October 15th 2014 • 10:28AM

Ebola and World War 3 -- Are the causes the same? How does your view of the world shape your policy? Thanks for tuning in. Join us live every Wednesday at 1pm Eastern.

October 14th 2014 • 1:26PM

Get the full story here. -- Almost 20 years ago, Lyndon LaRouche delivered a prescient warning, that the country of Turkey would be used as a pawn in a nuclear war doomsday scenario with Russia.

October 13th 2014 • 12:52PM

Thanks for tuning in, join us every Monday 1pm Eastern. We'll discuss the weeks most pressing issues.

October 10th 2014 • 7:37PM

Onrushing World War 3 - Do you have what it takes to stop this war?


October 9th 2014 • 10:00AM

Tonight's webcast was pre-recorded. Downloads are below.

October 8th 2014 • 4:50PM

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, founder and President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), (http://www.just-international.org/) , based in Malaysia, gave this exclusive interview to LaRouche PAC on Oct, 1, 2014, in Leesburg, Virginia, during a visit to the US.

October 6th 2014 • 12:41PM

Thanks for joining us for today's live show. We broadcast live here at 1pm Eastern, every Monday. Transcript.

October 3rd 2014 • 8:50PM

Lyndon LaRouche was joined by members of the LaRouchePAC Science Research Team. A proper conception of human immortality is required.