The greatest legacy of the United States has been to declare sovereign authority over all powers requisite for nation state development: to develop national resources through strategic mining, infrastructure, and large scale water diversion and storage projects, to increase food production, to apply cutting edge scientific discoveries in the form of power, transportation, and industry, and above all, to create a national financial system which facilitates these aims.

The videos and articles on this page discuss the path to reclaim these sovereign powers, stretching from the first declaration of economic sovereignty by the Massachusetts Bay Colony, to the formation of the Constitutional Credit System of Alexander Hamilton, Robert Morris, Benjamin Franklin, and others, through to its revival by Abraham Lincoln and the new industrialization under Franklin Roosevelt.

President Xi Urges "an Asian Century of Prosperity and Renewal"

Prior to his arrival on a three-day (Sept. 17-19) visit to India, China's President Xi Jinping, in an article on Sept. 17 in the Indian daily, "The Hindu," urged China and India to join hands to build what he called an Asian century of prosperity and renewal.

Arriving in Colombo, Sri Lanka, yesterday, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse, seeking to strengthen ties with the strategically located Indian Ocean nation

China's President Xi Jinping is on a tour of the Maritime Silk Road en route to India, where he arrives today for three days of critical meetings with Prime Minister Modi...

As the Trans-Atlantic system crumbles, and Obama's continued presence in the White House threatens the near term outbreak of War, raising the threat of a thermonuclear confrontation, the BRICS nations continue to make progress on building up a new paradigm for mankind. They have continued to develop their alliances, amongst themselves and with an ever expanding circle of sovereign nations. Here are some of those developments from the recent days.