lacking among any political candidates or elected officials, and her discussion of the crucial issues of the day is important to hear.

March 29th 2014 • 8:29AM

The full length webcast from March 28th, 2014.

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March 28th 2014 • 4:00PM

[head]The webcast has ended! Thanks for attending.[/head]

March 26th 2014 • 5:05PM

Cody Jones of the Basement team describes some of the implications of the development of the Peta-Watt Laser, along with a general discussion of LaRouche's concept of Energy Flux Density, while LaRouche discusses some key concepts from his recent paper, including around the successes and shortcomings of the work of Kurt Gödel.

March 25th 2014 • 11:13AM

The current global strategic situation can be defined as a fight between two systems: a dying Trans-Atlantic system in its death throes, which seeks to destroy and loot a Eurasian system which has begun to commit itself to true principles of progress, outlined in this video

March 24th 2014 • 2:49PM

March 24th 2014 • 12:49PM