Lyndon LaRouche and LaRouchePAC continue to sound the certain trumpet on both the nature of the current collapse and a viable solution to it. It is now undeniable; as the euro continues its free fall amidst increasing ungovernability, threatening to pull the entire world economy down with it, the threat of thermonuclear warfare, sparked by the tinder box of the Middle East with a crazed puppet Obama, blazes stronger everyday. Reporting on these facts at this point, as many are doing now, is simply describing symptoms of the sickness. The unique role of Lyndon LaRouche in the past decades has been to warn that this collapse is systemic. Already in the late 60’s and 70’s he warned of the inevitability of this current collapse, if certain fundamental changes were not made. At that time, he had demonstrated that what we would see is the result of an inherently faulty system, a system of fake money, deindustrialization, and a degenerate view of mankind. Since then, LaRouche has incessantly continued to warn about, and fought to reverse, this trend by proposing and organizing viable policies worldwide.

On this website, you will find Lyndon LaRouche's and LaRouchePAC’s unique strategic assessment of current history placed in the context of centuries of human development, which often runs contrary to temporary trends or opinions which are portrayed as important issues in mass media. Situated in the larger context, it is clear that the real battles are not political, economic, social or scientific, but rather ideological: between a Promethean view of the human race, on one side, and a view of humans as beasts to be subjugated, stupefied and culled, on the other. The latter has been repeatedly expressed by the Royal Society and by Prince Phillip’s WWF.

This website, besides being your source of daily updated assessments of the overall global strategic situation, will provide you the background to situate yourself in this historic fight; be your classroom for learning about the solutions out of this crisis; your place to download political ammunition to distribute and educate with; and your place to meet and coordinate with activists nationwide.

The most important thing for you to know is that we can win and usher in a new paradigm for mankind in the universe.

Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche is a significant part of everyone's lives, whether you personally know him or not. His role in shaping and creating policy for over four decades, including representing the only source of a viable solution to the current chaos, is difficult to overstate.

Mr. LaRouche is an American patriot. As a veteran of WWII he personally experienced the British Empire's brutality and ideology up close while serving in India and as a result is committed to the extinction of that empire policy. He continues as one of the few remaining staunch patriots who lives in the tradition of FDR and the American System of Political Economy. In this context, and in his capacity as a consultant after the war, he pioneered a revolution in economics based on a discovery he made called the LaRouche-Riemann method, with which he has since made several successful economic forecasts. The most recent of these, announced at a July 25, 2007 international webcast, warned, "there is no possibility of a non collapse of the present financial system," and that "only a fundamental and sudden change in the world monetary financial system will prevent a general immediate chain reaction type of collapse, at what speed we don't know, but it will go on and it will be unstoppable," a warning playing out right now. As a result of this foresight, Mr. LaRouche is unique in his ability to both craft policy solutions, and to organize national and international efforts to get those policies through. Below are a few resources which give you just a glimmer of this role.

  • Labor committee - campaigners break with socialists

For a comprehensive collection of Lyndon LaRouche's works, see the website for his world class intelligence journal Executive Intelligence Review.

Our Platform


We will not be able to get anything done with a agent of foreign influence in the White House. An American President would never have bailed out Wall Street. And, if bailing out Wall Street; narcissism; IPAB; leaving hurricane struck and oil slicked towns hopeless; the NDAA; drone kill lists; and having Tony Blair as a campaign manager, didn't already convince you, he is also against Glass-Steagall.

For a picture of actions on this front, including the current HCR 107 in congress right now, go to Remove Obama.



The first stop gap measure to prevent the total disintegration of our banking system right now is to reinstate Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall act to begin to sort out the real economy from pure speculation. This will give us the ability to start to recapitalize the banks with NAWAPA XXI.

What is going to pass Glass-Steagall is you calling your congressman and demanding he or she sign on as a co-sponsor for a HR 1489, a bill in the House of Representatives right now, calling for reinstating Glass-Steagall, as well as pushing for your city council, union, veterans club, etc. to send in a resolution in support of Glass Steagall.




Then the real work begins. The North American Water and Power Alliance XXI (NAWAPA XXI) is the only proposal yet that is sufficient to restore public credit, rebuild our nation and return to the constitution. This continental water management system would by far surpass any construction project to date, stretching most of the continent, providing over 4-6 million Americans and Canadians long term employment, and training a new generation of highly skilled workforce. Its construction will provide the basis to industrialize northern Canada and Alaska for the first time, while reviving the once proud rust belt state economies of the U.S. NAWAPA XXI's reservoirs and water distribution system will require approximately 39 tunnels totaling 1190 miles, 11 pumping stations requiring 36,000 MW of power, 35 Dams in AK, Yukon, and B.C. generating 44,000 MW of electricity, 33 Dams in the Western States, generating 12 GW of power. All of this will require roughly 27 billion cubic yards of earth moved, 3 billion cubic yards of concrete, 440 million tons of steel, and millions of tons of aluminum and copper. This will put a vast array of machine production, material production, and transportation machine production into motion, all requiring enumerable sets of machining and skilled labor jobs for the pre-construction and construction phases, as well as a vast array of engineering and construction craft employment for the design and construction phases. Here is a 4-minute video overview of Section I of the report: Impact on Industry. Here is a 15-minute Animated Overview of the project itself.

