July 30th 2014 • 3:44PM

Ben Deniston joins Liona Fan-Chiang in a discussion of how fusion power can transform the future. Liona discusses not only some of the different designs for Fusion reactors, but also the different areas of investigation that each design covers, as well as the larger implications of Nuclear Fusion as the fourth item of LaRouche's Four Laws. Hosted by Cody Jones.

July 28th 2014 • 12:59PM

The entire LaRouchePAC Policy Committee joined host Matthew Ogden for a discussion of what is to be done in the wake of the recent action in Congress, HCR 105. The congressional resolution demands that the President must not act unilaterally in taking United States forces to war, but must consult congress first. For more on the story, click here.

July 28th 2014 • 8:30AM

On Friday, July 25th, the U.S. Congress re-asserted its Constitutional authority to declare War, rebuking one crucial aspect of President Obama's drive for a unitary Executive. It remains for LaRouchePAC activists to 'finish the job,' and remove him from office entirely.

July 26th 2014 • 8:00AM

Dennis Small, Diane Sare and Kesha Rogers discuss the implications of the recent passage of HCR 105 in the House of Representatives, including presentations of Nuclear Power as a metric for progress, the wisdom of John Quincy Adams, Goya, and General MacArthur. Matthew Ogden Hosts.

July 25th 2014 • 4:00PM

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July 25th 2014 • 10:59AM

Diane Sare and Kesha Rogers discuss the mobilization to Impeach Obama, and implement LaRouche's Four Laws.
Additional interview with J.R. Myers, candidate for Governor in Alaska.

July 24th 2014 • 12:13PM

Alicia Cerretani Reports on an event at the Bipartisan Policy Center, wherein the question of the missing 28 pages was raised.

July 23rd 2014 • 5:04PM

Ben Deniston, member of the LaRouchePAC Science Research Team gives an in depth look at the water crisis currently hitting the western U.S. states, and the solution to the crisis. Including weather modification and desalination with nuclear power.