February 21st 2014 • 5:00PM

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February 21st 2014 • 11:00AM

LPAC's Leandra Bernstein and Alicia Cerretani discuss the impeachment of Barack Obama with University of Illinois Professor Francis Boyle.

February 20th 2014 • 2:22PM

The recent gaffe of Victoria Nuland being caught using her post in the U.S. State Department to push a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi into the presidency of Ukraine reveals a far more contemptible role being played by leading transatlantic forces, desperate to bring Eurasia under its control for its own political/economic survival.

February 19th 2014 • 11:12PM

Obama Pushes the Queen's Green Genocide -- Impeach Obama and Start NAWAPA

February 18th 2014 • 9:46PM

On February 12, 2014 scientists published the official results from a recent fusion breakthrough at the U.S. National Ignition facility. LaRouche PAC Science Team member Creighton Jones discusses what happened at the National Ignition Facility, and what its implications are for us today.

February 17th 2014 • 5:11PM

In this week's edition of the Policy Discussion, Lyndon LaRouche calls for some 10-12 Representatives to begin the proceedings of impeachment of Barack Obama.

February 15th 2014 • 7:34PM

In answering the first question presented during this past Friday Webcast, Mr. LaRouche defines the causes of thermonuclear war between the trans-Atlantic and the nations of Eurasia, and what to do about it.