Get the NAWAPA XXII report and a resolution to pass in your city council and other bodies on the NAWAPA XII page.



Once Glass-Steagall is in place, the foundation will be laid for a constitutional form of organization of our economic and financial system, that allows us to determine current value and proper investment based on what we intend this nation to be. Under the credit system, the United States government evaluates potential measures to be taken to improve the overall economy, determing actions and projects that will create a more productive future state of economic activity. Credit is then determined based on those considerations. This is in contrast to what exists now, a monetary system, where, instead, the value of money, determined by speculation, determines where our economy goes.


Our Movement

"We are creatures of the seas, striving upward toward the stars. We are creatures of the fourth and highest domain, above the abiotic, the merely living, and the merely individual. We are, by anointed destiny, not beasts, but, as Genesis 1:26-1:31 specifies, creatures in the willful likeness of the Creator." Lyndon H. Larouche Jr.

Ultimately, the subject of human economy is mankind's relationship to the universe. Whether consciously or not, all economic policy makers make policy based on a particular view of mankind's role in this world. Many believe mankind to be a pox on Earth and seek to manage the species so as to do the "least harm" to the globe. Lyndon LaRouche sees mankind as the only creative being we know of that can actively and willfully participate in creation by coming to understand scientific and cultural principles, and wield those principles to bring more of the universe under mankind's dominion. Any view of humanity less than that is, therefore, undermining not just mankind, but the universe as a whole! Thus, LaRouche and his collaborators throughout the decades have striven to create a new scientific and cultural Renaissance based on this concept. The policies and multi-faceted activities of Lyndon LaRouche and LaRouchePAC can only be understood from this perspective.


How are we planning to achieve our program as outlined in OUR PLATFORM? You are going to help in this! LaRouchePAC is currently acting on a number of policies and campaigns, which you will find on the front page of this website. Activists from all over the country, spearheaded by a slate of candidates running for Congress and other political offices, have moved with these policies and taken leadership in a time when leadership is a rare commodity.



Early in 2006 Lyndon LaRouche initiated the creation of a research team nicknamed the "Basement" which was challenged to come to know and then enrich the LaRouche-Riemann method of economic forecasting. The team focuses on continuing a tradition of science typified by Plato, Gottfried Leibniz, Johannes Kepler, Karl Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, and Vladimir Vernadsky. Namely, building on a Promethean outlook of mankind, with the emphasis of mind as the subject of both science and art. The project began with the study of Kepler's New Astronomy, which laid the scientific foundations for an expanded study of the LaRouche-Riemann Science of Physical Economics, and progressed along a strict curriculum LaRouche called the Narrow Path. Now, that team has expanded both in number, and in areas of research, probing various elements and aspects of the Science of Physical Economy, and delivering in-depth reports, videos, and writings for the shaping of economic policy.

Although the work pervades LaRouchePAC content and policies, you can find a find several feature films, classes, and articles which will aid you in understanding this very foundational aspect of LaRouchePAC at larouchepac.com/basement.



In the long run, it is not about what people think, but how. This is why the greatest scientists of society such as Albert Einstein or Max Planck, were also classical musicians. It is also why attacks on the cultural integrity of the society, such as happened in Plato's Athens, with the spread of sophistry and the cult of Mithra, and what has occurred since the 1920's and accelerating in the 1960's in the United States, with the attack on classical music and humanist ideas, are the most efficient way to get that society to eventually destroy itself, and even embrace that destruction.

What need is there for disease and warfare, when you can get a society to think that random association and pure novelty is creativity; that human growth is hurting the planet; that nuclear reactions and radiation are the the most poisonous elements in the universe; and that music, which used to the be the playground and classroom for how the creative mind works and what is universal about it, can be replaced with simply what feels good?

This is why a crucial part of LaRouchePAC and of activities of associates of Lyndon LaRouche around the world are an active revival of classical art and classical culture.



Although LaRouchePAC is a United States based organization, Lyndon LaRouche has many cothinkers internationally. This gives LaRouchePAC a unique advantage in providing you everyday with a the world strategic outlook.


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