August 29th 2014 • 3:00PM

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August 27th 2014 • 5:11PM

Jason Ross illustrates the fight between the view of Zeus versus Promethean Man using examples from history, science, and the arts-- it is expressed from Plato versus Aristotle, to Gödel versus Dawkins.

August 25th 2014 • 2:30PM

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August 25th 2014 • 9:00AM

Will the United States get out of the current crisis by joining the BRICS alliance, and the commitment to mine Helium-3 on the Moon? This question and many more are investigated on this week's LaRouchePAC in Action

August 23rd 2014 • 8:00AM

Lyndon LaRouche responds to several questions, in this broadcast. Is the Islamic state (IS) an existential threat? How should we approach the drive to remove Rep. Boehner from his role as Speaker of the House? And many others. Joined by Ben Deniston of the LaRouchePAC Science team, and hosted by Matthew Ogden. Transcript.

August 22nd 2014 • 3:00PM

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August 20th 2014 • 4:08PM

This week, members of the LaRouchePAC science research team discuss the topic of solar winds. How can studying solar winds improve our understanding of nuclear fusion here on earth?

August 18th 2014 • 12:46PM

LaRouchePAC policy committee members Diane Sare, Dave Christie, Michael Steger, Rachel Brinkley and Kesha Rogers discuss the Ebola breakout, the collapse of the Trans-Atlantic financial system, and the counterpole represented by the BRICS nations, the development of Helium-3 for Fusion, and a complete redefinition of value. Matthew Ogden hosts. Transcript